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  1. We've been asked but I've no idea wether to do it, first reaction is no as I don't want to be made to look a dick but as you say all publicity is good publicity...........should I shouldn't I
  2. Like you I'm not a fan off filling out calendars, but the rates they charge seem average. The other thing that puts me off is guest who buy solely on price tend to be more of a pain in the bottom :-)
  3. Tricky devils!

    How do you find late rooms? I thought about it a couple of years ago and it fell off my radar , but I see they're doing a lot of TV advertising and wondered if it was a good generator of leads?
  4. @ Scooter, Liverpool / Carcassonne looks to be flying on Mondays and fridays ( Ryanair ) this is less frequent than the last few years but it does look they'll keep going all winter. Otherwise its a bit thin on the ground
  5. I don't equate slow with dangerous , I equate unconfident drivers with dangerous but if you driving slow causes a heavily loaded truck to pull out into oncoming traffic, yes it is dangerous. No I don't hog the middle lane if I'm approaching a junction I would STAY in the middle lane till after the junction to facilitate the ease of on coming traffic ( Auto routes in the Herault are busy and usually have joining traffic.
  6. I had to arrange to have sent to our UK address and wouldn't work until it was activated in a BNP cash machine, but at least I didn't have to go to the branch as its 3 1/2 hours away!
  7. If people don't feel confident enough to drive on the Autoroute/motorway they should take the A roads or Route National. I am in favour of people having to take a test before they drive on fast roads to prove their capable of it , avoiding poor slow drivers causes lorries to pull out when they shouldn't have to and all sorts on unnecessary frequent lane changes, the main problem being that slow drivers do not read the road far enough ahead and there awareness of what is happening around at best is limited to the cars that are adjacent to them ie pull back into the 1st lane before they should( this we were told on a advanced driving course I did)
  8. Its the meandering from lane to lane that bugs me, and as for letting people on the autoroute if you see there's a junction ahead why not stay in the middle lane till after the new traffic has joined? People don't seem to read the road ahead arh but that could be because they have a mobile phone stuck to their ear, I thought it was illegal to use your phone in the car but judging by the number I they must never get stopped.
  9. I'm shocked at how many fatal accidents there have been near us this year. Having travelled extensively in France I think the Herault probably have the worst drivers showing absolutely no courtesy , never letting you on to the auto route, driving up your exhaust etc etc but more frightening than that are the Spanish lorry drivers, they're all over the place and I say this as someone who used to drive 1000 miles a week and enjoy driving. I hate to think about people in unfamiliar hire cars which are often low powered not knowing where they're going getting caught up in all this, we give all our guests a map and show them the best safest cross country routes to get to the sea or mountains, and of course its better to look at the lovely scenery than up the tail end of a lorry!

  10. I set both an english and french Paypal account and have used both for e-shopping in France. I got fed up with some accounts having that extra layer of "protection" where you have to have a password and or the date you opened the account , which I don't have a clue so with paypal its loads easier and from memory I think Pixmania accepts it.
  11. Sadly inevitable with the lifestyle she led , where as Norway is so deeply shocking
  12. Captain Corelli's Mandolin........The only book I've never finished just found it impossible
  13. With most french mortgages you agree to a monthly payment and the term extends or contracts subject to interest rate so it takes one of the variables out of the equation, good point on exchange rate if you are earning in sterling and paying in Euros equity release on your UK property could be a safer way forward. Our new french mortgage can be transfered to another property with out charge so saving on some of the Notaires and bank fees but more importantly when you end a french morgage you have to pay "tax"on it from my memory is correct it's about a 1000E and that has nothing to do with capital gains or being a non resident purely ending your mortgage. We're on our 3rd mortage and have used BNP Paribas and found the English speaking service to be very good. All that said french banks are very fussy about who they lend to now things have really changed over the last 5 years.
  14. Well our B & B Had a fantastic April we scrapped through May just up on last year but June looks like its falling off a cliff unless everyone is VERY last minute not helped by the fact our village has a 4 day fete at Pentecost and we can't open as its just too noisy , keeping my fingers crossed but must hold our nerve!
  15. Not straight away so call English help line and twiddled some buttons and an hour later it worked. Thanks for all the advice as always
  16. Q, thanks for the pm. As you can see I was without the internet for a couple of days. Took the old box back into Bezier and without any bother they changed it for a new one, (Pesky woman dealing with someone else!) bit of bother getting to configure but now all ok.

    Sometimes I'm not being a luddite its just broken!!!!!
  17. I've cut and pasted the info the liveob is giving me

    Thanks for everyones input

    1. Général

    1.1 Nom de votre livebox :LiveBox 2 Mini

    1.2 Firmware :h323-fr-

    1.3 Adresse IP WAN :

    1.4 Numéro de téléphone :N.A.

    1.5 Connecté depuis :19:03:44

    1.6 Port Ethernet rouge :Internet

    1.7 Port Ethernet jaune :TV

    2. WiFi

    2.1 Nom du réseau (SSID) :Livebox-C74A

    2.2 Mode :b+g

    2.3 Canal :6

    2.4 Mode de sécurité :WPA-PSK (TKIP)

    2.5 Débit :54

    3. Services

    3.1 Internet :Activé

    3.2 WiFi :Activé

    3.3 Téléphonie par Internet :Désactivé

    3.4 TV Orange :Activé

    3.5 Visiophonie :Désactivé

    3.6 DynDNS :Activé

    3.7 Serveur DHCP :Activé

    4. Équipements connectés







    GEKKO-PC: Gekko:(xx:xx:xx:xx:6d:bf)DHCP:

  18. Q , your correct we have a landline and internet and we could have TV if it was available here but its not but I stand corrected it is bi monthly,

    I thought that there is only 1 IP address or wifi signals ( I could be using the wrong terminology here)for the Live box but the techie at Orange in Bezier says that are 2 and thats why the wifi works and the Voip phone doesn't, so yes I can connect my Iphone via the internet and use an App to make cheap calls I was only saying that normally my Iphone can "see" the other wifi signal not that I can connect to it but its not visible now. I really want the VOIP phone to work as its free. The Sagam phone is VOIP compatible and I've tested it direct in the line and it works so I assume the phone is OK and is hardwired as we had to many wifi things like the printer and it was all getting a bit unreliable,and yes I am getting the filter muddled up with the adapter ( what a luddite!)
  19. we're on a package f around 30E a month.

    The VOIP phone can be wireless, my understanding is that the VOIP phone uses a different IP address when connecting to the internet and thats why my iphone shows it as a wifi signal but you can't actually connect via it. The current phone is a Sagem D16T_FT ( thats what is printed underneath the charger) at the moment its hard wired in to the Live box with a filter, this has been the way it was set up and has worked for well over a year like this so I am assuming that it is set up correctly .
  20. We've had this rented not so Livebox for a couple of years, its the mini one which looks like a book. This isn't the first time its gone belly up but it is when the wifi works but the VOIP phone doesn't. Normally my iphone picks up both wifi signals for both the voip phone and the normal livebox but at the moment it only picks up the normal wifi. when I click on this it doesn't give me the option to modify the ones indicate desactivé. Orange shop here I come
  21. Thanks Guys, everything is worth a try

    Did live chat over the internet with Orange, reset the box, changed the filters even tried the spare phone still giving the engaged signal. Looks like its something else in the livebox. Will have to put my flak jacket on and try Orange in Bezier as its quicker than waiting for an engineer and risk the wrath of the pesky little madam who works in Orange and pray its the really helpful guy working tomorrow morning!

    Seems the username and password for everyones livebox is admin and admin even though I also have about half a dozen username and passwords
  22. Sorry to drag this back to the top, a similar problem has happened , I have typed this in and it is saying that the internet phone is Désactivé , how do I re set this without wiping the whole box by pushing the nib of a pen in as I had real problems last time I did that as I don't seem to have all the passwords to reactivate it. I've tried rebooting the live box by the button on the box and unplugging it.

    Grr this is very frustrating!!!!!
  23. a plus point about the halogen bulbs is that they are dimable
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