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  1. We have just returned from France and had a pretty scary experience with filling stations, so caution is recommended. We drove up to Calais using the A28 for much of the journey.  There are very few service areas on that route with filling stations.  We pulled off at several villages and these took only French cards.  In the end we got to a toll area with a single pump, which was the only fuel outlet signposted from the A28.  Again, it would only take French cards and by that time we were completely out of fuel.  My first comment is, therefore, be careful.  Always fill up, even if you still have some fuel left.  It is better than the worry that we had. Secondly, however, at said pump, we pressed the 'Help' button, spoke to a really helpful chap, who sent 'assistance' at no charge to us.  They used their card to put fuel into our tank and we just gave them the equivalent in cash (plus a tip because they were so nice).  I am sure in England, they would have brought a can of fuel, overcharged for it and charged £50 for the call out.  So, a scary experience turned out to be a great experience in meeting lovely and helpful French people. Anyway, my caution on the pumps and cards is a serious one. Happy travelling folks.  
  2. Thanks Steve I will certainly try that, it sounds just what I need.  Combined with the BBC and Michel Thomas, I should be speaking like a native in no time.  Now I just have to find the hours in the day!! [:)] All the best Sidda
  3. Thanks so much everyone for your replies.  You are right really, I do need to converse with someone, rather than just writing it down, so thanks for the tips re Skype and other sites. I will be giving it my best shot and hopefully won't be implying any more that my gorgeous step-daughter (who is only 10) has plans for any unseemly activities. I am looking forward to speaking much better French. Thanks again. [:)]
  4. Yes, you're right, that's what it was meant to be.  Should it be belle-fille?  You see, I do need help [:$] S
  5. Thanks to those who have read my request.  It seems as though there is no-one out there able to help.  What a shame. S [:(]
  6. Bonjour tous. I have been trying to speak better French all my life and feel it is never too late to get really serious about it.  My family and I are going on holiday to the Vendee in June and I would really like to be able to converse with some degree of confidence.  I wondered if any native or fluent French speaker out there would be willing to converse - just by e-mail - and put up with my mistakes whilst I try hard to get better?  I would love to be able to speak with you on a variety of subjects. When I say I am sensible, I'm not so sure about that, but I assure you I am genuine. J'ai 46 ans, je suis mariée et tres heureuse, j'ai une etape-fille et j'aime les promenades, lire et je suis en recherche et etudes pour PhD. Merci pour votre temps. [:D]
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