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  1. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="Will"]... Registering as unemployed can be very difficult. If you have no contributions record in France neither ANPE nor ASSEDIC will want to know you. There seems to be no definite official procedure. Some people manage it through persistence. If you are unemployed in Britain you have a way in through EU law, but only for a very limited time and with limited benefits.[/quote]
    My experience says different:
    Mr Clair was able to register as unemployed without any problem (although not receiving any benefit, as he had no contribution record) until Manpower offered him a placement. He received his own SS number when he started work in France.

    [quote user="Will"]Yes, register with CPAM using the E106 - that will give you a SS number which wil definitely help.[/quote]

    At the time we went to our CPAM when his E106 was about to expire, CPAM refused to give him a SS number as his certificate of adoption was not recognised as valid for that purpose and he had to be listed as a dependent on my own number.


    Clair, this may be getting very close to the answer I am looking for. Did someone actually confirm to you that one can be unemployed and use the E106 with CPAM at the same time?

    It's strange isn't it that things seem to be different in different places in France? I needed my adoption certificate for both CPAM and when I got married out here, and it was accepted without question for both!


  2. [quote user="Will"]

    And there I think you have at least part of the difficulty. Registering as unemployed can be very difficult. If you have no contributions record in France neither ANPE nor ASSEDIC will want to know you. There seems to be no definite official procedure. Some people manage it through persistence. If you are unemployed in Britain you have a way in through EU law, but only for a very limited time and with limited benefits.

    Yes, register with CPAM using the E106 - that wil give you a SS number which wil definitely help.


    Will, once again, thanks!

    I'll probably go with my friend to the unemployment office to see what can be done, but whatever I'll help him with CPAM so that he has no problems there. He can of course look on the boards for jobs anyway even if not registered unemployed. He is a very good chef, and I don't think he will have a big problem in finding work.

  3. Will, many thanks for your reply.

    My feeling is that if one is actively seeking work in France one registers as unemployed and then takes the E106 to CPAM to register for as long as one is not working, but it is proving extremely difficult to get an answer from anyone in authority (How unusual is that!). This is why I am looking for a link to some official site which may deal with this particular question.

    I will let everybody know if I find the answer.

  4. [quote user="Teamedup"] Sorry Tarngranny, but you said 'client' and that implies that you have told someone that you were able to get them some sort of information at a price. IF I was them, I would hardly be expecting you to ask all and sundry on a public forum. When I am a client, I  imagine that the person I am employing had a certain expertise or were able to gain the necessary information from the authorities.

    If it were for you, then you wouldn't have mentioned 'client' would you.

    I still think this is a cheek and out of order.


    Teamedup, when I was working I never ever charged clients for any of my services, but earnt my money by sharing commission with Immobiliers and so on.

    Never ever did I charge a client for finding out information and I was always there for clients for as long as they wanted after a sale, again without charge as is the case with the client in question on this thread. If you want to take this point further it is easily provable.

    I always tried very hard for my clients, using everywhere possible to find information so that my clients were never left still wanting to know something, and were completely satisfied with my service – why shouldn’t I use public forums to find information as part of my research, that’s what they are there for. This may be why I was so successful and was able to retire early. I was also successful because I do have a lot expertise – and yes I do use the authorities as well, but this particular question is proving to be a particularly difficult one to get information about, and as Will says there may not be a definitive answer. If and when I eventually find a definitive answer I will let everyone know on this forum.


    I don’t understand what you are getting at by saying “If it were for you, then you wouldn't have mentioned 'client' would you” – you’re not making any sense with this statement because I made it plain that it was for a client and not me didn’t I?


    “I still think this is a cheek and out of order.” – You’re entitled to your opinion, but I’m rather surprised that having seen my explanation a few posts back you still want to continue to have a go at me – perhaps you don’t believe me, but that’s up to you.

    I don’t think that there is much more to say on the subject. If you want to continue having a go, please do so but don’t expect me to continue arguing with you as I have much better things to do with my time.

  5. "Why not ask one of the other Grannys or somebody from that network? "

    Tony, I had already asked them, but, as Will says, this is probably one of those questions that it is difficult to find an answer for.

  6. Now that everyone knows that I am not "suspicious" is there some kind soul out there (Will?) who knows the definitive answer to my original question please?
  7. The name TarnGranny was in use long before I was in business, and came about because I am a Granny and living in the Tarn.

    The Granny Network title for the area was Tarn & Aveyron Granny, and no doubt will be again if they get someone for the area. I have no intention of changing my pseudonym!

  8. I am not doing a "Granny" or any other professional job (I gave up my business last year and am now retired). The question on this thread arose from an ex-client I baby-sit for occasionally, and who wants to move out to France permanently soon. The other questions were of personal interest and I have had answers to those (Thanks to those who replied!).

    There are quite a few professionals on this Forum from what I can see of links directly to professional/business web sites. I'm sure they use this forum to gain knowledge for their businesses and clients, and no doubt to advertise, and I would be surprised if none of them have ever asked questions to help them in their work before. This is such a difficult subject for all Forums, not just this one, that I think Forum Admin. may have a very difficult job clarifying things?

    If anyone looks at the posts I have made previously on this forum they will see that they have been to help people, give advice and express opinions, and I don’t think that I ever showed a link to my site on here when I was working. Also, I’m not even sure that I have ever posted a question as such before, although I have no doubt that someone will put me right on these points if I have.

    If anyone wants to answer the question I posted on this thread then I will be very grateful. If not, so be it.

  9. Thanks for that Sunday Driver.

    Do you by chance know of any link(s) where the French say that you can continue to use the E106 while you are registered with them as unemployed and looking for work? I've tried, without much success, to find their rules regarding accepting the E106 for situations like this, and I would like to reassure my client!


  10. Quotes seen recently elsewhere: "Do you know that you even have to pay social security charges on any interest you earn from savings in the UK!!" 

    And, referring to self-employed setting up a small business: "Don't forget the payment for registering the business as well (usually around 150euros)."

    are these statements correct?

  11. At the beginning of last year someone said on this forum "..........If you are self employed in UK and living in France you can get an E106 for 5 years......."

    I now see on another forum that someone is saying "You cannot be a French resident and continue to be self-employed in the UK, your business would need to be registered in France."

    Although these two statements may not exactly refer to the same thing, I am a little confused, so can anyone tell me what the rules are about self-employment in the UK and living in France (I'm not interested in the E106 part of it, unless this makes a difference!).

    Thanks everyone!

  12. Can someone looking for work in France register as unemployed and use an E106 until they find employment?

    I would appreciate definitive links so that I can point a client in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. [quote user="allanb"][quote user="Ron Avery"]What X signs?  Unless the signs in the SW are different to the rest of France, these Xs just indicate there is a junction ahead and not that it has the priority from the right.  [/quote]Sorry, but this is totally wrong.  The diagonal X means that priorité à droite applies to all roads at the junction ahead - in the SW and everywhere else in France (and in many other countries: Britain is the exception rather than the rule).

    I agree with Sunday Driver: it's scary.

    Sorry, but it is not totally wrong. Diagonal X's in our area indicate just that there is a junction ahead, often with lines. I would be very interested in finding out why this seems to be different in other areas.

    I am in the SW the same as Ron Avery.

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