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  1. I guess what the poster is saying is ...how and why hes got the barn is of no concern of yours ( and quite rightly so ) What he wanted was an answer to his question and not an episode of eastenders gossip.......   I am just guessing mind... I mean no mallace and I am not suggesting that some posters have too much time on their hands....thats not the type of guy I am...

    You must have a CU or you might be wasting loads of money... once you have this and you have your architec working on your plans he will tell you what works you can do and cant do.... You are right there are some works that can be started...I dont have to list them but anyone will know you can repoint a wall (pierre apparent ) weather its a barn or a house...and you can also put down a new slab etc etc....


  2. I was in La Mongie skiing just two days ago..my first time,,it was great and the area was amazing with the scenery etc....  I just dont like the style of houses...but we are all different...check it out....

  3. As a plasterer....I am suprised to read that you cant put tape on the ends of plasterboard...... That is wrong.... Use the sticky net tape ( scrim ) cover the tape with enduit, dont try to finish the job first time... just cover the tape then scrape off almost as much as you can so that all the holes in the tape are filled...then when dry, lightly sand and then coat the whole area about 6" into each board and feathering it out....its easy. then lightly sand again and paint. One other thing....take the first board and put it from the ground up...then on the second board push it up to the top and fill the bottom. Its hard to do the second board but if you have wedges ready to kick underneath when you lift it you'll be OK..( ask the wife...or better still someone elses wife!!!! ) One more one more point. If I were a beginer I think I would prefer the joints to be at the bottom as most of it will be behind furniture. People do look up more than down.

    I am finished.....

    Monti ( in a happy mood )

  4. I believe also that if the work done effects greater than 50% of the house 19.6% is charged....no matter what the age of the house is.

    We are just starting a renovation to a 30year old house and every single room will be renovated and every window and door and shutter changed. There is no planning permission needed, no new openings...we have been instructed by our acountants that the higher rate must apply because it will effect the whole house.

    This is a new one on me....you learn something every 27 seconds....ohhh I never knew that!!! there you go again!


  5. Hi Just wondered if there was anyone here who fished or who has fished the charente river for carp....

    I am planning going next weekend...last time I went (August) there was a lot of weed which should have started to die back by now.....Just wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of a good, weedless spot???? Anywhere within 40km of Angouleme really.

    Heres hoping


  6. Hello ...

    Friends of mine have moved into a house near castillon de baitille ( excuse spelling ) . They asked us to help renovate for them but its too far for us to travel... can anyone recommend a company in that area...

    I am just trying to help them out... not trying to be a middle man ...will put them directly in touch...

    Just stating everything... you have to be very careful on here....



  7. tj...it says on your site to use the link below... and there is no link below...at least I cant find it mate. There is no contacts..and no way to contact you through your web site. Not that I wanted to contact you I was just letting you know.



  8. Can I come round your house ...Point P sell it here for 18,75 a bag....

    Hey tj.... I went to your site and there is no link mate... somethings not working.

  9. Hi.. What we did was we asked around the neighbours to see if anyone had a teenage child who wanted to come over and play french games for the odd hour every week.  We of course crossed their hand with silver... almost like booking a baby sitter only we were just in the next room.

    After a few months the grown up girl took our 10 year old shopping with her and told her what to ask for etc...and the experience was great for our daughter. It gave her a great start.

    Just planting a seed.. teenagers need money....you need teenagers.

  10. Its an unforgiving forum.....most would have you shot for a spelling mistake...asking people to part with their secrets, well..... who knows where it might lead....Keep your head down...lay low for a while..

  11. Thanks everyone.... It is as I expected.... I dont want to install a split system where we are now because in a few million years ( maybe even longer ) we will have finished the renovation of our house and thats where we will want a split system. I thought they might help a bit in the mean time.... never mind I'll just have to continue sitting around the house in my under pants....

  12. Hello... was wondering if anyone had bought a stand alone cooler from a brico or somewhere and weather they actually worked... If anyone can recommend a model that would be great...

    Thanks in advance


  13. Hello... Still looking for General builders. MUST BE REGISTERED. Block laying, woodwork, plasterboarding, a labourer, etc etc... Some references required.....Start work tomorrow.

    The jobs are near Tocane St Apre, Riberac, Perigueux and at Neuvic and at Bergerac and at St Amand and at Brantome (soon).

    Contact me via our web site contact tab


  14. we had the same problem... if you hunt hard enough there are places to go with the toddlers. We are in 24 so thats no good to you.... but ask everyone you meet..some one will know a place. Good luck

  15. [email protected]

    This guy is great......has installed for nearly everyone I know...

    Just outside Riberac.


  16. There are lots of dodgy UK renovation companies about in France...its a shame because it kind of tarnish's all of us UK builders with the same brush....

    We invite people to see our work and to meet previous customers..I think it sets a good working relationship.

    We have a web site which has been around for about a year and we are only just getting work from it because we have only just started pushing it.... Our company is working on 8 renovations/builds at the moment and they all came word of mouth....who needs the internet...I ask you.


  17. You really must break the gloss of the tiles.... I dont know weather sanding them off works...but we always break away tiles in the right places so that there is a good grip there.... Mortier adhesive is very strong and we use it for loads of other things but the surface must be hard, dry and have a fair key.


  18. Running the risk of getting slaughtered here..........

    Its not that france is such a great place to live..... Its the fact that England is such a crap place to live...

  19. Me and me ole mate Hugh were saying we dont go fishing as much as we ought'a... we just never get around to it. So we thought if there was a small group of us and say we said every third sunday in the month we all go somewhere special to fish we would get more fishing in.

    So maybe there are some fishermen/women who fancy hooking up ( sorry ) and forming some kind of consortium and where we leave early in the morning to somewhere special, fish all day and stop for a quick beer on the way home to give one of us a chance to boast.

    We are not trying to get money out of this..its all free and any input from anyone who has an idea of what to do where to go is really welcome. This idea is still in its infancy so any ideas???

    We are in dept 24 so it would be ideal if you were too...

    Maybe we could go sea fishing one time? Contact other french clubs and see what they do... even challenge them to a match.... now its getting scary!!!

    Right I have finished

    Contact me

    [email protected]

  20. Come to the dordogne... its just like England.... My Daughter does hip hop dancing, modern dance, horse riding, cycling, circus club and theatre....

    My son goes to mother and toddler group... and we go to the cinema some times where they show movies in english ( late releases ).

    We all have outdoor pools cos its warm.....

    And I saw a french person here the other day too!!!!!


    Please dont jump on me..it was just a bit of fun.... I love being here.

  21. We too know of a project managment co. that really seems to be fleecing people in our area... we have been called in a few times to help out or take over from jobs that seem to have been left.... and each time this company has been involved.

    Can I ask what dept you are in?


  22. Jon... I like a man who knows his maths....

    Its late, but I make 1% of 30,000 about 300 euros...

    But then again as I said it is late in the eveniing..


  23. Sorry again Nick I just thought that everyone had to do a french electriciens course... I stand corrected...

  24. [quote user="legs_akimbo"]You could knock up something even better out of 3x2. Known in the trade as a "Dead man" its nothing more than a length of 3x2 an inch shorter than finish floor to underside of the p.board with a further three foot of 4x2 nailed to the top to form a ....T      add a couple of short diagonal braces to stop the top bit from moving and you have a great tool for throwing up 8 x 4's from dawn till dusk.[/quote]

    Not so good on a sloping roof me thinks...


  25. No Nick.... I did say lengthy... meaning a lot more than a week... I was refering to the long course you are talking about...but my wording was inadequate.... ( as is my spelling ) sorry.

    Yes the one week stage will not allow him to do electrics... and he could get into trouble if he did so without the proper french qualifications I believe...


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