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  1. @ Harnser: Yes, I agree with the internment camps a concept I realised was the optimal approach years back. " process any asylum requests for those who are in possession of official documents re: name, age and nationality. " Nice idea; they destroy their papers and lie about their nationality and original nation state. As I was told years back by a senior Eurotunnel manager. For example, during the Syrian crisis, Mutti Merkel aka Führerin Merkel, as we know escalated the problem, dramatically. Whereupon loads of illegals claimed to be Syrians! The old sob story (cue violins) about poor little migrants from war torn countries, son, sob, cannot wash when so many illegals are from Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh. Somalia, Eritrea etc. Thus internment camps would allow the determination of their actual language and true nationality, plus then the further truth about which EU member safe state they first set foot on. Since that is where international law on asylum demands they claim it. Trying to reach any intelligent accommodation with the little twerp, Macron, at present, is impossible, since he is suddenly rattling his sabre and strutting his stuff to show the French voter how patriotic he has suddenly become! The Entente Cordiale seems to have been forgotten...
  2. I would suggest that the patrol boats should simply block the illegal's boats. At the point in the Channel where UK waters begin. Simple to judge with multi-fix GPS. If the UK apology for a government doesn't do something robust, then the people of Kent will take the law into their own hands, I fear. As have travellers on motorways which the morons from Insulate have tried to block; HGV, Van drivers and plain private motorists have increasingly dragged the fools off the road, and rather roughly, too!
  3. Perhaps 'cos Germany then didn't have any rubber? However, they made "Ersatz" "rubber" which was (from memory) Butyl.
  4. In WWII, Britain had to urgently build up what were classed Coastal Forces. The causal drivers were Eboats attacking mine sweepers, Luftwaffe aircraft dropping mines, UBoats and etc. This was achieved by building high speed wooden hard chine hulled MTBs (Motor Torpedo Boats) and MGBs (Motor Gun Boats) as well as similar Air Sea Rescue craft. Most were made by Vosper Marine and Thorneycraft. In order to prevent the hordes of illegal migrants, it would be possible to build today's version from GRP; and set up a chain of patrols along the channel coast, aided by military standard drones to spot problems. In all probability, the total cost would be no more than the huge cost now, if once includes the Border Farce, reception staff on the coast, accommodation, health care and etc. And thereafter, the vessels could be employed to boost up fishery patrols, which are at present, almost non-existent. Clearly, if Britain faced WWII Germany now, Hitler's grand plan called Operation Sea Lion (The invasion and occupation of Britain) could have been achieved with rubber boats!
  5. So, you don't drink orange juice, apple juice etc, then?
  6. For years, my darling wife has made fruit purée in our large powerful blender. OK a bit of a fag 'cos one must peel, core and chop up the fruit a bit: however, well worth the result. Anything goes in together; oranges, apples, bananas. The benefit is one eats all the fruit except skins. A little lemon juice plus good honey prevents the purée going brown too quickly, so if it is refrigerated it can be consumed over two days.
  7. Bozo the Clown hinted, a few days ago, that Britain was in process of talks with Albania to send all the illegal migrants there... Albania strongly denies this. However, interestingly: https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/convicted-people-smuggling-gang-who-plotted-to-bring-hundreds-of-migrants-into-the-uk
  8. You mean the illegal immigrants being accommodated in 4 star hotels, I presume? Also please consider the organisation started by Lord Green. https://www.migrationwatchuk.org/news/2020/10/03/cost-of-housing-and-payments-for-failed-asylum-claimants-estimated-at-130-million-per-year Also: Even the bleeding heart BBC admits this... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-59257107 https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/britain-is-home-to-10-000-foreign-criminals-who-could-be-deported-jdp3zfv6x https://www.gov.uk/asylum-support/what-youll-get
  9. Ah wonderful. The good old hugely biased Lefty Marxist BBC. Please don't make me larf, Norm... ?
  10. My wife used to drive a large Volvo 940 estate: which we purchased just after the French house as it was essential for moving stuff backwards and forwards. I used to drive my favourite BMW. Now, my wife runs a Smart ForFour; fantastic little car! 1100 c.c. three cylinders, four doors, very economical to run. I now have a Peugeot 407 SW Estate, 2 litre diesel. Electric car? Not for me as yet. A core problem they have just realised is that there are far too few electronics engineers who know how to fix them!
  11. It is a fact that illegal migrants are and have been, flooding over the English Channel. It is also a fact that France has been paid millions (Danegelt) to properly police their coast and prevent this. The primary cause, as we know, is the Schengen Agreement; where all member states, instead of abiding by the rules have played "Pass The Parcel" as illegals have flooded into Europe. I completely agree with ALBF, on this. Would be asylum seekers are legally bound to apply for asylum in the very first safe nation they reach. However, they head for the UK since the idiot supposed government simply throw money at them and even when and where the asylum seekers are in fact economic migrants, it makes no difference. If they are known criminals and the Home Secretary (known popularly as Preti Useless Patel) tries to throw them out, the delightful human rights lawyers (all funded on legal aid, naturally) fight and the UK government loses. Meantime; all apart from the French authorities doing nothing, the brilliant Border Farce, aided and abetted by the RNLI rescue the illegals and roll out the red carpet... The British taxpayer is being gouged to pay for this: plus holistic services (Health, Education, Housing) simply cannot cope. If you feel complacent in your French idyll, Eurotrash, then I would urgently commend you to read Douglas Murray's highly rated book, "The Strange Death of Europe" and think again. BTW, the growing problems in Poland over Belarus (And now Lithuania) over violent illegal migrants ought to provide you pause for thought: unless, you also believe this is yet another Daily Mail propaganda wheeze?
  12. Well, I am not a climate change denier, Teapot: evaluation of the historical cycles which have changed our climate from mini-ice ages to mini-warms are to numerous to ignore. That said, as with any contentious matter, I have researched the topic fairly deeply. Having a science and engineering background, has helped. The two important books which have assisted me are the late Christopher Booker's "The Real Global Warming Disaster" and Patrick J Michaels and Robert C Ballings' book, "Climate of Extremes. The late Michael Crichton's novel "State of Fear": mainly since Crichton was a scientist/doc, deeply cynical about the topic and the book contains a wealth of real data which is very useful. I remain highly skeptical that the trope we are being fed is fallacious. Al Gore has enriched himself by becoming a climate change cheer leader... Michael Mann's famed hockey stick graph has been proven to be false: and we all know about the naughty academics at University of East Anglia! https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2010/feb/01/leaked-emails-climate-jones-chinese
  13. All Nuclear Reactors produce Plutonium. Harnser: however as with Uranium it comes in different isotopic weights. CND: Ah yes. Another lovely idea. Mainly fostered by the KGB and the Red members of the Labour party in the pay of The Kremlin: Lenin's "Useful Fools" worked splendidly once more... And then, of course, there was Greenpeace; which as its impact and membership struggled, re-invented itself as an ecological protection movement, which, as with so many, then segued into global warming and when the fallacious science was de-bunked, this became Climate Change. Interesting now, how the meme has shifted again and many of the hot air merchants at the COP26 jolly have been banging on about Global Warming, again! All this nonsense has left Britain in utter chaos insofar as electrical energy generation be concerned:(France, of course, early on invested, sensibly in the nuclear option and generates a majority of its power this way) it is all well and good to push the EV agenda and the Heat Pump as an alternative to gas-fired boilers, however firstly, nation states need to ensure that electrical power generation potential supply is greater than likely demand: particularly so when the wind is not blowing! In any case, the UK's much vaunted Green Energy by wind power is much of a scam, since "Dirty" generators can buy cheap "Greenwashing" certificates (REGOs) and suddenly become "100% Green"! If Nuclear had been more widely adopted then the re-processing and treatment of nuclear waste would have been streets ahead. Probably by greater investment in Nuclear Fusion approaches.
  14. My impression of a hot tub, is rather like the US-inspired concept of the Jacuzzi; it's a sort of fashion statement. The Japanese, of course, were dedicated to their bathing routines: the first bit to wash off dirt and the second to wallow in very hot water as a muscle relaxant and aid to general physical/mental health. My attitude is to wash off sweat and dirt: shower. To relax muscles, a nice wallow in a hot bath.
  15. Pools, yes. Hot Tubs...why? Have a hot bath instead. I agree with Teapot's philosophy: any artifact can be improved, immeasurably in terms of holistic environmental impact with carefully planned engineering. The one thing I think is truly outrageous in wasted energy terms is a gas or electricity powered Patio Heater! Either put on a fleece or go indoors!
  16. Gluestick


    It was sobering for me, years back, Gardian, when I drove through France en route for Luxembourg City: Verdun, Metz, et al. Huge cemeteries with forests of white crosses. I have also wandered through them in "our" bit of France, Pas de Calais, down into the Somme etc. What was truly striking were the ages of the fallen. Our nearby Canton town holds a parade with the town band and as many veterans as can make it walk proudly along wearing their medals. I have endless respect for the French in this respect: great shame the British seem mainly to ignore Remembrance Sunday, these days.
  17. Poverty? You must be joking, old chum! A majority are not "fleeing from war torn countries...sob, sob" but are in fact economic migrants. They know full well that the idiotic British state will throw large bundles of benefits plus free healthcare at them. Why do they not stay in France? Or Italy? Or Spain?
  18. Ah, but Teapot, you are conflating two disparate issues here: viz, supposed Climate Change on the one side and ecological pollution. The Gloom Goblin (As James Delingpole so aptly calls Great Thunberg) bangs on about climate change etc. Not ecological pollution etc. Now, I totally agree about the blasé attitude of far too many to the destruction and pollution of the ecology. As just one example, French farmers have cut down precious hedgerows to add more cultivated land from sheer greed. And in so doing have killed off the critical insect population. Plus they have abused nitrate fertilizer and poisoned the water source. Etc. Why does so much food have to be packed in plastic? What about good old paper bags! Why not revert to glass bottles which could be cleaned and re-filled? And so on.
  19. You may not know anything about it, Teapot; however it doesn't mean all others are equally ignorant!
  20. Meanwhile, Bozo The Clown has announced that his supposed government are considering imposing an extra import tax on goods etc made in countries which have not signed up to the manic green agenda. Nice idea: in 2020 UK imports from China (which has not signed up; no wonder!) were worth circa $75.5 Billion. Naturally, such increased cost would be (You guessed it!) passed on to the end consumer. One wonders whether this will include gas imported from Russia: probably the second largest producer of CO2, which has also not signed up...?
  21. Hmm... I am not so sure, Norman. Photo-Effects (Light being interrupted at a stable frequency) are similar to helicopters going into land, one above the other when a bright landing light, flickering trough the rotor of the chopper beneath caused hypnotism and fatal crashes. Typical stroboscopic effect: could cause Migraines, epileptic fits etc. Various sound frequencies can be unpleasant harmonics when added together. Perhaps worth remembering that health dangers posed by radiation from early CRT monitors was pooh poohed at first, until Swedish studies proved the dangers, particularly to pregnant women. Early high powered radar was not considered a health risk (Naval vessels etc) until it was found to be very dangerous. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3653647/ https://ehjournal.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1476-069X-10-7 Large turbines can also cause air pressure changes and waves. In the 1960s, air pollution from internal combustion engines was not seen as a health problem!
  22. Norman, Balance called a team man from Pakistan a "Paki". Apparently, they were close friends. Any expression could be taken as being a perjorative, if someone else wants to make a cause célèbre out of it, in these insane woke days. Ssomon: As I am sure you know, the word "Limey" used by Americans - mainly - in describing English sailors was short for "Lime Juicer", as the Royal Navy had discovered, by accident, fresh citrus fruit juice helped to avoid scurvy (Vit C Deficiency). And the word or expression was often used in a perjorative fashion.
  23. Don't start me on the topic of English grammar! "I'm bored of the weather!". "I aint got no XXX" Personally I abhor the Americanisation of English: particularly usage of that awful word "Got"; when in the USA it is usually expressed as "Gotten". For my sins, I still remember clause and phrase analysis and still use it when writing. "I've got to go shopping." Think about what this actually means. "I have got." Do you; how quaint; and what is "Got"? Can you eat it? All that is needed is to say "I have to go shopping." I have noticed the French language and its grammar, vary considerably, depending where in France one is. What has fascinated me, is to research the root languages in different areas.
  24. Start by looking at this site from Axis, Alex. https://axis-finance.com/tax/assurance-vie-providers/french-pension/
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