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  1. Even more staggering hypocrisy for me, Martin, was Bozo the Clown, taking a private jet from Glasgow and the COP26 nonsense, to fly to London for "Important Meetings"... Whereas, https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/nov/03/johnson-takes-private-jet-from-cop26-to-london-to-attend-dinner
  2. The core problem, of course, is that Governments are faced with either telling the truth and facing massive panic and civil unrest, or trying to logically deal with the problem. Hm...Governments being logical? A non sequitur, I fear! The MSS (Main Stream Media) are today, sadly, noted as trying to publish biased erroneous information to mainly increase circulation or site hits. I have discounted info from the WHO for some time now, as it has become political. For me, the very best source of unbiased knowledge is now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) based in Atlanta, Georgia. Mainly since their infeed, emerges from leading global research labs, top epidemiologists, Immunologists and Micro-Biologists. Q.V. https://www.cdc.gov/
  3. My wife and I had our booster jabs quite some weeks ago. The problem seems to be, Lori, that the current range of vaccines may well not prove effective: which is the worrying aspect. Two reported cases in the UK, now.
  4. Apparently, around 400 private jets flew into Glasgow for the recent COP26 Hot Air Talking Fest: and according to some analysts these airplanes generated more CO2 than the whole of Scotland in one year! Now, we proles are being sort of ordered, by St. Greta and others, to stop eating meat, stop heating our homes with gas, junk our nasty motor cars and buy expensive EVs, hang our polluting little heads in shame and so on. But have a gander at this, folks! 😧😮 https://www.cnbc.com/video/2021/11/26/the-rich-are-getting-richer-and-its-fueling-a-private-jet-boom.html
  5. This latest news is rather worrying. An excellent article in the Grauniad, yesterday. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/26/vaccine-resistant-what-scientists-know-new-covid-variant Further information will be found on the CDC site.
  6. Problem is with Wordpad, Harnser. is it only a form of Word Lite: and it will carry over unwanted formatting. Notepad is a very useful utility and used extensively when writing and compiling code, for example. I used to use it a lot when writing HTML code.
  7. Smugglers shot a scared migrant in the kneecaps after he refused to board a boat on the same night 27 people died trying to cross the English Channel. Volunteers in the Calais jungle migrant camp rushed to the aid of a 20-year-old man who was “quickly losing a lot of blood” after a smuggler became frustrated at his refusal to board the vessel and drew a gun on him. The smuggler felt he had “lost out on easy money,” volunteers said, as the gangs are believed to only receive the full fee for transporting migrants once they have arrived in the UK. The assailant is on the run, according to French media reports. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/11/25/bit-like-drowning-scene-film-titanic/?utm_source=POLITICO.EU&utm_campaign=1db8212c2a-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2021_11_26_07_09&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_10959edeb5-1db8212c2a-190801596 (Sorry about the font - tried to change it but didn't work) Sorted for you, Harnser. Whenever you encounter such problems, simply copy the text, paste into Notepad, re-copy and past into the body of your post, prior to posting. Notepad dumps any annoying formatting.
  8. Well, Norman, it was pretty damned lucky that England was indeed an island when the Spanish Armada tried to invade; and dear old Nap. And then there was a certain Corporal A Hitler... It is a common meme, today, by those lacking much of a brain cell, to accept the "No Borders!" nonsense. It is wondrous to be deeply altruistic. Unfortunately, today, far too many humans determine that kindness means weakness. In modern Western socio-economies, society have sort of evolved to create a vast series of benefits and simultaneous obligations: such include taxation and paying for your little corner. The Do-Gooders would have the UK (and other) governments favour incomers and neglect indigenous residents. Unfortunately, the UK now faces another Winter of Discontent: many elderly people (far too many IMHO) are now already grappling with the simple conundrum of how to survive: heat or eat? Many will die from Hypothermia: in the 21st siecle; whilst far too many contemplate purchasing yet another bigger yacht. The present political argument between Bozo the Clown and the MPs concerning old aged care is I feel rather significant. Surely charity begins at home? Welcoming and taking care of others less fortunate is very laudable; all provided one has firstly, provide comfort and support to many who fought in WWII and thereafter; plus those who have contributed to the nation state. Am I callous and uncaring? I don't think so; otherwise, probably, I wouldn't have given so much of my time and cash to setting up the county branch of UNICEF in the early 1970s and other charitable activities. However, that was a wholly different UNICEF to today's joke. But then the UN is a complete farce, now.
  9. He certainly did, ALBF! And there is one of the problems, herein. Macron is conflating the fishing rights crap with the illegal migrant situation; plus, of course his ongoing threats to shut down electricity supplies to Jersey etc. Still, as the so sad drownings this time took place on the French side of La Manche, I fear it is a "Houston; we have a problem!" for the little twerp. The other dire problems have been created by do-gooding, bleeding heart NGOs. IMHO they are nothing better than anarchists and thus criminals themselves since they are assisting people to break the law.
  10. Not correct, Lehaut. The traditional method was for would be asylum seekers to pitch up at an embassy or consular office of the nation state in which they sought safety and apply there. It was, of course rather different post WWII with all the DPPs, however that was exceptional.
  11. Surely, the very first dynamic to address is People Smuggling? The EU is awash (collectively) with security and intelligence agencies: Britain has MI5 and SIS: and then there is Interpol. (Except: "Emirati General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi was elected following three rounds of voting during which he received 68.9 percent of votes cast by member countries, Interpol said in a statement. He is accused of torturing suspects" "Istanbul (AFP) – An Emirati general accused of torture was elected president of Interpol Thursday, despite the concerns of human rights organisations who fear the agency will be at risk of exploitation by repressive regimes. The decision follows generous funding by the United Arab Emirates for the Lyon, France-based body and accusations Abu Dhabi has abused Interpol’s system of so-called “red notices” for wanted suspects to persecute political dissidents.") Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? It cannot be beyond these collective skills and resources to at least reduce the traffic in human beings? Only just recently, a gang of people smugglers, based in London were rounded up and arrested: they are Albanians. Nasty violent people, apparently. Albania, of course, is awash with criminal gangs.
  12. Bouchart is a fool. The core problem is that the damned EU, thanks to Schengen, utterly fails to correctly police its borders. Many times I have been in Calais over the past ten years or so, the place has illegal migrants wandering all over the place. Last time I looked at a map, I couldn't spot any border between France and Africa?
  13. To respond to your topic title, Woolly... Nary the one!
  14. No: you should create holographic wills (i.e. written by hand) in French and perhaps make them "Mirror Wills" (i.e. mirrors of your UK wills), remembering, however, that French inheritance law is markedly different in France. All this said, Inheritance Law in France was revised and amended and changed a few yeas ago. And changed, significantly again in 2020; and applies as from November 2021. https://www.ashtonslegal.co.uk/insights/news-for-individuals/update-on-french-inheritance-law/ https://www.notaires.fr/en/donation-succession/succession/order-succession-and-inheritance-tax (Useful reference as it is in English!) https://www.furleypage.co.uk/insights/law-updates/new-french-inheritance-rules-override-expats-rights-to-apply-british-law/ Fortunately, our French wills were generated for me by a dear friend - sadly no longer with us - who was a top UK solicitor, specialising in wills and trusts, adored France, became the Secretary General to the Court of Mediation of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, lived just outside Versailles, spoke fluent French and when he and his spouse moved back, he qualified (at over 60!) and was appointed as an Avocat to the Boulogne Criminal Court.
  15. I feel strongly, that ALL World governments were asleep at the helm when the storm broke; they had become far too concerned with playing party politics and accordingly, far too complacent. For the first time, the hidden perils of cheap jet travel all around the globe hit hard. Worth looking, perhaps, at the earlier scourge of The Spanish Lady (Spanish Flu) just after WWI. Clearly, medical science and thus healthcare was far behind that of today. It is now all too clear that Italy, which was continuing numerous daily flights to and from China, became probably, the European epicentre of Covid-19: Britain, also, was utterly blasé about international travel by air. Obviously, 200+ people crammed into a metal tube in close proximity, is the ideal way to spread any airborne pathogen. In the UK, for example, not only was and is the NHS struggling, but additionally, years back, the isolation hospitals had all been mainly developed into houses: smart move! Post WWII, for various reasons, there was an explosion of disease requiring isolation: TB, Polio, Scarlet Fever, etc. CDC (The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia), are coordinating global research into Covid-19 and I am sure eventually, a solution will be found: as it was for TB, Polio and even now an inoculation against Pneumonia and even Shingles (I didn't know about these last two until a couple of months ago). However, until the answers are found, I believe we face an annual booster shot...
  16. Please calm down, everyone and at the very least be civil and polite. This is a topic fraught with strong and often diametrically opposing views; however, surely, that is what debate is about? Perhaps a gentle apology or two might be in order, here?
  17. Err... What is the international law regarding asylum seekers? Article 14(1) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which was adopted in 1948, guarantees the right to seek and enjoy asylum in other countries. https://www.unhcr.org/uk/1951-refugee-convention.html Etc. https://www.refworld.org/cgi-bin/texis/vtx/rwmain/opendocpdf.pdf?reldoc=y&docid=4bab55da2
  18. @ Harnser: Yes, I agree with the internment camps a concept I realised was the optimal approach years back. " process any asylum requests for those who are in possession of official documents re: name, age and nationality. " Nice idea; they destroy their papers and lie about their nationality and original nation state. As I was told years back by a senior Eurotunnel manager. For example, during the Syrian crisis, Mutti Merkel aka Führerin Merkel, as we know escalated the problem, dramatically. Whereupon loads of illegals claimed to be Syrians! The old sob story (cue violins) about poor little migrants from war torn countries, son, sob, cannot wash when so many illegals are from Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh. Somalia, Eritrea etc. Thus internment camps would allow the determination of their actual language and true nationality, plus then the further truth about which EU member safe state they first set foot on. Since that is where international law on asylum demands they claim it. Trying to reach any intelligent accommodation with the little twerp, Macron, at present, is impossible, since he is suddenly rattling his sabre and strutting his stuff to show the French voter how patriotic he has suddenly become! The Entente Cordiale seems to have been forgotten...
  19. I would suggest that the patrol boats should simply block the illegal's boats. At the point in the Channel where UK waters begin. Simple to judge with multi-fix GPS. If the UK apology for a government doesn't do something robust, then the people of Kent will take the law into their own hands, I fear. As have travellers on motorways which the morons from Insulate have tried to block; HGV, Van drivers and plain private motorists have increasingly dragged the fools off the road, and rather roughly, too!
  20. Perhaps 'cos Germany then didn't have any rubber? However, they made "Ersatz" "rubber" which was (from memory) Butyl.
  21. In WWII, Britain had to urgently build up what were classed Coastal Forces. The causal drivers were Eboats attacking mine sweepers, Luftwaffe aircraft dropping mines, UBoats and etc. This was achieved by building high speed wooden hard chine hulled MTBs (Motor Torpedo Boats) and MGBs (Motor Gun Boats) as well as similar Air Sea Rescue craft. Most were made by Vosper Marine and Thorneycraft. In order to prevent the hordes of illegal migrants, it would be possible to build today's version from GRP; and set up a chain of patrols along the channel coast, aided by military standard drones to spot problems. In all probability, the total cost would be no more than the huge cost now, if once includes the Border Farce, reception staff on the coast, accommodation, health care and etc. And thereafter, the vessels could be employed to boost up fishery patrols, which are at present, almost non-existent. Clearly, if Britain faced WWII Germany now, Hitler's grand plan called Operation Sea Lion (The invasion and occupation of Britain) could have been achieved with rubber boats!
  22. So, you don't drink orange juice, apple juice etc, then?
  23. For years, my darling wife has made fruit purée in our large powerful blender. OK a bit of a fag 'cos one must peel, core and chop up the fruit a bit: however, well worth the result. Anything goes in together; oranges, apples, bananas. The benefit is one eats all the fruit except skins. A little lemon juice plus good honey prevents the purée going brown too quickly, so if it is refrigerated it can be consumed over two days.
  24. Bozo the Clown hinted, a few days ago, that Britain was in process of talks with Albania to send all the illegal migrants there... Albania strongly denies this. However, interestingly: https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/convicted-people-smuggling-gang-who-plotted-to-bring-hundreds-of-migrants-into-the-uk
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