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  1. Well, for us this year, it will be for the hors d'oeuvre, smoked mackerel with a little horseradish sauce, made using root from the garden and a little smoked salmon served with a dash of sauce hollandaise and some of our Scandinavian bread made with rye, spelt and wholemeal flour. The entrée will be silverside of beef pot roast s l o w l y, in a cast iron casserole, with carrots and parsnips, and served with roast spuds, yorkie pud, sprouts, roast parsnips and lashings of proper gravy based on the juices. Dessert will be mince pies, with the pastry made from a wonderful Carrier recipe for French patissiere's sweet pastry, which melts in the mouth, and served with hot crême Anglais.
  2. One would need far more information to make any useful comment. Where is the house: France or the UK? Did your late father leave a will? Was this an English or French will? Finally it would all depend upon the size of the gross estate. In what is termed a Contentious Probate matter, lawyers' fees can be rather high. Rather than a Notaire, in order to contest the estate, you would need to employ either a UK solicitor or a French Avocat.
  3. I would agree. Yes seen the fish market; lovely old style with small units and dropdown wooden fronts. Have you visited the restaurant built on the beach at Merlimont? Great fish and not uber cher. Sitting outside when the sun shines one could be in Provence. Fresh fish also in Boulogne and I must say the local Carrefour has an excellent wet fish counter. Try this; a dish we sort of invented. Atlantic prawns and fresh sardines. Flour. flash fry with fresh green chillis. Wash down with such as Alsation Pinot Gris. Yummy!
  4. I have always been informed, Woolly, that the French delight in abundant plates of seafood, washed down with a good white wine. I have never forgotten the expression on Mrs Gluey's face, when with friends we were lunching at the wonderful restaurant in Étaples, which is owned and run by the fishing fleet cooperative. She ordered une Assiette de fruites de mer. This had two of most things, on three levels! Definitely seafood in the Loire, however, one of the wonders of la belle France, for me, is the vast regional variety.
  5. Traces of cocaine have been found after wipe tests in a majority of the rest rooms in the House of Commons! https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/drugs-westminster-speaker-hoyle-police-b1970106.html With all the preferential priced bars, it used to be Drunk in Charge of the Country... Now, it seems, Stoned in Charge of the Country is the new norm. I wonder if it is the same in France, Germany and especially the Netherlands?
  6. Ken and Gardian: might I please suggest that you exchange your views by Private Message? When threads become contentious and heated, this can often finish up in a "Flame War". Owing to the very sad and upsetting nature of this topic, it would be a great pity, IMHO, for the Mod to lock this thread too, since clearly, if there are problems with any nation state's child protection services, abilities and care, then something needs urgently to be done. And the volition can only emerge from normal concerned people, not politicos mainly concerned with playing party politics. On a side issue, I was pleased today to learn that at long last, care homes in the UK are going to go under the microscope: and about time, too!
  7. With this itinerary, I would need a long holiday afterwards to recover!
  8. Spot on, Gardian. Psychopaths particularly are often quite charming and believable.
  9. Take away the huge subsidies, Teapot and windpower is not effective, for example.
  10. Gardian: did you look at the statistical analysis I posted earlier in this thread? https://www.statista.com/statistics/303514/child-cruelty-abuse-in-england-and-wales-uk-y-on-y/ Have you followed the appalling information regarding the Northern (UK) Grooming and Rape cases and the recent admissions by both Social Services and the Police Authority on their repeated failures to take any action? Do you remember the dreadful death of pretty dear little girl Victoria Climbié? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Victoria_Climbié Also: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/jun/28/councils-failing-children-at-risk-ofsted-social-care
  11. Not my favourite publication, however, this DM article does provide significant insight, perhaps? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10269281/Emma-Tustins-ex-partner-gives-disturbing-insight-child-killer-convicted-murder.html Poor little lovely poppet: not only raging psychopaths for father and step mother but another raging lunatic for his natural birth mother.
  12. Well, an already rumbustious presidential battle, has becomes even more interesting! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/dec/05/valerie-pecresse-the-bulldozer-who-would-be-frances-first-female-president
  13. Might this have something to do with aberrant behaviour? https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/dec/05/they-see-it-in-corridors-in-bathrooms-on-the-bus-uk-schools-****-crisis
  14. Same here! Mum was the feared pillar of authority and conduct; her favourite admonishment was "letting down the family!" Not a "Rant": I agree totally. In the late 1990s, I was approached by a good friend who was a county councillor and asked to become a Co-Opted County Council secondary school governor. It was then a problem school. There was little or no discipline and if an unusual teacher tried, parents would roll up and threaten to "do" him/her! Perhaps my wake up moment was when a pupil assaulted a member of staff with a baseball bat: and the pupil was a girl! BTW: out of a governing body of 40 it took just two of us and determination to sort it out! It has moved from a place where "Nice" parents refused to send their kids: to a school where parents are now queuing up... A further sobering moment was sitting in a magistrates court for a morning and observing how the young scum treated the whole matter as a big joke! I had been approached with the suggestion of becoming a JP: I passed as it was obviously an utter waste of time. And that's quite a few years ago, now.
  15. Ken; my own experience of social workers is that all too often, they are Lefty Liberal Do-Gooder types who read Sociology at a pretend university and early on decided such moronic conclusions that criminals only become so because they suffered a deprived childhood. The genus social worker, believe in apologism: i.e. "It's not his/her fault because he/she was drunk, under the influence of illegal drugs etc at the time of the offence and so on. Now if they had have read Psychology instead of the mainly nonsense of Lefty Sociology, then perhaps they would recognise any society throws up Sociopaths, Psychopaths and etc. A most interesting book to read is titled Mind Change, written by Baroness Susan Greenfield; who is one of the World's foremost authorities on how the brain works: she is a Neural Scientist not a doctor. Her inescapable conclusions are that constant exposure to mass media, the Internet etc have re-wired the neural pathways and explain how and why younger people suffer increasing incidence of behavioural problems. The dire and growing problems associated with proscribed drugs (Skunk in particular) are clearly yet a further root cause.
  16. Interesting follow up in the Grauniad this morning. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/dec/04/arthur-labinjo-hughes-abuse-cases-being-missed-due-to-funding-cuts P.S I wrote my earlier comment (Immediately above), prior to reading Laming's analysis.
  17. Sociopaths and in all probability druggies too. So sadly, supposed "Social Workers" and Social Services are now (In UK anyway) mostly a waste of space. The furore over the Rotherham et al grooming and rape gangs has clearly demonstrated, at long, long, last, that both the police and social services were frightened to take any meaningful action as they were scared of being labelled "Racists"!
  18. No comment other than what a gorgeous little boy. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/dec/03/arthur-labinjo-hughes-woman-jailed-murder-stepson
  19. Clearly, all is well with society... https://www.statista.com/statistics/303514/child-cruelty-abuse-in-england-and-wales-uk-y-on-y/
  20. By society, ALBF, I intended my comment to be inclusive of a majority of Western societies; not UK exclusive. As we head towards the Christmas season, let us all remember this is a season of goodwill to all men (and of course women). "Society (UK/France or wherever) is indeed broken." Couldn't agree more.
  21. Now, in my defence, I rarely read the Daily Mail, however glimpsed this item this morning https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10264167/London-couple-face-jail-death-eight-week-old-daughter-SIXTY-broken-bones.html How on earth could any parent subject a poor wee little babe to such heinous abuse? Death is far too humane for these scum. I adore small children: had a wonderful time on Sunday at a family event with great nieces and ditto in laws. What I love so much, are the little ones naivety and ingenuous approach to almost everything, before their lovely little minds have been corrupted and even traumatised by events and certain people.
  22. Well, some 20 years back when we first purchased our house, our friend and English agent employed a guy to handle the plumbing. This man worked at the nuclear power station at Dunkirk and at weekends worked sur la noire... "His work is very neat, isn't it?" enthused our English chum. Indeed it was; mainly because he failed to use sufficient solder on the joints which were all "Dry Joints" and failed with boring monotony! So I was going to name the house: "La petite barraque du plus de fuites." Instead, I gradually went back over all the pipes and made all the joints properly. For some time after I often looked towards Dunkirk and awaited a large mushroom cloud...😁
  23. Et alors... Well it was a sad tale, I'm afraid, Woolly. Once upon a time there was a piggery and a lovely little sow met a boar and they underwent a coupe de foudre and decided to get married as soon as they could. Unfortunately, the farmer, a nasty greedy farmer called M. Argent decided the sow and the boar had had their time and they were the two little pigs who went to market. In due course they both sadly finished up as chair à saucisse and the rest is history.
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