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  1. Saw PriscillaWhite, accidently, on the box the other day. She was never an oil painting, but thought that she looked like one of them aliens on old Flash Gordon movies![:-))]

    Couldn't turn off quick enough.[:'(]


  2. Thanks, Pangur, much appreciated: perhaps we could ask the Mods for a "Tongue in Cheek" Smiley![:D]

    Well banned or not, apocraphal or not, I have already eaten five since last weekend![Www]

    And a dozen in the freezer for friends in France who always suffer from HCB Deprivation Syndrome at Easter! hope I don't get stopped by the PC nazis at either Ashford or Coquelle![6]


  3. I believe that these grants are only for those registered and paying tax in France?

    Insulation is difficult (and very expensive!) on places like ours. Either exterior cladding, or interior, which takes away considerable room space, too. No Cavity walls, you see!

    I do find this interesting: I researched slinkies and boreholes for geothermal, but this is apparently only really effective when you use underfloor and I do not wish to ruin the old tiles. Plus far more expense to replace all over the house!

    Taking all into account, the front end capital costs made a very long payback cycle and by the time it actually paid back, it would need replacing! Great for the environment but not the pocket!

    So, I am most interested to know more about this system, in terms of total projected costs, for example.


  4. How interesting, Pangur.

    However, there is much information which does apparently conflict with your stated perspective.

    I did reference my post to the earlier post and was quite tongue on cheek with my comment to the hallowed BBC, if you look back![;-)]






  5. Do they have plastic Ku Klux Klan dolls on eBay? Could be interesting![:-))]

    Fascinating tale, KKK. So you and Twinkle based your forum IDs on toys from long ago. And, why not?

    Does anyone think that in the (near[:)]) future, there will be plastic Tony Blair dolls, sold with LOOOOOOOOOOONG pins?[6]

    Off topic, I'm afraid, Mods. Apologies.[:$][:$]


  6. Thank you KKK.

    Thinks:[I] Hm.............KKK, that's the same as Ku Klux Klan, no not the funny Chinese geezer in pantos, the other geezers who run around wearing strange white robes with pointy white hoods.

    Any association, Katie, or was it merely a sort of Freudian slip?[;-)]


  7. Aha! So it is in fact a heatpump, then. I would be very interested to learn what the payback cycle is.

    Presume in new builds, the insulation factors would be far higher than retro-fitted and walls can be a problem with older traditional French properties: certainly is with mine!


  8. Anyone also hear the story (also on the BBC ergo, same logic must be true) that some schools have banned Hot cross Buns this Easter as they may offend non-Christian children?

    The mind literally boggles![+o(]

  9. I've travelled a bit, over the years (far too many years![:(]) and it is my observation that without exception, every race demonstrates some level of xenophobia. Additionally, most normal people poke fun at other ethnic groups. 'Tis the way of the world.

    Most of us suffer from some level of pre-conception about many different things: called by behavioural pyschologists "Environmental Conditioning". We subconsciously adopt the views, biases, preferences and prejudices of our control (or supervisory) group. Mums, Dads, Grannies Uncles etc.

    Hopefully, when we mature, we develop our own series of reactions and choices: hopefully.[;-)]

    Racial stereotypes are pretty well set in peoples' minds: particularly where they have not travelled much and not experienced any level of social integration with other ethnic groups.

    These realities were perhaps really brought home to me, wqhen I spent some time working in Silicon Valley, California, based in San Jose. In the evenings, gathering in the local bar for a refreshing gargle, it was quite arcane to hear the way the guys greeted each other. They would all be rude to each other's face and use what might appear to the sensitive, dire insults , like, "Here comes that crazy Dutchman!"

    Underneath their obvious pride in the ethnicity, they were staunchly patriotic: of America.

    I have long loved racial humour where people poke fun at themselves: and their race. Shows true maturity and balance to me.

    To try and legislate for any form of equality is farsical and doomed to failure, IMHO. Nuff said.[:)]


  10. Couldn't agree more Tresco!

    In fact, we need far more to make society right.

    In future, "Hysterectomy" shall be called "Herterectomy" since the former is sexist and biased to persons of the male gender, whereas the proceedure. is normally exclusive to those of a female gender. However, in order to generate true equality, "Hysterectomies" will be available to those of male gender, on demand, by NHS consultants.

    In future, "Hernia" (on men) shall be called "Hisnia": same grounds as above.

    Manhole Covers will be called "Access hatches and/or covers of non-specific gender. Same grounds as above.

    The words "His: Her; She; He" will be replaced by "It"; same grounds as above.

    Manners and courtesy will be illegal: grounds that they are patronising, demeaning and encourage elitism.

    Opening doors; giving up seats etc, for persons of female or other non-male gender will be banned, since these acts foster and perpetuate the myth that one gender is subordinate to the other.

    The word "Bald" will be replaced at all times by the term "Follicaly Challenged": likewise, the words "Obese"; "Fat", "Overweight","Plump", "Chubby", "Buxom", will be totally banned and excised from standard written and spoken English. The phrase "Above median average mass for that height and age" shall be used instead.

    The expression, "The White Cliffs of Dover", shall be replaced by the expression, "Vertical natural wall of non-specific ethnic and/or racial origin." This amendment prevents racial abuse and avoids polarisation of the name "Cliff" to any particular racial and/or ethnic origin. Thus, in future, those born in China and/or a Chinese colony or dependency, can call their children "Criff" with no concerns about future abuse problems.

    The product know as "Black Pudding", shall be referred to as "Sausage type product of non-specific racial and/or ethnic origin."


  11. Malone? Wasn't that de same as had the cousin Paddy de Pig, him dat rode about on the ol' rusty Vespa an' his owl raincoat tied up wid a bit o' dat hairy string round his gut un him being de millionaire from de pigs?

    You know who I'm meanin'! Him dat rode around Dublin like a tinker and had all de farms?

    'Twas never de same after him got away! God rest his soul.


  12. This line of the surreal, reminds me of a sort of humorous (depends on your perspective! Mine, I guess might be best be described as a cross between Milliganesque and Learist) genre I developed, a few years ago, which was a type of parody on Irish people and self-ridiculing satire.

    (nota bene: I spent considerable time in Ireland, quite a few years ago, and fell in love with the Emerald Isle and its people and their matchless ability to poke fun at themselves and their culture).

    To whit:

    Vi.o'Lyn (Musician):  Silv o'Krin (Hairdresser): Vas o'Line ( Grease Merchant).

    They become even worse! I shall stop now![:$] (Thank goodness, I hear you cry).[:P]


  13. [quote user="KatieKopyKat"][quote user="Tresco"]

    LOL, While the dogs away.....[:D]

    What's the oppostite of Harem? 

    PS Come back Dick, place names starting without Capital Letters Alert [:'(]


    If its a joke, I give up what IS the opposite to a harem.  Also a few weeks ago you asked me if I knew Frank O Fyle and I did not answer.  I dont; why do you ask?


    Frank O'File and his cousin, Frank O'Fobe were well known Irish writers: surprised you didn't know them.[;-)]

    O'File's Nobel winning tome, "Oppostite from a Moorish Harem" is really a play on words and on his personal convictions concerning apostate statements. Being Irish, you understand.

    Either that, or he was drunk on a surfeit of good Irish whisky at the time. Either is probable.

    Neither is possibly right: or even left.[*-)][*-)]

  14. [quote user="Tresco"]

    Urm........................does pointing out that La Manche is in Basse-Normandie: and that Biarritz is on the edge of the Basque coast in South West France qualify as "Nit Picking"?

    Only when someone else has already pointed it out [:D] 

    She's just trying to get attention  Oh Gluey One.[:)]


    Oops![:$] Sorry, Tresco: I shall straightway refrain from picking my nits![:D]

  15. [quote user="KatieKopyKat"]I hope he gets stuck in the mother of all traffic jams like from calais to biarritz then we can all have six months off from his tedious nit picking.[/quote]

    Urm........................does pointing out that La Manche is in Basse-Normandie: and that Biarritz is on the edge of the Basque coast in South West France qualify as "Nit Picking"?[*-)]


  16. Well Absafc, at least the Flash movie works: which is more we can say about most of EDS's Public Service systems![;-)]


  17. EDS is Electronic Data Services, the software and data processing outfit started originally by Ross Perot, the billionaire Texan who ran for President some time ago.

    Then sold out to General Motors: then sold to its managers. They have been involved (with others, such as Arthur Anderson Consulting, now Accenture) in a number of disastrous UK government IT systems.


  18. Quillan:

    Capita plc were the government outsourcing outfit, headed by Rod Aldridge, who recently stepped down, as he was implicated in the Loans for Honours scandal: http://www.capita.co.uk/

    They rolled out (or attempted to!) the London Congestion Charging system: apparently, Mr Livingstone was less than impressed![:D]


  19. [quote user="Chezstevens"]As a member of HM Forces I have carried an ID card for some 29 years, it is part of me like, for some, their mobile or house keys - when I retire to our house in France it will have been 37 years.  There is a lot of useful debate about ID cards and their implementation.  Personally I consider that the only folk that should be concerned are those that are illegal immigrants, working illegally or trying to dodge the system in some way - the sooner that these practices are stopped the sooner our tax can be usefully employed.  When I see that another muslim cleric is claiming for multiple wives and up to 15 children on our system, then denigrating that system, my blood boils.  Being a bleeding heart liberal has its place but let us not forget that those that take advantage of the system are not cut from the same cloth.  Naturally I will now batten down the hatches for the inevitable diatribe.[/quote]


    Can you please expand, in your own perspective, just how you believe that compulsory ID cards al la Teflon Tony model, will cut out the abuses and etc you list?

    Have those much heralded Wonderkind, ASBOs really made much impact on bad behaviour?

    Why not, for once, apply the raft of laws already in place?

    Surely, the present Charles "Sticky Out Ears" Clark/Lothario Blunkett concept is, as before, just another political Knee Jerk "Solution", which fails to address the root problems?

    I was always taught, that when problem solving, the first step is to gather all the data about the problem and understand it! Not just pay lipservice to it!

    One cannot promote a solution until and unless one understands the problem: totally.

    Factor in the clear reality that those creating these "Solutions" also fail to comprehend the problems associated with large, interactive data processing and record storage systems and what you actually have, is yet another potential multi-billion pound fiasco. Might be nice for such as EDS or Capita, but not much use for us on the receiving (and paying!) end!

    I think that most people agree, that it is only those with something to hide, who could object strongly to carrying some form of instant ID: if we lived in a fair, balanced and well governed society, where checks and balances were both in place and effective. We don't: they're not!


  20. Not quite sure what this is.

    Obviously, the Heat Exchanger has to draw its primary heat from somewhere. Presumably in this case an oil fired source?

    Hot Air CH was of course, widely used in the 60s/70s by new house builders, because it was a very cheap way to provide "Central Heating": but not really very effective.

    Forced air heating, to be much good, does really need quite a bit of ducting: great consideration has to be given to the Thermo-Cycle effect: i.e. warm air rises (it's lighter) and then falls to the ground.

    If you give this a bit of thought, for a minute and then think when you have used a step ladder to work above your head, you find the air at the ceiling is unbearable!

    I have used forced draft warm air in a couple of commercial premises and have gone into the loft, mid-morning and almost suffocated![:(]

    Thus hot air systems do tend to have quite uneven "Hot Spots" and conversely "Cold Spots", unless you have floor ducting and ceiling ducting which tends to be far more expensive than using water radiators as the heat carrying medium.

    Additionally, forced air systems tend to shove dust around and are no good for people with any respiratory illness. Better (when correctly designed/fitted) on a new build rather than a retro-fit.

    On a new build, some form of heatpumped geothermal is excellent: with underfloor heating. Chum of mine has used this on a barn conversion in Wales and is so far delighted: I await the figures for electricity consumption for the Winter with keen interest!


  21. This is how  it seems to me. bearing in mind, that I did consult my French lawyer friend, who just happens to be deeply involved in international Human Rights issues.

    I don't have to mandatorily possess a French ID card when I finally move to France, full time.

    I do have to be able to prove my identity. I can apply for a French ID card and not have to pay for it.

    Since I must be able to prove my identity in France and the ID card carries a photograph, I think this is a good idea.

    France is awash with form fillers and love forms! Indeed, the French state runs on paperwork: and has done for many years. Thus it should, in theory, be far easier to assure my actual identity during the ID application process.

    In the UK, I will be compelled by law to register, own and carry an ID card.

    I will have to pay for this "Privilege"!

    With their record to date (irrespective of party in power) Government have an awful reputation of managing anything to do with computerised anything: particularly records! e.g. NATS; Social Security Cards; Home Office; Passports; Inland Revenue; NHS; CSA; keep on going!

    Despite the claims for biometric integrity, with current levels of identity theft and the chaotic state of Government's databases, it will be quite simple for a person with a false identity, to apply and have their biometric data included with their false ID.

    Government crow that the ID card will make Britain safer: this is arrant nonsense!

    Current Government records are in a total mess!

    DNA samples are retained from a wide range of persons, not later charged with any offence.

    Britain is rapidly becoming awash with CCTV systems, capable of reading (e.g.) car index numbers.

    Plans for motorway tolling, GSM 'phones and finally RFID (Chipping products instead of barcodes), will trace and track people going about their lawful business.

    UK compulsory ID cards are yet a further erosion of Civil Liberties.

    When someone's identity is stolen or their car index cloned, it is extremely difficult (and costly) to disprove alleged actions; as recent cses highlighted have shown.

    I conclude that far more safeguards must be in place firstly, against Government abuses in the UK and the integrity of core data used to create and maintain any database populated with ID card details, must firstly be assured.

    Just my twopennorth.


  22. The normal way to lay paving is to use Dry Mix (about 4 to 1). They only use wet mix for any edging bricks etc.

    The problem of wet mix is that unless you can lay paving like a rocket, you cannot set the whole thing before the mix has started setting.

    If you mix bits at the time, then the places where the new bits join can crack. It is also quite difficult to make the whole slab level. When it's off it's too late to change it! Paviours normally lay he whole thing out and then use a big wooden mallet on a pole, to tamp the slabs down to level.

    The muck goes off over time as it becomes damp. Some paviours will only use a Lime:Sand mix: I have successfully used sand:cement a number of times. If you already have it, use it!

    Others might have completely different advice, I'm sure. End of the day, it's what works for you I suppose.


  23. Dear Sharon Martian.

    Here on what is left of planet Earth, we employ a wondrous communications tool for learning: it is called the World Wide Web. There is much to beware of, however.

    You will many people telling you that Earthlings can grow important bits of their anatomy by amazing amounts by eating pills. Do not try this! Your scales will probably fall off!

    The web, as we call it, is a good place for knowledge about earth and earthlings.

    To learn more about the infants of your New Species neighbours in Dor-Dog-Ner, move the small pointy thing on the viewing screen to here and click: http://www.chavtowns.co.uk/ [6]

    You will learn much!

    Until next time,


  24. To my utmost chagrin, Tresco, at the moment Essex. It used to be sort of country, but they built loads of houses all around! Originally, Hertfordshire, again in the country, but they built lots of houses round! And, of course, part time in the Nord Pas de Calais, near Azincourt, where they have not built lots of houses all around!

    So, being very begrudingly based in the hinterland of the Esturine language (near Southend, or as the locals call it Sarfeend), I have the opportunity of observing at close hand the genus Essex Gel and others; the additional opportunity to learn what passes as their language and their dress customs and preferences.

    I do agree: perhaps it ought to be "Dor-Dog-Ner": I do become a mite confused, at times.

    Near "Home" in France, the nearest larger town is Hesdin: originally a Spanish  town, pronounced by the locals "Ay Dan". We do sadly have some of the New Species around Hesdin, which they call Hess-Din, as in "Dinner". I suppose one ought to be thankful that they can at least pronounce the "H"! Which does tend to be conspicuously absent elsewhere.......................... And I suppose, grateful that they seem to be intimidated by the rolling country and cling to towns like limpets. Beats me what they want those Four Bee Fours, er, for, though.


  25. Welcome to what is left of planet Earth, Sharon Martian.

    If you are going to live in this place in France among the transplanted species known as "Brits", it is important to learn some of the imported local customs and language.

    Firstly pronounciation: the place "Dordogne" must be spoken as "Doo-Dog-Ner" or the Brit new species will not understand you.

    Secondly, it is very important to make sure which type of Brit species you are speaking to. There are some of the original settlers left, but most of these have now moved on, as the newer species have driven them away.

    The new species can be recognised using the following rough guide.

    They have a massive military vehicle which they drive around the "Doo-Dog-Ner" in. They call this a "Four Bee Four".

    Their dwelling place has a round metal dish on the wall, probably like the inter-planet communicator you used to call home, from your spaceship. This is however know as a "Sky Dish". When it goes wrong, the newer species say "Me Sky Dish is buggered up and I can't watch Corry tonite!". This statement may well include a number of extra words, but you must never copy these and use them in front of original settlers as it will offend them. It is quite acceptable to use them when communicating (or trying to: new species have a very short attention span) with new species and is an excellent aid to conversation.

    The new species will normally wear what are called " Me Trainers" on their feet (these are the body appendages used by most normal human beings to walk about: but mainly used by the New Species to walk from their dwelling to their Four Bee Four.). "Me Trainers" are white, pink and sometimes blue plastic and rubber artifacts with large words written on them and are not to be confused with "Shoes" which is what original species would wear. This is an excellent recognition aid.

    The female of the species will invariably wear large versions of the dress that infant humans wear, but so tight that their undergarments show. This dress is called "Jogger Bottoms" and usually have large words printed on them in bright colours. Also, they will wear what are called "Tee Shirts": these have nothing to do with a quaint beverage which you will learn about. These "Tee Shirts" when worn by the females, tend to allow their undergarments to hang out at the sides and their navel (a small orifice in their stomach at the front, often carrying three or more gold rings) to show. This does not mean they cannot afford to buy new clothes as they grow, it merely shows they have no taste.

    New species call their infants strange names. Good examples are Sebastien for boy infants and Chantelle for girl infants.

    Conversation: this is a very useful method of identification. Mainly it concerns a feverish religion called  "Football". Do not be misled! They might seem to know much about this religion, but in fact know very little. They will chant prayers and mantras such as "Man U!", " Chelsee!", ArseNail!" and other expressions. Do not be mislead! Do not engage in converse! If you disagree they will often engage in a process called "Knutting"! This is not a social greeting like rubbing noses or a religious ceremony, it is merely indicative of their brain organ having become addled or partially destroyed by overdosing on  a poor diet which they call Mickee Dees, KFCs, Chinkeys, Injuns among others and can even be an indication of developing CJD, which makes the New Species foam at the mouth and behave like a demented cow. Beware!

    More follows, but enjoy your stay in "Doo-Dog-Ner"




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