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  1. Are you talking about those harmless little Indians, Minty? [8-)] Seems a bit harsh! [:D] Your webref takes one to the home page of he Daily Wail?
  2. [quote user="Pommier"]Trading under WTO rules may not be plain sailing http://www.ictsd.org/opinion/nothing-simple-about-uk-regaining-wto-status-post-brexit[/quote] So, Britain only deals exclusively with, say, the USA and Asia on a negotiated reciprocal basis. No more Audi/VW, Merc, BMW, Renault, etc. The day the Chinese et al actually abide by WTO and other treaties, rather than stealing US and UK IPR and dumping steel etc on the global markets, then that's probably the day Satan and all the fallen angels spend a nice brisk morning, ice skating and snowball fighting in Hell. Core problem, today, is WTO, UN, ECHR, etc are past their sell by dates and now as useful and relevant as Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations. Face it: when and where big ticket deals are on the table, no one adheres to international rules, treaties, sanctions, whatever. Good example: Google Marc Rich. An oil and commodities dealer who abused the opportunity presented by trading Iraqi crude oil spots, for "Humanitarian Aid": i.e. drugs, medical supplies, baby foods etc. Wanted by all US authorities for many years. Lived happily in Switzerland, with his hundreds of millions of US dollars safely tucked away in, err, Swiss banks.
  3. Same with delicate herbs, Minty. Try this. Wash and chop fine and freeze in water as ice cubes. Weird but really useful. When you want some, say fresh coriander for (e.g.) sprinkling on a curry, simply thaw the cubes; strain through a fine sieve and away you go. Mainly since one buys a bunch of fresh coriander and only uses a little; and chucks the rest. We also save Swiss Chard stalks in the freezer; changes from red to dark black! [:-))] but when roasted, as we do, in a collage of veggies, yummy still!
  4. [quote user="lindal1000"]Well either way Chessie, whether you like it or not, the generation that you seem to despise so will be the ones running the country some day, deciding on your pension and wiping your backside when you are no longer capable of doing it yourself.[/quote] Doubtful, Lindal. Since these mind-warped luvvies, when faced with the real World will have the greatest difficulty in earning a proper living, I fear. Admirable Crichton, comes to mind. See here: And, H G Wells' prescient story, The Time Machine: the present time in the Western World seems to parody the Eloi: the narcissists who danced and sang and had a wonderful happy life: until the siren sounded... Historically, when any society loses itself in myopic self-indulgence, hedonism, et al, complacency rather takes over. And that society fails to realise the seeds of self-destruction have been laid in themselves and by themselves. Grecian: Roman; Mayan; Babylonian; keep on going. Interesting thoughts, here: Mankind or for those PC persons amongst us, humankind, suffer a dysfunctional arrogance which believes the status quo ante will automatically enjoy a continuum. It is what is termed, a Cognitive Disconnect, or Dissonance.
  5. [quote user="mint"] Now that we are on this mind-boggling subject, can you tell me how much of the green bits you retain to eat?  I discard most of the green bits, only using the very delicate pale green bits near the stem.  My neighbour happened to be in my house once when I was doing this and she tut-tutted loudly and gathered up all the discarded bits to take home with her!  I didn't know where to look as I felt thoroughly shamed.[/quote] In our case, as much as possible! Only cut off and discard the outer bits and the very top bits where the leek is spreading. [quote]Same goes for the thick stalks of cauliflowers and of broccoli.  I have done as some TV cooks suggested, that you peel them and use all of the stalk.  But I simply do not like the stalks so I continue to lop off all the large stalks and just eat the florets with only small bits of tender stalks.  In France, they do sell you such vegetables having trimmed them minimally and most of the stalks and soil are still on the veg; but I like that because I think this helps to prolong the veg's life. [/quote] Broccoli and Calabrese: we also adore the florets: and never ever overcook or stew green veggies like our granny and old Mum did! Stewed in Bicarb and my Gran also drank the "Green Water". Said it was good for you... Probably, screwed up one's Sodium levels, a tad! She did live to nearly 90, though. Try this, Minty: cut off the florets right at the stalk: steam the florets until al dente: cook the trimmed stalks in boiling water (rolling boil) until they are soft (prod with a skewer). Young, fresh and well boiled then they are rather like poor man's asparagus Plus all the calcium lives therein...... [:D]
  6. [quote user="Pierre ZFP"]Sounds very good.  The only thing I would add is some chilli but that's just me [:P] [/quote] Of course, Pierre; so do I! Senior moment or perhaps the mound of client stuff on my desk this morning....again! Sigh. [:(]
  7. [quote user="EuroTrash"]Ban, yes but what is a ban. I don't think the Oxford dictionary is empowered to ban anything... Most people have enough common sense to decide for themselves what they'll say and do when nobody's looking, regardless if it's banned or not.[/quote] No, ET: It is the institution, itself, not the dictionary. Plus, but of course, the Student's Union. Who are all insane anyway, it seems...[Www] See Here:
  8. Glad your soup was nice, Minty. I became so exercised about these damned leeks, I contacted the National Leek Grower's Association, or somesuch...didn't receive the courtesy of a reply. Angela nailed the cause, earlier in this thread. And I researched it. Varieties grown for resistance to pests fungal attacks etc. Greater crop weight; and little if any flavour. Simple old cove me; as Michel Roux is wont to say, "Where's the flavour?" Still, today, later on, I am making Chinese style Chicken and Sweetcorn soup. Mrs Gluey boiled up a chicken carcass; loads of nice little bits of white meat. Onions, sautéed till transparent; root ginger, garlic, a decent chicken stock cube, strain the liquor, to partially clarify; in with the little bits of chicken and sweetcorn, add a very few egg noodles and scatter some bits of green scallion sliced thin and Bob's your oncle! [:D] [B]
  9. Not quite, Judith. Feminism was one of the drivers; now it is "Binary society dictating to no-binary people!" i.e. Transgenders etc. In the past few days, Oxford University has banned the use of Mr and Mrs etc. Local Government offices up and down Britain, years back banned Christmas: called "Winterleave" instead. Nativity plays have been banned all over Europe, recently. US companies in Britain banned Christmas cards, Christmas greetings and insisted on using anodyne descriptors such as Winter Holidays. PC is all about anyone who might take offence: clearly, these poor weak minded little cabbages will take offence at any damned thing! The sprawling benign and holistic influence of the EU empowered bureaucrats, sadly.
  10. [quote user="richard51"]Gluestick wrote: "As a qualified accountant, then the man you cite cannot be an accountant; since items of value, assets, receivables, debts etc must clearly be taken into account or the end result is a false statement." Just one topical professional person Gluestick though I think there are loads more - "Christine".[/quote] Ah dear tangerine face. However, the lady is a lawyer; and they can rarely actually count. Well, all apart from their outlandish fee bills, that is! Which are completed by costs draughtsmen/women, in any case. Providing forensic evidence, I have invariably had to show 'em how to actually read an Excel spreadsheet..
  11. [quote user="woolybanana"]Nauty (sic) Glueystuck, pulling everyone's legs. And it is Xmas too!![/quote] Aha! You guessed, Santa! Keeps me alive, Wooly: same as winding up all the fervent foaming at the mouth myopic muppets on the Grauniad! [:D] (P.S. Amazed they haven't banned me; yet....... [Www]
  12. [quote]Gary Linekar was in the chair and he made a very mild brexit joke,[/quote] Crass IMHO. It would be fine, then, for me to say something along the lines of: "Good about Allepo being carpet bombed! That's another 100,000 bloody Islamists wiped off the face of the planet!" Imagine the storms of outrage from the Liberal-Left luvvies, Indi and Grauniad readers et al. ???
  13. Well our experience with UK mattresses boasting ten year lives etc, is simply they don't! Last one we recently sent to the mattress recycling centre in the sky, was pretty damned expensive and a leading brand: not impressed... Just recently sported out on a very expensive new version, as both Mrs Gluey and I suffer minor back problems and increasing age-related stiffness. Takes about two weeks minimum to become used to it: Memory Foam thick topper built in; thus our beloved electric blanket for Winter is now history (Ruins the Memory Foam).[:(] Point of fact the topper warms up very quickly and it is the body heat which shapes it. Makes turning it round 180 degrees each week (must be done according to the maker's detailed instructions) a bit of a fag 'cos it damned heavy!
  14. Worth perhaps remembering The Exchange Control Act of 1947/48 was repealed by Thatcher's government in October 1979. Hansard: I particularly enjoyed this comment from Lord Bruce: "We are most grateful for the additional indication of the Government's fidelity to a Community spirit, especially at a time when some countries, particularly France, seem bent on avoiding every regulation that is put forward within the EEC." Spain and many others of course, didn't remove exchange control for quite some time after 1979. Interesting analysis of exchange controls, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany et al. Here:
  15. Interesting, to me, that visas for travel between France and Britain were abolished in, err, 1946... See Here:
  16. Wooly: EU law being paramount to member state's law is indeed a product of the EU. Probably, the PC fever is as well? Any nation state which loses the primary ability to actually holistically govern itself, tends to destroy its culture and heritage. And finishes up with a bland, homogeneous, spineless, anodyne sort of androgen. Perhaps worse, the growth of self-important fonctionaire, has most definitely been a resultant of Britain's EU membership: to whit, the interfering local authority morons, from such as Weights and Measures (as they used to be called). Strange how the UK bureaucrats demand implementation of a wide range of EU diktats, well before the French, Spanish, et al even think about them......
  17. Snagging Soviet subs in their nets? [:D]
  18. I'll have you know, Wooly, I was one of the critical professionals making input to Theresa X, when it was originally being conceived! A close friend at the time, a financial honcho in Edinburgh, volunteered me.
  19. Opposite of "Incontinent Liabilities": i.e. dodgy false statement made to deliberately mislead people and accountant suffering from, err, loose bowels whilst they await that knock on the door by the Serous Fraud Office! [:D] Thanks for heads up, Wooly: typo. G missing.
  20. [quote user="richard51"]Wooly - you miss my point. Rigorous methods are obviously a necessity to be taught, but not by pedantic (see definition) teachers. I'm sure you know of the accountant who tries to account for every penny, yet misses out a material factor worth perhaps millions.[/quote] As a qualified accountant, then the man you cite cannot be an accountant; since items of value, assets, receivables, debts etc must clearly be taken into account or the end result is a  false statement. BTW: Contingent Liabilities are part and parcel of any full responsibility and/or going concern statement, be it balance sheet, management account, analysis, whatever. Furthermore. the new accounting and auditing rules make abundantly clear, implied responsibility and liability.
  21. And if one re-writes this: "Leavers are angry, for their lies will return to haunt them"; to this: "Remainers are angry, for their lies will return to haunt them"; and then consider my earlier post concerning the Labour guy who carefully edited official documents...... Rather reminds me of the "Sexed Up" document reference WM, huh?
  22. [quote]the question is how long can an unsustainable economy based on percieved wealth last?[/quote] Only until the government concerned can no longer roll-over the existing debt and incur yet more in order to feed its profligate spending culture. The Western world is set to shortly experience a massive wake-up call, where Asian, Gulf States, South American and Russian lenders shout "Enough!" Basing GDP (Gross Domestic Product") on a mix of excessive, conspicuous consumption, synthetic residential property values, money printing (Or the electronic equivalent), the gross incomes of civil servants (Included in GDP) and the rest of the inconsequential frippery, will soon be engulfed by real new wealth, created by actually making things and extracting value from natural resources, for as long as they last.
  23. Quite amazing gall and contempt! Here:
  24. The Destruction of Britain's Fishing Industry: Here: Here: Here: Here: Here: Need I go on?
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