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    Hi  just had a look at your list and pictures of snakes although did not find the one that we found threes days ago in our pile of building sand it was about 10/12cm was black with yellow patterns on it's back it had also layed eggs in the sand have to say that we killed it the eggs.    do you have any idea if it was dangerous and what   type it was we live in dept  23.   Pauline 
  2. I have four long haired jack russells I find that as soon as it gets warm then i shave them great for seeing   ticks   and they soon grow back their coats ready for winter. I use frontline and find thatit works fine. I try as much as possible to them out of the long grass. Pauline
  3. Hi all Are there any ladies out there who would like to play football region 23 La Cellette I play for my local ladies team and we are getting short on players. you don't have to be the next female rooney just reasonably fit we play saturday afternoons 7 a side on half the normal pitch. I am the only english player so it's great for learning french. Interested? Pauline
  4. Hi all Could anyone help us we have obtained required planning permission and will be starting to build our own house on our own land next to our exsisting house.  I read somewhere that if we sell it we would have taxes to pay! does anyone know what these would be? As we will eventually be moving into the house when finished would the same taxes apply? Any info much appreciated   P & J
  5. Hi As long as you have a carte bancaire then i think it possible. Pauline  
  6. Have you tried topping up on their web site it's easy if you have a french account of some sort they even give you a limit to how much you want to top up. www.nrjmobile.fr Pauline 
  7. I live in 23 and so far all our birds are still supposed to be inside but, there was a bit in the local paper that said they maybe let out 30 April.  I will wait until the marie says it's okay. Pauline  
  8. Does any know of a supplier in the 23,36, or 87 region who can supply roof trusses made to order?? Pauline 
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