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  1. We use a vet in Chabanais, we are happy with them and the senior vet speaks English.
  2. I want to watch ITV and BBC on my computer and have been reading this thread. I have just looked on 'tvanywhere'  and it says presubscribe now. I thought it was free, can anyone help? Thank you.
  3. My Nationwide credit card expired at the end of November, I emailed them about 10 days before and received a message that someone would contact me, it didn't happen. I telephoned them last week and they said they would send new cards, still nothing. Anyone had a similar experience?
  4. I am curious. There are lots of older cars on the roads with new plates, in fact there seems to be more cars with new plates than old.
  5. Thanks, I did not word it very well but I think you have answered my question. I wanted to know if you could just choose to change the plates without a change of ownership or address. Thank you.
  6. Is it possible to change to the new number plates on an existing vehicle? I am asking as I have seen lots of old cars with new number plates. Thank you.
  7. Thank you for the replies. Maybe I am over reacting but the car is 15,000€ and I am frightened of parting with the money in case there is a problem and I have no come back.
  8. We have seen a car advertised privately and are a little aprehensive as we have never bought a car from a private seller before. In England you can do an HPI check and have the AA look it over, is there an equivalent in France? I would be grateful for any advice. Many thanks.
  9. Yes, but what happened to The French Forum?
  10. What happened to the French Forum? I stopped looking on there, I thought it was a bit clicky when you couldn't access some of the topics.
  11. I think I have read somewhere that there is something you can buy to test the amount of electricity your appliances use, anyone know the name of it?
  12. I have tried to take rose cuttings from both old and new wood and failed miserably. I would also be very grateful for any tips.
  13. Hi We have used this service for the past few years, I can't comment about cancelling after two weeks as we leave ours on for three months. Usually when we cancel we have done it on the internet or by ringing the English helpline, the last time we cancelled we were told we had to send a recorded delivery letter so it look like things have changed for the worse, as usual.
  14. I would like to use stone for my pool patio, can anyone recommend a supplier in the Charente? I would also be interested in feedback from anyone who has used stone. Thank you.
  15. I have just bought an Epson Perfection V500 Photo scanner this week to put some very old photos onto my computer, it also does negatives and slides. I am very happy with the results so would not hesitate to recommend it.
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