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  1. Bit far! sorry am right down near Bordeaux. But you have some great fishing where you are situated.
  2. Hi- anyone know the rules and the regs. re. putting an inflatable in the sea in the SW?? You may want to join me!
  3. Well Speedferries has now officially gone as of this morning. As a regular user and flexi ticket owner I have used my Christmas ticket with LD - got 75%  (Dieppe) off so was half the price of the original speedferries ticket (with dog on board car). Just sent the e-ticket to them as confirmation with details of the sailings that I preferred and they rang me back immediatly! Can confirm that LD are to operate out of Boulogne in July 09. Hope that this will help someone else in same situation - but book quick cause thay have a ship in dock at moment so the web sailing times are not right! Good luck. Now the process of trying to get money back from mastercard starts!
  4. Does anyone know whether the cheap period for electricity changed with the clocks like it does in the UK. I know that it did run from 10.30pm - 6.30am before the clocks changed. Many thanks.
  5. Beware the 2 years life of your super saver tickets. I too had difficulty using my 10 saver pack at the beginning of this year - but had to ring up to have it updated to 2007. Since then - no problems. I always use the 7am crossing. Hope this helps.
  6. Can anyone please recommend a B&B near to the Port of Boulogne? Thanks.
  7. What is happening here - are we turning French? We now have Creme Fraiche, Green Pepper Corns and decent Black Olives! All to be found in Tesco. So, no longer do I have to bring the freezer box home with the Creme Fraiche and combined with the absence of the Corns and Olives in the car means more VWS (valuable wine space). The Pepper Corns are even cheaper than in France! Hope this is useful as I know that many budding chefs are searching for these in GB.
  8. I am pleased to have started such an interesting topic! My thanks for the help.
  9. We have been reading the articles on this fascinating subject but need to know where we buy the eparcyl from in France. We have not found any thus far. Also, how do we clean the loo, shower and sinks without the conventional cleaners? We would hate to upset our friendly bacteria! Thanks.
  10. We want to buy a couple of double beds in our local furniture shop in France as soon as we get there - then we read the article on ikea. Does anyone know the size of double beds as we were going to buy the sheets and quilts etc from here in the UK and take them down with us? Thanks
  11. If you want information on this proceedure - then I may be able to help. Savings to be made but sleepless nights assured![:$]
  12. My thanks for the replies - all very helpful. Can anyone suggest how we might keep the immersion for cheap rate electricity but also have a gas back up? We imagine that a house full of friends in the summer will all want showers in the evenings! Thanks.
  13. We have just purchased a house which has a large immersion heater for the hot water supply. Can anyone explain the French system for cheap rate electricity as we have been told it is similar to the UK. Thanks.
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