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  1. Weedon! I would sing it for you but then,  that would mean....

    Here are the lyrics

    Le Temps Qui Reste

    Combien de temps...
    Combien de temps encore
    Des années, des jours, des heures combien?
    Quand j'y pense mon coeur bat si fort...
    Mon pays c'est la vie.
    Combien de temps encore...

    Je l'aime tant, le temps qui reste...
    Je veux rire, courir, pleurer, parler,
    Et voir, et croire
    Et boire, danser,
    Crier, manger, nager, bondir, désobéir
    J'ai pas fini, j'ai pas fini
    Voler, chanter, parti, repartir
    Souffrir, aimer
    Je l'aime tant le temps qui reste

    Je ne sais plus où je suis né, ni quand
    Je sais qu'il n'y a pas longtemps...
    Et que mon pays c'est la vie
    Je sais aussi que mon père disait:
    Le temps c'est comme ton pain...
    Gardes en pour demain...

    J'ai encore du pain,
    Encore du temps, mais combien?
    Je veux jouer encore...
    Je veux rire des montagnes de rires,
    Je veux pleurer des torrents de larmes,
    Je veux boire des bateaux entiers de vin
    De Bordeaux et d'Italie
    Et danser, crier, voler, nager dans tous les océans
    J'ai pas fini, j'ai pas fini
    Je veux chanter
    Je veux parler jusqu'à la fin de ma voix...
    Je l'aime tant le temps qui reste...

    Combien de temps...
    Combien de temps encore?
    Des années, des jours, des heures, combien?
    Je veux des histoires, des voyages...
    J'ai tant de gens à voir, tant d'images.
    Des enfants, des femmes, des grands hommes,
    Des petits hommes, des marrants, des tristes,
    Des très intelligents et des cons,
    C'est drôle, les cons, ça repose,
    C'est comme le feuillage au milieu des roses...

    Combien de temps...
    Combien de temps encore?
    Des années, des jours, des heures, combien?
    Je m'en fous mon amour...
    Quand l'orchestre s'arrêtera, je danserai encore...
    Quand les avions ne voleront plus, je volerai tout seul...
    Quand le temps s'arrêtera...
    Je t'aimerai encore
    Je ne sais pas où, je ne sais pas comment...
    Mais je t'aimerai encore...

  2. [quote user="Weedon"]

    As I am probably a lot nearer the age of falling off my perch than a fair number of you, I have given a bit of thought to what music I would like played as my (hopefully) very expensive coffin goes gliding away through the curtains. And this is it. Wish I could be there to see the reaction.


    Lovely choice of song!

    I can't stop changing mine! "Ding Dong The Witch is Dead" used to be one of them!

    Another one I love for those of you who speak French is this one by Serge Rianni 'Le Temps Qui Reste'

    NormanH will know it if he hasn't foutu le camp de ce fil!


  3. [quote user="NormanH"][quote user="TWINKLE"]

    [quote user="NormanH"]Ok.
    Another good reason for me to stop posting again.
    I try to give sensible and known information for people who live in France (The Forum is called 'Living France' ) and I am completely ignored by people who assume they will die in England.
    Why are they posting here?

    Are we having a tantrum NormanH?

    I think this thread is a bit of a joke, whereas I was trying to give practical ( and largely unknown apparently ) information for people seriously living in France for the rest of their lives.
    Sorry to have intruded.


    Well it wasn't intended as a joke NormanH.  I'm extemely hurt by that remark.

  4. [quote user="Catalpa"][quote user="NormanH"](The Forum is called 'Living France' ) [/quote]
    A 'Dead in France' forum would be a bit quiet.

    [quote user="NormanH"]Why are they posting here?[/quote]
    Because they can. [:P]

    There are crematoriums (crematoria?) in France. I believe there's a very nice new and shiny crematorium in Caen (or there's due to be) for eg. Where's the difficulty in arranging it?


    Dead in France!

    Love it!!!!  A buisness idea for funeral parlours for ex-pats!

  5. [quote user="Quillan"]I don't really care. I don't believe in Heaven or Hell (although on an off day I feel I might be living the latter) nor reincarnation, this is it, as good as it gets. So seeing as I will be dead it won't worry me. The only people that it effects is those that out live you but then why panda to their wishes?[/quote]

    Hello Quillan ye of the chilly office!

    So is it just my  French in-laws that make such a fuss of where they want to go when they pop their sabots?  Personally I wouldn't want to have to make that sort of decision for anybody. It's bad enough losing a loved one without the dilema of deciding where they should be laid to rest. 

     Well it's important to me anyway. (Stamping my foot and puffing out my cheeks 'cos' you're not playing my game now!)


  6. France or Britain?

    I'm wondering about this as it has just dawned on me that soon, I'll have been living in France just as long as I lived  in Britain. 

    I think I want to be buried in the village cemetary where my husbands grandparents are buried and where his parents will be too -  if we stay here until then that is.  Anyway - I'm sure it'll be a French funeral for me.

    Been absent from the forum for a long time and so sorry for coming back with such a maudlin subject -  but I'm curious?

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