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  1. [quote user="idun"]

    Well The Borgias was excellent. I watched every episode and hope they do a second series.

    The Borgias were treacherous, corrupt and sans scruples........ well, maybe he did give a good description of a meeting of politicans[Www]


    Me too - love it! You're right idun not much has changed since then.
  2. Oh! And how ridiculous and completely 'à côté de la plaque' was he when he made comparisons with the european crisis meetings and the Vatican conclave scenes from the tv series 'Borgia' currently being aired on Canal plus.

    Does he think that everyone in France has a budget to cover monthly payments for satelite tv?

    He's a clown!
  3. Something I find very strange - the French like Benny Hill, Mr. Bean and Monty Python.

    French comic programs like 'H' and sketches from the Canal plus S.A.V. team I find very childish. Coluche appealed to the masses and his humour (especially towards the end of his life) was rather political and controversial. Then you have humorists like the belgian Raymond Devos - very intellectual and always palying on words - you really have to have an excellent command of the French language to get him.

    So I suppose, like their music, the French have a wide variety of humour but not a lot of it appeals to me personally. This coming from someone who is very funny by the way!
  4. My little ears have been burning! Now I know why. I remember being really afraid of Outcast and that he would track me down and beat me up! Remember Ray aveyron? I played hell with him! Yes and I really miss Tresco and Chris Head and Furry Knickers and all the other usual suspects - they were quite fun days especially during the cold winter nights after a couple of glasses of wine!!! I will be hooking up with JK at the end of this month and will also be seeing Pads and Chateau Miaou - very nice ladies indeed. Rose is gorgeous too - fantastic sense of humour! Just can't get back into the forum anymore though - have been brainwashed by Facebook I'm afraid. I've only been on here for 10 minutes and I keep looking for the Like button ;)
  5. I agree with the lovely, intelligent Rose! FB is good for finding and catching up with old friends. I use it to promote the odd concert ( yeah Wooly my concerts really are odd) and that works well too.

    For those of you who haven't experienced the hell that FB can become here's a very funny video by the South Park series 'poking' fun.


    And for those of you who are more familiar with FB.


  6. Man

    Man is a woman's best friend.

    He will reassure her when she feels insecure

    and comfort her after a bad day.

    He will inspire her to do things she never thought she could do;

    to live without fear and forget regret.

    He will enable her to express her deepest emotions and

    give in to her most intimate desires.

    He will make sure she always feels that she's the most

    beautiful woman in the room and will enable her to be

    confident, sexy, seductive, and invincible.

    No wait.... Sorry......

    I'm thinking of wine.

    It's wine that does all that ...


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