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  1. Regarding bathroom goods we've bought several of their budget range of shower trays, shower doors, washbasins and toilets as well as floor and wall tiles (for en-suites in our previous chambre d'hote) and have found all of it to be of good quality. I can't comment on their artisans as my husband fitted the items himself.
  2. [quote user="sweet 17"] Corned beef....that always brings back memories of Saturdays!  Why?  Because my first husband had this Welsh grandmother who must have been at least a hundred years old (well, she looked like a hundred) and she was "very CAREFUL" with the corned beef. Saturdays were always spent at my in-laws after shopping and the old lady would prepare her Saturday Special! [:)] She'd cut up a tin of corned beef (only always the one tin, mind) and she'd cook it in a casserole type dish with sliced onions and sliced potatoes with some sort of stock (I suspect it was an Oxo cube)! That was it!  Supposed to feed 6 people! Still, I loved the dish and I'd always try to get a bit more meat on my plate if I could wangle it! Then, after we moved away from St Albans, where they lived, to the West Country, I'd try to re-create that dish and I'd think, oh, this would be sooo lovely because I'm going to put in a WHOLE tin of corned beef for just the two of us and that's got to be the ultimate pleasure! But, would you believe it, it NEVER ever tasted as good as when Mam cooked it and it wasn't the same having great big, broken up pieces of corned beef instead of the little scraps that you had to hunt all through the pot for![:'(] We're just contrary, us human beings......[I] [/quote]   'Panakilty'! It was a recipe I got from 'Home & Freezer Digest' (anyone remember those in the 70's?) and I often did it for the family, using two large tins.[:)] When I can find large tins of corned beef here I still do it,using just one, for the two of us. I cooked one of my comfort foods tonight - toad-in-the-hole, using Irish sausages brought over from Dublin by friends at Christmas; just the thing for a cold, wet, foggy night!.[:D]
  3. I advertised some kittens for good homes last year and one lady that took one gave me a bottle of poire eau-de-vie as a present in return. As it had only just been distilled she suggested I keep it for a while, but jokily said it made good perfume at the time - it certainly had a strong aroma of pear! We have friends coming round for dinner this week , it must be about time to try it with the after dinner coffee.[:)]
  4. Got it! Thanks everyone for your help, sorry for the grumpy response above, I was not having a good day [:)]
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I've now got the IE Tab but the bl**dy thing won't let me log on! I give up, life's too short to keep trying to make it work This forum is the only one I've had trouble with, and reading the thread below I wasn't alone.
  6. Yes, excellent, thank you PPP! Since I have W7/IE9 I'm not sure what your point is?
  7. That sounds like milk fed veal, as opposed to veal calves left in the field with their mothers so they suckle and eat grass (like we have here in the Limousin!) The calf's liver I buy in my local SuperU is certainly not pale pink, but is tender and delicious. For years I hated liver but now know it was because my mother overcooked it (although she was a good cook) and I used to do the same. (I also love kidney!)
  8. Can anyone tell me please how to get Windows 7/Google Chrome to recognise this Forum properly? I can't find a compatibility button to use as I had with 'normal' Google. Posting comes up with a box to write in and no smileys (!) and when I use the quote button I get all the gobbledegook instead of the proper box.
  9. [quote user="idun"]Rob Roy it isn't foie de veau which is calves liver. It is young beasts liver, so the animal is that bit older. [/quote] I think the term 'calf' is open to interpretation in this context; a weaner calf is about 6 months old when weaned and slaughtered for veal, but a young animal up to a year old can still be termed a calf in the U.K. so foie de genisse in France can be calf's liver in the U.K.
  10. It translates into English as calf's liver, which shouldn't be too difficult to find.
  11. Christmas Markets in Haute Vienne: http://www.frenchvie.com/limousin/viewtopic.php?t=10411
  12. [quote user="Albert the InfoGipsy"]By the way, I once had a bit of a shock when in Poullaouen, Finisterre (pop about 1400) and we saw signs up about their twinning with Brixton. Had visions of a mixture of Rastas and yuppies wandering along the avenue de la Tour d'Auvergne. Turns out there's also a Brixton (pop 1200) just SW of Plymouth. [/quote] Isn't that Brixham in Devon, rather than Brixton?
  13. It's a bit difficult if you can't reach them! One of my kittens had very sticky eyes and I bathed them twice a day with tepid salt water; plenty of cotton wool, only wipe once with each piece and wipe from the inside (by the nose) out.
  14. Here,here, an excellent job well done.
  15. I must have led a very sheltered life as I can't remember those machines:( I made a name tag on our inkjet printer about 8 years ago and it's still going strong, although it is fading slightly now.
  16. I ordered a New Home card from Moonpig last Sunday week and it was delivered to a London address on the Tuesday.
  17. I would like to echo the thoughts of all those above. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, may your God go with you.
  18. Could you not hire a van and DIY as it's only 20 boxes?
  19. I posted this information on another thread about eye tests - I used an American company http://www.zennioptical.com/ Excellent service and amazingly cheap prices
  20. Well G-P the Limousin has got a (well deserved) reputation for being friendly!
  21. M&S have opened a French website: www.marksandspencer.fr
  22. I must say that from various postings you've made, Idun, you seem to have lived in a very unfriendly area of France!
  23. Thanks to everyone for your help, advice and links. One of our sons arrives on Monday for a visit so I think I'll wait and get him on the case - showing him this thread. If he does anything wrong his father won't say a word, if I do all hell will break lose![Www] Anton, if I have to wait for a visit to the UK for a Freesat Box I'll probably need to buy a hearing aid too, I'll be that old![:D]
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