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  1. I once saw a tip on Gardener's World for protecting new seeds - get old teabags and put a few drops of muscle rub/deep heat type stuff on each, then place just under the soil by the seeds. Cats hate the smell (can't blame them!) and keep off the area. I haven't tried it, but wonder what the garden smells like [blink] P.S. My cat had 4 kittens this morning, she is a clever girl! [:D][:D][:D]
  2. "....Even if you are a proper UK citizen you dont have the right to live in France for ever....." Since when? And why should they be allowed into France without a visa if they are not EU citizens?
  3. http://www.iceni-it.co.uk/becoming_a_va.htm This link might help you - Iceni posts on this site as well, but I was thinking about being a Virtual Assistant when I moved to France and found their site very helpful. If you put Virtual Assistant into Google you get loads of help come up - but you have probably done that already [:)]
  4. It has just occured to me that my initial response may have constituted advertising - if so my apologies to forum admin. - it was quite unintentional [:$]
  5. Personally I think the French cookers are c**p! [:P] The gas burners run from front to back (as opposed to being at the back from side to side) and if you are not careful they burn the bottom of your cakes, pastry etc before the rest is cooked [:@]. It is impossible to find a free standing cooker with a separate second oven/grill, so you cannot cook at two different temperatures or use oven and grill at once, and the grills are pretty useless as the French don't generally grill food, so aren't bothered whether they work or not! [:)] The frequency of electricity cuts in the winter rules out electric cookers in this area, so I am waiting for the opportunity/finance to bring a decent bottle gas cooker from the UK. [:'(]
  6. We are offering residential art courses - but maybe that is not what you are after?
  7. We have had an extension cable running from our house across the lane to one of our barns opposite for about 4 years with no ill effects to the cable with cars and tractors going over it[:-))]. I have suggested it might be a good idea to make a more permanent arrangement [blink]. Him indoors agrees but it is not top of the list [:(]
  8. "Very few collèges have them any more, it seems to be either lycées or primaries and in that case you aren't so much an assistant as a teacher." Yes, that is what I have found with my new post going round 6 primary schools - I am doing the teaching, preparing the lessons etc etc. for the CM1 and CM2 years. I officially do 12 hours a week, but it takes up nearly the whole week [blink] " .... the french are very big on qualifications" Not when they are desperate! [:D]
  9. Lapeyre have some very good offers - we got ours for 4.50€ sq mtr. At the moment they have discounts on all tiling. We have constantly found them to be good value and good quality for many of their products.
  10. It depends what you mean by a language assistant. If you want to teach or help with English in schools you need to write to your departmental Inspection Academique in your prefecture town sending a copy of your CV. I did this last Sept and was recently contacted regarding teaching English to 9-11 year olds, so be prepared to wait![:)]
  11. It was my birthday on the 1st May and my husband also gave me a huge bouquet of ...........nothing!!! [:(]  
  12. What about writing to the French teacher of the secondary school/college where you used to live in the UK? She/He may have an 'A' level student who would be interested.
  13.   ....And this from someone in Wales!!! [Www] (Fromer Norwich resident)
  14. That's interesting. What region are you in?
  15. And very smart it looks too. (I was going to say 'posh' but thought that far too common for such a property [:D])
  16. There is a french guy who is offering his services as a translator on the French Entree site in the Limousin forum - he lives in the Creuse. His e-mail is Frankie.lefebvre@wanadoo.fr I am sure he would be happy to help you.
  17. Rather than hijack the CdH v. Hotel thread where these signs have been mentioned I wonder if anyone can advise me where to go to have signs done for our chambre d'hote. What do I look under in the Pages Jaunes?  
  18. I stand corrected! [8-)]   By the way what are Mondex cards?
  19. I wonder if dog tick collers could become the new human fashion accessory necklace [8-|][Www]
  20. Why do you find that so strange? Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall sings the praises of Dandelion salad in his River Cottage cook book. Incidentally they are a good diuretic - hence 'piss-en-lit' ![Www]
  21. It works on humans too - as I found out to my cost the other day [+o(]
  22. I replied in the 'Renovation' section - you can buy them in Castorama. I don't know where you are, but I saw them in Limoges when I was looking for the same thing.[:)]
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