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  1. Hi. We have just completed the sale of a building plot in the Dordogne. It took 5 months from the initial offer to the time we actually received the funds. The money was paid straight into our U.K Halifax account by the Notaire  in the Dordogne without any problems (just a £7 fee from the Halifax). We just had to supply the Notaire with our Bank's International Banking number (IBAN) and BIC number. Your Bank will give you these details. We too had a proxy which the Notaire arranged on our behalf. All very straightforward. Hope this helps!
  2. How rude.Just thought it might be of interest under the 'holidays' thread!Obviously not.Forgot that it's comments like yours I don't usually bother to post!
  3. Gites de France currently have an amazing deal for one week 7-14th May. Over 2000 gites throughout France are reduced to 200 Euros for that week. I've just booked a trip to Brittany for half price but there are some gites further south with much bigger reductions. http://www.mai-toi-au-vert.com/?utm_source=fngf&utm_medium=actualites&utm_campaign=MTV Enjoy
  4. Marks and Spencer also deliver to France for £10 which is excellent especially when they have a sale on!
  5. This recipe is for James Martin's Croissant Pudding with White Chocolate and Whisky.  I've made it many times now and it's great for using up leftover croissants (if you have any!)It's delicious and our French neighbours love it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/database/whitechocolatewhisky_7580.shtml Enjoy!
  6. Hi. I regularly use my Tesco vouchers for travel with Eurotunnel. Simply convert your vouchers online with tesco.com to clubcard deals (look for the section which says where you can spend your vouchers).  You receive 4 times the amount in clubcard deals than vouchers  Tesco then send you your vouchers which you can spend with Eurotunnel. This summer I received a free crossing with Eurotunnel (as opposed to 400 pounds with Brittany Ferries) and have also got enough vouchers for another free crossing in October! Highly recommended.
  7. Hi Thanks for finding out all you could-it's much appreciated! Sounds amazing-I'll let you all know what it's like when we come back unless I've run off with Tom!!
  8. Hi Thanks to all who are going to the trouble of finding out about Sarlat film festival-can't wait to go!Tony you sound like you went last year? If so would you recommend it and does it go on into the evening?Thanks!
  9. Hi My husband, parents and myself are staying in Domme 7th-10th November which I believe is during the Sarlat Film Festival.  Has anyone been to the Festival and would you recommend it? Also recommendations for restaurants would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Hi. Does anyone know of a restaurant serving good soupe de poisson? We are staying near Courson/St Sever at Easter with my dad who loves it but can never seem to find it on any menu-I guess we need to go nearer the coast in our quest!? Also does anyone know of any events going on over Easter (we are there from 10-19th april) in this area as we also have to entertain kids as well as the parents! Thanks for your help.
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