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  1. thanks for the recommendation Charles, much appreciated.  Will give them a go and thanks for the forwarning re; the appointment, that will undoubtedly save me time and a wasted journey.  Public liability was relatively cheap in UK...do you have a ballpark figure for stonemason here working on micro enterprise?  thanks in advance
  2. me again..just noticed on the thread of renovations that my query is linked and it looks that I will have to take out the deccanale.  I have already been warned by an insurance agent that he will find it very difficult to get this cover for me...although I have 20 years experience in my trade and was previously self employed...albeit in the UK, but I do have proof of this. 
  3. hello there.  I am newly registered as a macon and am going through the process of setting up my business....pension, mutelles etc.  I have been made aware that the decinel is going to be difficult to get, and is very expensive.  I would like to know how many of you out there have taken on this insurance..or if there is another way of covering myself/clients.  I am aware that I need this, but have been led to believe that not all French artisans take this on.....is it a legal requirement or not?  Can I trade without it and give my word to clients (As in UK), or am I legally bound to take the decinel?  am a bit confused at the moment.  Look forward to your responses....sorry if I come across as a bit thick, but  I am tempted to forgo the decinel, but don't want to end up in hot water...would like the benefit of someone experienced..thanks
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