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  1. We have a 6 week corporate booking (which is fantastic) then a further week so at the moment nothing after sep 2nd. We'd really like to appeal to people who don't know the area so looking for ways to do it. Racing cards sound a good idea - I've a few racing contacts here so will sound them out about it... Thanks!
  2. We've just opened a gite here in the Oise in the south of Picardie. We've love to encourage more Brits and Dutch and Germans to come an enjoy this fabulous part of France but so often it's just a place people drive through to get somewhere else. Anyone any ideas how to encourage them to stay?
  3. Just filling in my tax return and noticed this section on 2042C "Investissements locatifs dans le secteur touristique ou les résidences hôtelières". Looking up the notes it talks about "réalisation de travaux de rénovation de l'immobilier de loisir dans/dehors une ORIL". Does anyone know anything about claiming this credit d'impot? Does it apply to particulars or is it just an investment vehicle like the Scellier stuff? We're converting a building to turn it into a gite. Would it apply to this? How would I find out about the ORIL areas? Or whether we are "dans toutes les communes inscrites sur la liste concernée en France par l'objectif n°2 des fonds structurels européens situées dans des agglomérations n'excédant pas 5 000 habitants."?
  4. May end up there but was hoping for a bit more variety. Found this place - http://www.premierfurnituredirect.com - anyone used them?
  5. I've been looking at the prices of bedsteads in France and to get something of decent quality it seems you have to pay a fortune! Is there somewhere like Dreams in the UK where you can get a decent bed for not too much money? Any recommendations?
  6. You can but I quite like the look of this thing for maximum flexibility: http://www.outofeden.co.uk/productdetail.aspx?productcode=2999
  7. The rooms aren't big enough for a double and a single. My thinking is that if both rooms have two singles in then we can join them together to make doubles in both of them when needed. There are some pretty clever things for joining beds together so that the join can't be felt.. Or would one dedicated double room and one twin room be better?
  8. Just about to shop for beds (the gite is getting closer to being finished!). We have two bedrooms, along with a sofa bed downstairs. We were thinking of getting a double and twins for the bedrooms. Would you recommend getting two sets of twins instead for the increased flexibility? I'm not overly keen on zip link beds but would we lose bookings without the option?
  9. Fi, It's not so much for the phone as for the internet I guess. I don't really want them having to share our wifi.
  10. Just wondering what abonnement people go for with their gites? I'd be looking for no outgoing calls, just incoming and internet...
  11. Works a treat - have set up another account, logged into it and logged out again and now it doesn't log in automatically. Thanks!
  12. I've not yet found out how to point towards another location. It's a shame as it was a great little gadget - if you're away from home you could email a picture to it!
  13. Does anyone know where exactly Orange is going in terms of its target market? Last year they stopped their blog offering and I've just received an email saying that their photo offering is changing, and that they'll no longer support their LivePhoto internet-connected photo frames. They seem to be doing a good job of pi$$ing off their clients! Does anyone know of another way of keeping their LivePhoto frame connected somehow?
  14. Funnily enough I still use a lineone account that I last paid for about 10 years ago!
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