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  1. Once went to view a house renovated by a guy who had made his curtain poles from dismantling old wooden stepladders and using the two long pieces to hang his curtains from. They were old and rustic looking and looked great.
  2. A few moons ago I did the season in Courcheval 1850 and we were told to make cakes with oil rather than butter and to use yoghurt to aid rising. The altitude did affect cakes though I could never bear to use vegetable oil so just made three layer cakes instead. Eggs took longer to boil as I recall and there were other adjustments we were told to make (think we had a little handbook). As I recall we had to make adjustments to scone recipes too.
  3. How funny to see this thread as I was only yesterday trying to find out what had happened to the peanut butter variety. I can't stand the original Kit Kat either and was thrilled when the peanut butter version came out. Have you tried the Reese's peanut butter range? There's a bar, peanut butter and chocolate cups, smartie type peanut butter pieces with a crisp candy shell etc. All of them delicious if you like that sort of thing (disgustingly fattening and probably full to bursting with trans fats and other devilish ingredients) but, once in a while, absolutely gorgeous.
  4. Counted 20 red kites flying south yesterday morning. Never seen so many...
  5. Just heard them passing over Hautefort.... Haunting sound....
  6. A remarkable man. Achieved so much in a relatively short time. A great loss.
  7. Sound advice Julia. Pleased that it worked for you and that you now enjoy some peace!
  8. Hi Steve Have been wondering where you had gone! Sorry to hear that you have decided to leave but, seems you have made the right choice when taking into account all your 'local' factors. I hope that you managed to enjoy your last holiday, notwithstanding the dog incident. Funnily enough, exactly the same thing happened to me before I had a hedge put in, but the boundary in question was nowhere near as long as yours and we were planning to do it anyhow. I wish you luck in selling and hope that your next venture has a more successful outcome.
  9. NickP, did like your 'whip round' comment. I'm sure there is quite a large collection building up over here too.
  10. Simon Not only are you a fool, which, in itself is not your fault, not everyone is fortunate enough to be blessed with intelligence. No, I'm afraid your greatest crime now is that you have become tedious, and you have become a wonderful exponent of the characteristic. I wish you and your neighbours a lovely life and give great thanks that you don't live any where near me..
  11. Is he a real person then? Surely not. I've read some garbage in my time, but never have I laughed so loudly as at his postings. No. He's not real. Nhs simply can't be.
  12. Hi Steve What you describe sounds awful, it would drive me absolutely crazy. And to have your land used by all and sundry when you are not there?, worse still. I completely agree that you have made as much effort with your neighbours as you should have to. Other than putting gates in as you are planning there is little you can do IMHO. Fencing 6 acres would be insanely expensive and would probably spoil your land. Is there any way you can secure a smaller area of garden/courtyard around your house without spoiling views and landscaping? I wish you luck and the hope that they will eventually get sick of bothering you!
  13. I too would be very interested to hear if anyone out there has found a floor tile paint which works?
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