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  1. Gengulphus,   Quite one of the most courteous, yet effective ripostes I have had the pleasure of reading.   Such an interesting and informative thread and such a pity some appear to view it as an opportunity to disparage others.   ernie  
  2. Norm, you write : "the majority of posters here have no idea or interest in the daily reality for the majority of French residents "  Wow ! But, Umm, how can I put this …  I mean, like, how do you know ?  Have you polled them ?  Have you a tap on their computers/telephones/bedtime conversations ?  I sincerely hope not. I could, perhaps, be forgiven for assuming you are taking a fat chance there my man. Or can you prove your assertion ? Just checking, nothing personal, but it's best to omit personal prejudices from factual discussions.  I could be wrong. Ernie How to confuse a liberal : quote facts.
  3. Hi,   Hi Pommier,   What rotten luck, I’m sorry to hear all that, you must feel awful about it..   Not an expert by any means, but having had a couple of tangles with la Loi, maybe this will assist.   I recommend you keep a record of every telephone call with any of the parties involved, plus all e-mails, letters etc.  Do NOT rely on conversations, send them (those concerned) a follow-up letter (AAR) with a record of what took place.  Registered letters are a real hassle and cost money, but it is the only sure way recording a communication.  A verbal promise is not worth the paper it’s written on J    In the seriously unfortunate event of going to law in France … you might well find this useful.   Having said that, if you can avoid all the grief and arrive at a settlement, might just be easier and cheaper in the long run.   Just general advice, from an amateur, but HTH.   ernie
  4. [quote user="Frenchie"] I don't have time right now Chancer, but I will PM you today and give you some hints. [:)] " I saw on the news that this years new intake of teachers are to hit the ground running and will go straight into the classrooms unassisted, green as it were, that must be a baptism of fire in some of the schools dont you think? " That's for sure, it's n'importe quoi...  But unfortunately for them, that's how it is going to be ............. Good heavens, I don't know how they will cope with up to 36 pair of eyes watching them on day 1, ready to find " the fault" ......... [/quote] Oooops ...... I theenk sumsing went a bit wrong ... Hi Frenchie, That is very useful info, many thanks Ma'am ! Hope you settled down very well in BsN? Cheers from Ernie  
  5. [quote user="Frenchie"] There is a system called VAE ( Validation des Aquis de l 'Expérience) , I ve been a member of the jury for years in my school. The candidates are people who have  experience but not the degree that would entitle them to a higher salary ( stupid I know but that's how it is). The candidates have about 20 minutes to convince the jury that they have all the skills required for that type of job, and the jury decides to " give" them the degree or not. (  they don't have to take the exam .) Dunno if that may be of any help.     [/quote]   Joy SpJoy Springring
  6. As a Neanderthal who rarely watches TV, but is a fanatical listener (lastener ? J with a brilliant crystal set, I found this broadcast a little disappointing compared to the TV versions I had seen or heard before.  The “announcers” were quite toe-crunching to listen to, they had the hallmark of newbies and tried, I mean, like, ever so hard to be, like, with it. Took a lot away from the enjoyment for me.  Spent ages describing  The Dress.   Also, I felt a fair bit of editing took the usual sense of occasion away.   The American lady has a wonderful voice and I enjoyed her very much.   Anyone else feel the same, or similarly ?   You can’t retain the same high standard each and every year I guess.   Ernie
  7. No notice in my Mairie and they are on holiday. Here is a useful link :  http://info.eau-poitou-charentes.org/ Just enter your commune and Voilà. I can still water the remaining veggies. Ernie
  8. As a matter of fact, "isn't it ? " is perfectly correct English, you hear it all the time. In South Africa. So, Frenchie is correct. ernie (South African)
  9. Well, I thought it was fascinating TV.  I have not seen another politician, anywhere, make such a commanding performance.  Can anyone, better informed than me, suggest someone who could provide such a convincing performance ?  I have no idea whther or not his statistics were accurate, but they impressed me. Please read carefully what I said before you all climb in.  Remember, he was not talking to members of this forum, he was addressing the French electorate, most of whom reject him.  Keep it objective if you can.  ernie
  10. Well Cathy, you know what they say : “A good thread never dies”. * As Google is usually open, by copying and pasting, I get the results quite quickly.  It’s for leboncoin, where you must know where the stuff is. In fact, there is a site as you describe, but I can’t remember where it is (Thanks Ernie !), Ernie   (*They don’t say, I made that up)
  11. Google it : code postal+ 79000 for example Ernie
  12. Ah ! I suppose with a little more grey matter on board, it would have been obvious ... Many thanks indeed to all of you.   Ernie
  13. Good Evening, Does anyone know the meaning of TBEG ? I found it on leboncoin. Merci d'Ernie
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