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  1. Hi Pommier, OK, Thaks for that, I checked the site, it looks tantalising, I'm defo gonig to give it a go.  And thank you for that link, I will check it out when I have a minute. Mint :  Sorry I hijacked your message, a little confused there.  I've never been asked for culinary advice and jumped to  conclusions, that will teach me to read more carefully.. Much appreciated in any case, Cheers from Ernie
  2. Well, Madame (or Sir ???) I don't feel at all qualified to answer such a lofty question, although I thank you immensely  for the compliment you consoder I might know.  Thyme is such an individual and strong flavour, I don't use it all that much, but maybe you could try basilico and or rosemarino.  The latter is excellent for the authentic potato pizza slices i used to have for a light evening meal, at a super Mamma e Papa place near the convent where I used to stay sometimes at the end of Nomentana. I gottago. Ciao da ernie
  3. Mint, Ah !  l'Italia, Roma, mi manca da Roma ... Magari .... Your part of France is rather a long way away, I agree. Italians round this neck of the woods are as rare as monopaedic ballerinas, I'm afraid. ... l'opera, La Divinissima, Renata, Pavarotti anche Ornella Vanoni, Fiorella Mannoia ...  No, no, this reverie must stop or I'll lose control. Thanks for the Gino heads-up, but I only have French TV, yes, I know it is considered oddball by many, but I do live in France.  
  4. Instant gratification ?  Mai, never, perish the thought, that’s a modern concept.  I tend toward Slow Food, an Italian institution :   http://slowfood.com/ .  To me, instant gratification means drinking good wine from the bottle …     And I am always ready and primed for the Italian weeks at good old Leedle.  Thanks for the reminder Betts.  They currently have a Chinese week, with some excellent stuff, at the right prices.
  5. Merci mint -  Ah .. you raise my hopes, then you dash them to the ground  :), but I'll check them out in any case.  Thank you for your assistance.  Parpadella - I think that might also go under the name of pappardella/e.  I've had it in Italy, highly recommendable.  For me, pasta is THE meal, tasty, attractive in appearance, simple to prepare and not expensive, plus - an instant translocation to il Bel Paese.  If only I could find a shop stocked with Italian wine, but at the same prices of the local sludge ....  dream on ernie. ernie
  6. Thanks again idun, I'm doing something on those lines already.  The quest does not falter. e
  7. And Many Thanks to you too idun, equally appreciated. Unfortunately, here is nothing remotely Italian as far as the eye can see, so to speak.  I once drove 45 kms to check out an "Italian" resto, but the owner/chef, an amiable Italian, refused to speak that language to me as his wife, a nice French lady, would not allow it, because all their customers were French.  I’ll probably take a drive to Bordeaux if nothing comes up. Bucatini are a little thicker than a straw would be.  The theory, so I was told, is that the little bits get inside the “tubes” although that seems a little fanciful, but it’s a smashing dish, always popular and quick and easy to make. Here are some pics : https://duckduckgo.com/?q=bucatini+images I always found the ideal accomaniment to be ... vino rosso, but perhaps you know that already ?  I'm sure RRW does Arriverdela da ernie.  
  8. Many Thanks Red, Their postal rates are much better, but still on the high side, I may need to resort to them if nothing else comes up.   I appreciate your rapid reply.   e
  9. Good Evening/Buona Sera,   Does any kind soul know where I might find a type of pasta called bucatini (small pierced holes) please ?  It’s rather like long, but thinner macaroni, in a way.  It is well known in Italy in the recipe Bucatini alla amatriciana (pigs cheeks, cut into very small pieces) Miam Miam.   I found one or two sites in France which can supply, but the postal charges are “di troppo” – like, I mean, €17.25 for two packets.  Too high.   It would be kindness for which you would be in line for everlasting friendship (as it were).   Mi Ringrazie in anticipo/My sincere thanks in advance.   ernie
  10. I am not looking to stir, but the following is interesting perhaps ? “Statistics released to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), reveal there were 129 fewer rape suspects convicted of any offence in 2013 than in the year before.  This is despite the introduction of a CPS strategy focused on violence against women and various improvements to the way rape cases are managed by police, prosecutors and the courts. At the same time the numbers of rape cases referred to prosecutors for charging has fallen by more than a third since 2011, despite a rise in offences recorded by police.” Full details here :  https://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/2014/05/02/rape-convictions-at-four-year-low-despite-attempts-to-bring-more-cases-to-court/   but it’s depressing reading.
  11. Quillan - Both.  The phrase “gang-bang” is also utterly offensive AFAIAC.  It troubles me that an (alleged) case of multiple rape – by several policemen, what’s more - can be seen as an opportunity for humour.  It’s unlikely any women readers would joke about it, especially if they have been through the dreadful trauma of rape.
  12. If you know someone who has been raped, it probably wouldn't come over quite so funny.
  13. Norman, I guess that amount's per month ? ernie
  14. Were I still a betting man, I would say they probably speak English far better than the majority of those Anglos who have moved to France, but this is not a scientific observation. ernie
  15. Hello YCCMB, Is it not just a tad unfair to attack UKIP for something they haven't said ? Not everybody's cup of tea indeed, but at least he says what he thinks and has described some of the EU/EC/E whatever people extremely accurately. I've seen plenty of the French in London and I must say they have enhanced the place, IMNSHO. This one might just run and run .. ernie  
  16. Can’t see what all the fuss about.  Just another example of ménage à troisweiler ?
  17. Hi Clair,   When I asked the ladies at my English class about this distinction some years ago, the unswerving reply (unanimous) given was that “seconde” is the second of two only whereas deuxième is the word used  after the first, before the third etc.  Just like a line of empty Champagne bottles.   It sounded pretty reasonable to me.   The poignant example given me was the Second World War : “There’s not going to be a third WW” and I am defo not going there right now.     Ernie
  18. There you have me Woolies ! National Australia Bank Group ?   North American Barter Group  ?   Nutrition Assistance Block Grants    ?   NABG N-Acetyl Beta-Glucosaminidase   ?    
  19. Yes, the Free Travel option is an excellent one and will keep the benighted travelling public on-side.  Plus, it gets right up the (mis)managements' nostrils. While I am theoretically in favour of the right to strike, I am against it when it discomodes innocent people, speaking as one who founded a sort of trade union.
  20. Ta for the photos. It seems strange that there is a shelf that close to the floor? Is it original or a modification?  It’s original and, while unusual, is not uncommon.  I have one or two pics in a book “”Cottage Furniture in south Africa with similar”.  Good for boots and shoes and the odd wine bottle I suppose.  When you say “stretcher” do you mean wood or riempies *thongs) ?  In any case, I would like to have it back as it was. It would be more normal in my  mind if the original fitting there was a stretcher type arrangement as you get on a chair. I have had a look, via google, at several Cape Dutch style tables and didn't see any with either a shelf at the bottom or stretchers. Is it possible to flex the legs outward at all? It may be possible as it is so low down. If you can then short pins could be inserted. If not then it would probably mean removing the 2 rear legs so as to be able to fit the pins. It depends how the legs are fitted as to if that would be possible?  Stretching the legs would probably induce some damage, so I’m not keen on that  Maybe I could wiggle/waggle the rear two out as you suggest.  For this, I need time and I’m busy on a suddenly arrived project just now, but it seems a good idea and less labour-intensive. It could be possible to use 2 dowels at the front and 2 short dowels at the rear. By placing the 2 fronts in place with the 2 short dowels sticking out about 1/4", or maybe a little shorter, it may be possible to fit the front and ease the rear into place. You will have to be very careful about the dowel hole placings though. That should easily be strong enough for a table like yours. This dowel idea is a very good one, small dowels I guess, which would be hidden.  I will come back to you, if I may ? Sorry if it sounds a bit of an odd description, but if you need any further explanation?? I'll try ?  Looking at your work on PhotoB … I have much to learn.  Again, my sincere thanks for your analysis and suggestions, it is very kind and I promise to get back to you.   Kind regards from Ernie  
  21. Hi JonzJob, I have uploaded some pics to Photobucket : http://s1171.photobucket.com/user/lotolucket/library/Table, maybe you can look at them, it should not be password protected, if I have clciked correctly.  I think this will work ...  If not, perhaps you can let me have an address where I can send ? You will note the unusual way of fixing the lower "shelf" by a sort of blind pinning method, as I can perceive the small holes opposite the protruding pins, which seem to have been filled with Brummer stopping.  It would be a very delicate operation to remove them, I may end up by screwing and filling ... The damage was caused by the removers, nothing unusual there. Any suggestions you might have would be much apreciated, the table is an "authentic copy" of Cape Dutch style, with little intrinsic value but much sentimemntal value.  I thank you for your time already.   Regards from Ernie
  22. Hi JonzJob,  It was only put up a few days ago.  I will take some pics and post them soon.  Many thanks for the comeback from Ernie  
  23. Hi, I hope this “Working with wood” is still up and running …   I’m repairing a sort of hall table, it’s a nice littl;em piece, a low-priced reproduction of Country Cape cottage style.  It has solid, turned wooden legs at each corner, with a sort of lower shelf or platform about 10 cm off the ground.  It was joined to each leg by pins, invisible from the leg – or anywhere else.  To refit it like that is quite beyond me, all I can manage is to glue the four corners of the tray, which is shaped and fairly weighty, to the legs.   Not sure if this would be strong enough ?   If anyone has an idea of how to approach this tricky task, I would be most grateful.  I could send some pics if that would help.  Thanks in advance.
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