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    Ebaynut – Lindal is 100% correct. Indirectly, it is an insult to be like that. You are flannelling, we all know perfectly well what that abbreviation is meant to say. It is coarse and lowers the tone. I’m just asking you nicely and politely to stop doing it, I do hope you are not offended by my request ? Merci Mon Ami.
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    [quote user="lindal1000"]I am truly sorry about your family members loss. My brother also lost most of his New York colleagues. However, murderers are just that. The current baddies ally themselves with a branch of Islam and when I was growing up it was Irish Republicanism. I have no idea how many people were accidentally killed by firearms in the USA in that year but statistically you are still very unlikely to be killed by an Islamic terrorist. If you think carrying a legally owned firearm will protect you from terrorists then by all means carry one. I won't be travelling in any of those places.[/quote] … I feel the same and I sure hope we are right, I won't be travelling in any of those places. Paris and Brussels, two of my favourite cities are off my visiting list for starters. My remark about the unfortunate murdered was not in any way designed to elicit sympathy , Thank you anyway, I did not know them, I mentioned them just to show how pointless the accidental toddler killings figure was and still is. Irish republicanism began in the 1780s, I had no idea Islam was involved, but Islam was practising terrorism 1000 years before then and since. The Turkish brand of Islam was practised over 100 years ago, following hundreds more of the same. Just ask any Armenian, I guarantee you will be impressed. Yup, the truth is sometimes extremely uncomfortable for nice people. My remark about carrying a life-saving firearm legally had nothing whatever to do with terrorism, so your red herring is baffling. Serves me right for an unconscious hijacking tho’. Take care.
  3. Also, if you dial 3103 (gratuit) you will receive a message about your messages, if you follow me, as it were. At an indeterminate time after you replace the handset, your equipment will ring.
  4. Nice 1 cajal :) You might have warned me though - I thought it was an American toddler who had just grabbed Pop's 38 special and fired through the open door. Lol and sorry lindal1000.
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    Well done lindal1000, your pointless claim has been substantiated. Now remind me how many toddlers in 2001 picked up a parent's gun and killed people please. One member of my family lost 22 of her NYC office colleagues to Izzelamic murderers in September that year. No idea how many gun-toting toddlers shot Mom or Pop though. Random “statistics” like that prove nothing, I’d say. On the point of carrying a life-saving firearm legally, it’s just that, a near-guaranteed life-saver in certain countries. Bad discipline in handling any weapon or tool or petrol is always a No-No.
  6. Re : !What worries me is that gusts of up to 101 mph are forecast for my area this pm and later, but I don’t live near one of these beasts. " Lest there be panic afoot, I do not refer to today's weather. Phew ! Thanks for that !
  7. As a person who is interested in how public money is spent on expensive and inefficient toys, as well as in the interests of honesty and freedom of information, the facts below may help in arriving at a sensible decision, never mind what your Dutch neighbours may believe : Wind turbines must have instant back-up available for when they cease generating electricity. Wind turbines are very expensive. Wind turbine life is limited. Those who rent out the land for wind turbines often make massive profits. Wind turbines kill birds. Wind turbines, like any mechanical object, break down, sometime they destroy themselves in a spectacular fashion (see below and check some staggering videos on line). Wind turbines do make noise and no data are available on long-term effect on those living nearby, such as infants and small children, about whom I care. Not all wind turbines make money, some cost a fortune. Go here if you want some interesting facts : https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/how-many-others-are-there/ (£48,000 wind turbine at the Welsh Govt offices was only generating about £5 worth of electricity a month). Is this the Welsh idea of a bargain Was ? and http://www.dover-express.co.uk/Dover-District-Council-s-wind-turbine-fails/story-18011308-detail/story.html “The much-trumpeted £90,000 wind turbine installed outside the council offices has generated just a tenth of the energy it should have done”. and http://www.miltonkeynes.co.uk/news/local/council-blew-cash-on-wind-turbines-that-don-t-work-1-6062264 - it generated £3.67 worth of electricity in nine years, not my idea of efficiency, but it does look so beautiful, does it not ? and http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/Spondon-s-idle-wind-turbines-waste-flop/story-21462262-detail/story.html Residents (read ratepayers) are “appalled” because two controversial wind turbines in Spondon are still [July 15, 2014] not producing energy regularly. The 130-metre structures, in Megaloughton Lane, are not working because of issues with the radar system at East Midlands Airport. Wind turbines are not safe : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/energy/windpower/10285964/Wind-turbine-destroyed-by-wind.html Two blades were ripped from the 18m high turbine in the Scottish Highlands and thrown up to 60 yards away after it was hit by 40mph gales. A third was left badly buckled. What worries me is that gusts of up to 101 mph are forecast for my area this pm and later, but I don’t live near one of these beasts. Wind turbines are dangerous, go here (if you dare) and wear protective clothing - please : https://www.google.fr/search?q=exploding+wind+turbines&espv=2&biw=1366&bih=635&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=ZG2pVPWkMMmQyASL6ICgAw&ved=0CB0QsAQ&g The Wind Industry Knows No Shame: Turbines to Desecrate the Unknown Graves of Thousands of Australian Soldiers in France http://stopthesethings.com/2015/03/30/the-wind-industry-knows-no-shame-turbines-to-desecrate-the-unknown-graves-of-thousands-of-australian-soldiers-in-france/ All the above are facts, against a fact, there is, of course, no argument.
  8. Hi Betty, (You don't mind me being so informal Madam ?) I could not agree with you more. These people must consider we are "Survey-challenged" Non ?
  9. Hi cajal, Hilarious !!! Thanks for a grand chuckle. What a fascinating interpretation of Scripture, but defo no miracles to be seen there, I’d say. You got the 12 apostles’ names wrong. Plus, Omar is a Hindu name, Youssouf is the same as Joseph, etc etc, anyone can check if they are the slightest bit interested. The names of Christ’s disciples you quote are simply anglicised versions of the Hebrew names, I used to think everybody was aware of that, but I was wrong. In point of fact, Bethlehem was then in the Kingdom of Judah, not Palestine, AFAIAC. The population of “Palestine” (not a country) is … Oh, go and look it up, but some 38,000 are Christian. Many, many more thousands were chased out by …….. Perhaps they had heard too many dumb “jokes”. (When you’re reelly, reelly desperate for a laugh, you can always knock Christianity, but, fear not, it won’t knock you back, such as saw your head off in a main street in London, or chuck you off a high building for being a bit, Ahem, “different”). Christian women are never made by their husbands to … Oh, you know this already. And if you check your Bible, you will see St Paul enjoins us to “Take a little wine for thy stomach’s sake”, which will do me fine Thank you very much. Cheers. Apart from that - BTW - I didn’t start this. But I do enjoy good jokes – the best anti-Christian jokes come from Christians anyway, same as Jewish ones. Oh – and Grumps just left out a comma, that’s all, I think you know that already. I might have seen worse on this site, but it’s hardly worth the effort to be the Colonel i/c grammar patrol, is it ?
  10. An interesting report on the readiness of one Brussels policeman : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/belgium/12207966/Brussels-police-investigate-drunk-officer-after-attacks.html.
  11. "had it gone on to the scheduled stop at the gare de betteraves (TGV Haute Picardie) the response time would have been in weeks not minutes." Really ? Why so ?
  12. You think he might last out the full term ?
  13. Thanks Nomoss, very useful indeed.
  14. "had it gone on to the scheduled stop at the gare de betteraves (TGV Haute Picardie) the response time would have been in weeks not minutes." Really ? Why so ?
  15. [quote user="Quillan"][quote user="woolybanana"]There remains the wider issue as to how two young men got to this state- deprivation, lack of opportunity, overcrowding, overbreeding, bad education, discrimination, leading to mind bending by violence determined extremists. These issues are for the long term, not now, but will be very difficult to deal with.[/quote] Sorry Wooly I wanted to reply to your comment earlier. You are of course right in the first part but not the second. The treatment of these people in France is long term but it's been going on for years. If these issues were dealt with much earlier France (and many other European countries) may not have the problems it has today. The problem in France and the UK is that people are frightened because of the killing etc in the middle east and then see the Muslims in their own back garden. They consider them all to be the same when they are not. We need this discussion out in the open and all the political parties need to take part in this discussion yet they refuse hoping it will go away which it won't. Because they won't discuss immigration the door is open to the likes for Le Penn, Farrage and that moron in Holland to step in and fuel peoples concerns. If some of these had their way we will see Muslim symbols on shops and the mass burning of the Koran in the streets and we all know where it goes from there. [/quote] Quillan, it is for Woolly and any others of the same mindset : Now all sorts of things are creeping out from under the stones. Woolly banana : “Overbreeding”. What an offensive and wholly repugnant phrase. It means “I will tell you how many children you must have”. In my book, that is, plainly and simply, eugenics, as espoused and promoted by Marie Stopes, the foundress of Planned Parenthood, especially against people of the “lower classes” and people of colour, IIRC. There is little room for discussion on this, not for those who rely on facts instead of prejudices. Just who do you think you are you, pray, to ordain how many children a married couple must have ? OTOH, let us discuss polygamy - why not ? It is allowed (ie, not prosecuted, OK, tolerated then) in France and England. On the other other hand, if men can marry men (who am I to judge) anything is permissible. I have a very attractive bicycle BTW. Time I left this thread, don’t bother to reply, I’ve seen too much rancour and nastiness, they’ll last me a long time. ***** Oh ! Yes - I just saw it, for PaulT ( who never ever makes typos, bless his nice little cotton socks) : You – 13 Sep 06 Me – 28 Feb 06. Please try just a little harder.
  16. [quote user="Quillan"] [quote user="ebaynut"]The cause of this whole scenario is the fault of Western governments. For years they have sent troops into countries which are of no concern of ours, blow people up, and then invite people from these same countries to come and live amongst us. Then they seem surprised that all this is kicking off, well I for one am not. Q is right, that this will give the FN a boost, I however see this as a positive development, unlike him who is always so negative about MLP.[/quote] Ultra right wing politics frighten me that’s why I don't like people like Le Penn. I make you right with your first three sentences but you also have to understand that the colonial process for France and Britain was quite different. We never made our colonies into an integrated Britain and neither did we make the people within them British and give them all British citizenship. One always hears about the hundreds of service men and women killed in places like Afghanistan but nobody talks about how many Muslim men, women and children were killed (over 174,000 approximately between 2001 and Dec 2014 just in Afghanistan). Like many ex service personnel I consider the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq illegal and that the likes of Blair and Bush war criminals in much the same way as others saw Sadam. Over 90% of us that took part in the Falklands war returned our campaign medals although it was only mentioned once in The Times and only then in the first edition before a 'D' Notice was placed on it[/quote] If you watch French TV (TF1) you will have just seen Señor Vals (the PM, BTW) state that more musulmans have been killed by (I missed that bit) than non- musulmans. Talk about skewing statistics. He also, most adroitly ducked the question (expertly slid in between his ribs by the interviewer, one of the very best I have ever, ever seen) as to why, after inviting all the “Heads” of Europe* to the manifestation on Sunday, he then lied blatantly and claimed it was a “decision taken by the political parties”. TF1 Was ahead of him though, as they showed the “Communist” Melanchon strutting his stuff just before. Vals rabitted on about Liberté, Egalité and Fraternité, adding Solidarité, Unité and all the rest. I do not think any intelligent Français/e was fooled by this barefaced rejection of “democracy”. BTW : My Dear Quillan, is it slightly possible that you could get Marine Le Pen’s name right ? We know your opinions, but,listen, it’s only five letters. L e P e n. gottit ? What’s the problem ? My sincere apologies if you are aronexic. *I would not be surprised to see Barack Hussein O’Bama there.
  17. [quote user="Catalpa"] [quote user="mint"]No, I don't think I'd be killing the relatives myself.  [/quote] Yes, you would be. I don't understand how you cannot see that. You will be deliberately putting innocent (until proven guilty and sharing genes is insufficient evidence) people in a position that they might be killed. It's an utterly absurd proposition, Mint, and I am astonished that you are defending this notion. [quote user="mint"] Desperate times, as I have said, call for desperate measures.  You have to adopt their tactics in exceptional circumstances (and I don't know how much more exceptional the present circumstances can get) because the alternative is unbearable to contemplate.  [/quote] No, desperate times call for measured responses. A civilised world should never adopt uncivilised tactics, no matter how great the provocation. Although, I'm sure provoking us to do that is exactly the intention behind these acts of terrorism. The more everyday minorities of any persuasion feel threatened and are threatened by the majority, the more they are likely to become radicalised. [quote user="mint"] Moral high grounds are all very well. [/quote] The moral high ground and reasoned, logical responses are the best weapons we have - well, that and highly trained, well-funded security services. But responses like yours are likely to be exactly what terrorists are hoping for. Congratulations. [/quote] Surely to Goodness, the moral high ground is the ultimate, absolute aim. Morality distinguishes civilised, educated persons from Barbarism. Abandon morality and the immoral triumph. I know it would be rather a high-pitched concept, perhaps, for “A nother I nformed site”, but honestly, how on God’s earth can this be up for discussion ?
  18. [quote user="Chancer"]A newspaper billboard in town says that the évadées are being tracked in Picardie. There is probably a better translation of traquer than tracked, - chased or sought, perhaps. [/quote] For traquer my Larousse gives : poursuivre qqun, le serrer de près, le harceler : traquer les voleurs, une vedette.
  19. For traquer my Larousse gives : poursuivre qqun, le serrer de près, le harceler : traquer les voleurs, une vedette.
  20. Firstly, I don't use Google as I don't like being followed. And from what and the way you write, I certainly do not want to know about that sort of thing
  21. [quote user="lindal1000"]Whilst you and your OH might be happy to shoot innocent women and children being used as human shields (could you really look them in the eye and pull the trigger, because if not then they are of no use), I doubt the average or even the elite French soldiers would have the stomach for it. They are professional soldiers and not trained as terrorists, able to put their emotions to one side and shoot bystanders. There is no doubt in my mind that these men know they will be caught and will not be taken alive if they can help it. They will instigate a shoot out, trying to take out as many other people as they can in the process. The role of the army will be to put them out of action and limit the damage they do.[/quote] You might well be correct, but do I detect a suppressed desire nascent in some posters here to have the guilty persons (not that I know who committed these atrocities) killed/executed on the spot by Army/Police/Gendarmes ? That would show a predilection for rough/mob/vigilante justice. Utterly wrong. I believe in the rule of law. Once you start on that downward path it is almost impossible to leave it I’d say. It would also be a vote in favour of capital punishment, a concept many millions of French people support. It’s their country. Marine le Pen (not Penn) has promised a referendum on capital punishment if elected President. The British voter does not have this opportunity, although the likelihood of the average British voter voting on anything anyway is about 30%. Of course, I can see this sort of talk immediately outs me (in some minds) as a raging fascist, far-right wing, foam and spittle-flecked raging Hitler-clone. I worry deeply about it.
  22. [quote user="You can call me Betty"]I'd actually say that CH is probably more like Private Eye with more than a dash of OZ thrown in, for those that can remember it above and beyond the infamous Schoolkids' Issue...[/quote] Look, there is no comparison between Charlie Hebdo and Private Eye, believe me, that is a complete distraction. I gave up the Eye(after many years) when it became much too silly and published simply too many blasphemies, but I did not pick up my AK 74 and go down to Greek St looking for the smug, grinning Hislop. What is the "Infamous Schoolkids" ? Don't like the sound of it ... Offending people deliberately regardless of the consequences is quite different from offending accidentally, perhaps because someone does not agree with your own views. So often, when a strong viewpoint is expressed, rather than a vague, woolly and platitudinous general statement, one of the hate-speech condemnations is hurled out. This is seen on many TV programmes, for example when having to face unpleasant facts. “Free speech” – what does it really mean ? Is it that liberal left wing ideas automatically trump right wing ideas (“nazis”) ? Who decides this and on what authority ? I need to know.
  23. That’s a silly statement. (Deadpan).
  24. Howzit Mint ! You are very kind, I thank you.     While I’m not a huge fan of the ravioli family, I do enjoy those small round jobs you mentioned, which might be calzone/calzolini, struffoli or piadine or even gnocchi or palline di gnocchi.  Also they could even be gnochetti/gnochellini (I’m guessing).   Every region seems to have its own specialities, which, although they may well be identical to other dishes found elsewhere, always seem to have quite different names.  Rather like Italian politicos you could say …   For the record, I have never managed to make gnocchi successfully, the results are usually horrendous.  
  25. PatHCA :   Well, I believe “Montalbano” is the name of an Italian TV series, but I would not watch Italian TV if you paid me, although the average Italian watches more than 4 hours per day.  Maybe I missed something good ?   But recipes for Sicilian food – Now you’re talking man !  Sicilian food and wine arrive like a bomb burst the first time you try them in Sicily.  I’ve been lucky enough to go there twice and can’t wait to go back.  The history of this island is rivetingly interesting and the people love to talk about their “Mama”, which is what they call Etna.  I could go on, but ….   When in Palermo I stayed at a B&B which is a member of “Addio Pizzo” (Goodbye to bribery) an organisation dedicated to resisting the Mafia protection rackets.  This takes great courage when you are aware of the number of people killed every year by the various Mafia-style organisations.   Yet another fascinating element of Italy.
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