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  1. Hi I am looking to buy a fridge freezer and microwave but the selection in and around cahors appears dim.....The nearest Darty with its great EXPO's is 2hours away!.. I have just found an on line shopping site www.mistergoodeal   has any one used them?  or do you have other useful on line shopping sites? Great site .    
  2. Hi Don't want to start this one up again but just to let you know we have found our new home. Thanks to those who sent PMs  
  3. Thank you for all those that have sent me a PM. I have now bought my home near Cahors.  
  4. Thank you very much for the information. never seen the Ourinns.org site so I will take a look.  
  5. Hi Looking for dry storage near Cahors for part of my furniture, about 16 cubic metres, as soon as possible..  Then in May I will need another 26 cubic metres. They can be stored separately.    
  6. Hi My husband, myself and labrador need a B and B from next week for 1 or 2 days, two or three times a month, while we house hunt. Needs to be close to Cahors. Is any one open ? just a room with shower and wc would be ideal as we do not eat breakfast normally.  
  7. We are looking for a b and b again and will need a few days a week for a little while, as we are house hunting. I know the last email was at short notice but is any one open and have a room for us!!!!...  
  8. Looking for a flexible rental (furnished or unfurnished) North west, West or south west of Cahors. Required after easter holidays whilst we search and complete paper work for our new home; currently renting in the wrong area. minimum 2 bedrooms preferably with a garden. We have a very well behaved dog who is used to farm and domestic animals. Storage space would be handy. Please send pms.   
  9. Hi My husband and I are looking for a property in either West, South West or North West of Cahors. House of character preferably in Stone, minimum living space 90sqm but with room to expand into grange or grenier.  NO new houses. Terrain of 1,000 sqm minimum Not completley isolated (we want to improve our french) Works not a problem but roof must be sound Cash buyers renting in France. Maximum budget 220,000 euro's Please send PM's  
  10. Hi Looking for a B and B somewhere in or near Cahors for this Monday night and possibly Tuesday, they must accept a very well behaved Labrador too .   Recommendations please.  
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