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  1. ive wrote a reply,that was edited becouse tj s post was edited.question is,is every thing being edited without people knowing,seems like freedom of speach is going out the window with this forum,and yes i did mind my post being edited wether it made sense or not
  2. wouldnt miss it,and i think the dark horse michelle will win by a head
  3. we are in yviers near chalais in dept 16 but on the boarder of 24 ,17,plenty of housing and building land about and a nice small air field on the outskirts of the village for private aircraft only,must be the same set up else were ,wish you happy hunting brian
  4. ive got a 2  bed  house style gite ,part of a large barn conversion,we are situated just outside a village near chalais south cherente about 10 miles from the dordogne,pm me if you would like to know anything else,and we dont mind you coming to look
  5. will, i didnt say i was in favour of black market work,i said i can understand why people do it,in an ideal world people woudnt have to sneak about to earn a living,but its the real world we live in,not the one in your head
  6. hi inceni, you will be glads to know not every one is safe from me,the likes of paul gadd i would be quite happy to see on the end of a bit of rope,as for osama bin laden,i would have to ask myself certain questions,like, is it him who is threatening my way of life,or bush, or blair,i would turn the gun on quite a few bad guys,but i dont think personaly osama is the worst
  7. weve walked this road before in past posts,some of the biggest cowboys are regestared companies,its easy to be regestared in france as what you want to be,the most  cash being stolen from the government is by regestared people,people in a position to take half cash half through the books,does everyone who rents out a gite declare all there income from the gite when half there bookings are made in the uk , its f--k-n nonsense how many of you who say shop them,inform on them have declared all your earnings ,interest on uk accounts,premiums from uk shares ,rents from houses in the uk,   whatched a tv programe once,were12 jury members tried a fraud case in the uk and found the person guilty of fraud and whatched that person go to prison,when the jury was investageted all 12 had claimed expenses they werent entiteled to,some for loss of work when they wernt working,some for taxi fares when they hadnt used one ,extra for lunches they hadnt had any one who goes down the informers route is a sick jealous person,who really requires treatment,i have friends who work on the black,they cant afford to be ligit,doesnt make them cowboys,dosent make them rip offs,and for those who say they shouldnt be here,why are you here if you cant make a living,why dont you p--s --f
  8. informing on people isnt the answere,never was the answere,and never will be,informers are horrible people,would you really like to be like that? think before you stink
  9. dpc is for extieror walls, not needed on internal BREEZE BLOCK walls,sorry did i shout then
  10. if your going to build a shed,bottom of the garden is the place
  11. only an opinion,cost out the price of doing your walls in block work down stairs at least,its a lot better job,just dot and dab some plasterboard on them,and it cant be that much more
  12. it dosnt really matter now does it,the job is done and cant be un done.so why are people going on about wether they would be annoyed or not it cant alter what as been.if your new neighbours dont want to be friendly about some thing that cant be altered now they are not likely to be friendly at all,give em the finger
  13. how far into your contract are you,how big is the build.my advice on creeping estimates is to point blank say you wont pay the extra,but if you are tied into this architect your asking questions to late,
  14. thought i had posted a reply here but must have sent you a pm,
  15. hi grays ,just had a look at your place and think its cheap as chips,only a suggestion but why not put it up with a load of french agents just as a house not a b and b, theres some real rubish on the market at the moment you might have a extra chance that way,bon chance
  16. oak? pine? chestnut? big difference in price,quality? good solid? cheap and chearfull? ps im not after the job by the way
  17. hi and welcome,asuming you have a french address,you can save your self a lot of bother buying in your own department becouse of the numberplate change from else where,drawback is the cost of a run about in france,its far more expensive than the uk.you shouldnt have any bother though,bon chance
  18. ive been reading all your thoughts,dont know who would be interested in mine but for what there worth.the cartoons should have been printed,and printed again if there was interest in them,and they should be repeatedly shown untill the muslim world learns that westeners arnt like them, dont want to be like them,i dont beleive in god in any form and it offends me when anyone in this somewhat advanced sociaty uses god to unstabalise my way of life.i dont know the answere to the worlds problems,but i do know that cencership is the first step on the road to dictatership
  19. why is this thread not going onto a following page
  20. you dont whack field drains,pebble dosent compact,its not ment to compact,if you did happen to do a proper job and put a field drain in the trench you would crush it and defeate the object. to stop ruts in drive ways .reinforce were you drive over to stop ruts in gardens spread more soil, but dont just keep crushing it down onto the pebble or dispite the membrane you will end up with a underground mess that lets nothing through  
  21. [quote user="Dave&Olive"] hi              ok my subject..... if you have no damp why bother !!! second if you have a slope away from the house there is no need to fit land drainage pipes ,a trench filled with 20/20 will do just line it with geo-tex , and make the trench the same size as a whacker plate to stop shrinkage , so you can whack it down .   why bother doing half a job ,and if you do half a job,why whack it down and make it harder for water to travel through it, trench size dosnt need to be much more than 100 m ,size of field drain pipe,maybe someones bought a whacker and wants to play with it
  22. hi gabe,dont know what others think but ive put field drains all round my place as a safe garde,as for time its not just the digging out wich i would say half a day would be somewere near,you have to lay the drain with pebble under and over lay a membrane,then back fill,take at least two days i would say,if you can use a machine,if not ?  
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