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  1. was it you who approched the companys or was it them who approched you?if it was them that approched you i wouldnt worry to much they are just scare mongers,the usual tactic is to drive about a district in disticly lettered vans and then call to say while they are in the area they will do a free survey,the firm that called on our barn wanted 16000 to treat it,after being told to leave speacial one off offer of 12000,again after being asked to leave i was offered a deal were by i gave them a lift to do the work and it would only cost 8000,there will be old sign of capricorn in most old houses and barns in france, it  does not mean its active but wether active or not ,it is easly treatable with a spray on soloution you can get from any brico or builders
  2. great big fat companies and investers should be taxed to the hilt on all the cheaply made imports allowed into france and the uk,how can it be right to let these companies have massive profit margines and no workers in france or britain,be more people in work were they live if these companies wernt allowed to take the p,,,
  3. hi tetley thanks , i am an artisan so i get the decannale bit, what i really need to know is if there is the french equivelent of  of  the english N H BC , who charge the person or company doing the build  and give a guarantee on the whole build ,im doing a new build to sell and need to know how i can issue a guarantee  any info very much apreciated
  4. i personaly would love to know what helmarion s hubby did in the uk,what he is regestard to do here exactly,and if he sticks to what he is regestard to do when quoting to get work,and if he declares every cent he works for

    it gets a bit boring listening to whingers who are never going to make a living here, complain about other workers on the black or not who are getting on with life

    to many people are concerned with what other people are up to

    and remember he who casts the first stone

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