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  1. thanks for that littlemouse, both you and nick have been very helpful
  2. thanks for the reply littlemouse, i was sure they needed to be filled with something but assumed it would be concrete( along the run where there is no steel as well as where there is steel) but if compo will do then fine. can you tell me if solid footing block are available in france and if so are they the same size as the hollow ones i  need to use where the steel is many thanks
  3. thanks again nick, i think i will try and source some solid blocks which would make me feel a lot better.
  4. thanks for the reply nick, i just presumed that they should be mass filled with concrete after laying to make them more structuraly sound as i've never used hollow blocks underground without doing so. are you also saying that the french way is to wall the grey blocks dry without mortar beds and perps? are they male and female. sorry if i sound thick but i have not had a good look at one yet. i have used this kind of block in germany but again we filled them with concrete after laying. thanks
  5. hi, i wonder if anybody can help me with a couple of questions. we are in the proccess of building our own house in france and as we are new to france are not sure that some of the information we have been given is correct. we have poured the foundations with the earthquake proof steel in place but are suprised to learn that the grey blocks with the holes in, for below damp, do not need to be filled with concrete. we know it needs it where the steel is but what about the rest. we are nhbc registered in the uk, so are quite competant in the construction of houses, but obviousley we are not familiar with the french way of doing things. we are used to using the solid concrete foundation blocks here. also we are informed that there are no staged inspections by the french equivalent of building control. it may be that we have been informed correctly but it would be nice to get a second opinion on these matters from someone with the experience of working in france that we obviousley lack thank you.
  6. hi pads, yes i am a builder. we are nhbc registered in the uk but obviousley this carries no weight in france. i would gladly have a look at what you need doing, but we are not registered to work for others in france.  although i would happily have a look and give you some free advice when you are ready. how far are you from quillan? and thanks for the reply ian regards oscar
  7. hi cassis, no i have not met quillan, but i have corresponded with him via e-mail. he lives in the same village/hamlet as our plot and was able to give us some very good advice before we bought the land. i will also take your advice and post a new thread in the building section. thanks
  8. hi, i am quite new to the forum but have bought a building plot about 2 miles from quillan. we have put the foundations in and will be back over starting on the blockwork in a few weeks. if anyone would be interested in finding out how we go on, i would gladly post perhaps monthly updates on our progress. we have years of construction experience in the uk but as this is our first time in france we will not be suprised if things do not go as smooth as we would like. but perhaps others may learn from our mistakes or successes. should i post this here or would it be better on the house building pages. thanks
  9. It is my intention to begin building a house this summer and would like some advise on the following please. Is it essential that I open a french bank account to pay for materials and such or would there be no problem with paying cash. If I do need to open a  french account, Is the process any different to the UK and how long does it take? thanks 
  10. thanks for all the replies. the land i am buying is in a place called belvianes and i believe it is a very good price. i will be doing most of the construction myself but obviously using a local sparkie e.t.c, so should not get ripped of too much
  11. i have just joined the site and was wondering if anybody can help me. i am in the process of buying a building plot just outside quillan and although i visited the site for a viewing, i don't really know much about the area. is it as nice a place as it seems to be and are the locals friendly. also is this region very popular with british buyers. thanks
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