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  1. I am flying from Birmingham to CDG for the first time.  Can anyone give me some idea of how long I need to allow for disembarking, with hand luggage only.  I have 1hr 10mins between landing, and my TGV leaving the airport.  Any info most appreciated!
  2. We have been getting our Jeep CT'ed since moving to France six years ago and have never been asked for a COC, despite the vehicle still being in UK plates. I know, so don't tell me, 'should have been on French plates after six months' - we will be applying for French regn. next week using a COC obtained through www.eurococ.eu. Living in France is like living in lots of different countries - the rules seem to depend on which part you happen to live in!
  3. We have received an invitation to our French neighbours wedding (church and vin d'honneur only).  Can anyone advise me what is considered to be correct as regards a present?  The couple already live together in their own home, with their child and I understand it is acceptable to give money or a cheque in this situation. 
  4. As there's no 'closed cab' on a motorbike so do we need them I wonder?
  5. Does anyone know if there are any Le Roc or Jive clubs/venues in area 71?
  6. Thank you all for your advice - hopefully I can now resolve this situation, it's not a nice feeling to be working and then seeing all your income going out in cotisations!
  7. I am in my second year of trading as a micro enterprise and paying cotisations based on the assumed income set by the government.  However,  the "assumed income" is way above what I am actually earning, and consequently the cotisations are dispropotionately high.  I realise that next year my payments will be based on my first years figures, but I wonder if any allowance will be made for the "over payments" I have made in my first two years of trading, ie, will I get any money back!? Perhaps someone has experience of this situation?
  8. I have had a customers cheque returned to me as "Provision Insuffisante".  Can anyone advise on the best course of action here.  Do I re-present the cheque, contact the customer or contact my bank? 
  9. I run a micro entreprise and a customer has asked "acceptez vous d'être réglé par mandat administratif?".  Can any one tell me what is meant by this?
  10. Thank you all for your replies - extremely helpful and solved my problem!! Hilly
  11. I've just started a Micro Enterprise and as I am trading in both France and England, receive and make payments in both sterling and euros. Can anyone suggest the best way to enter the different currencies into my books?  Do I show both currencies separately, convert them now, or at the end of the month or year? Also, I presume all figures will have to be in euros for the end of year accounting. Any advise gratefully received!
  12. My neighbour is looking for homes for the remaining three French Spaniel puppies from a litter of nine, born in April. They currently live near Autun in area 71. If you are looking for a loyal friend and can give a good and loving home to one of these lovely puppies, please contact Bernard Brown 0385 82 30 76 or, if you speak French, Pierre Poillot 0385 82 28 54. You can see a picture of the puppies at http://www.scorpionribbon.com/puppies.htm
  13. Please could someone clarify which box(s) on Form 2042 I should enter the interest I have received from my French bank savings and current accounts. Also, am I right in thinking that my total UK bank account interest goes into box TS on the same form? Thanks!!
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