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  1. Thanks Cassis. Any chance you could keep this thread updated, when the schedules are known (alternatively post a link to an appropriate website).  Said person will be camping near you (Le Mans 24 hour race!), but needs to plan his travel around the match! Thanks again Will  
  2. A pal of mine is travelling to France next week and simply has to see the England v Trinidad game.  Can anyone tell me which channel, if any, is broadcasting the game - and if the channel is pay-per-view?   Thanks for your help.
  3. You'll find plenty of advice over on the "Gassing Station" (the forums) at www.pistonheads.co.uk.  What isn't there, really isn't worth knowing - and you'll get plenty of feel for this unique event.  I've been five times and love it. I post under the alias "Sortie 10", which gives a clue as to where I turn off the autoroute and take the back roads.  Having driven the Routes Nationales and Autoroutes, I've seen far too much silly (ie dangerous) driving - and rightly les flics are out in force to keep an eye on proceedings.  By taking the back roads, you get some cracking driving passing through beautiful countryside and stunning villages (Lyons la Foret was a personal "discovery" en route to Le Mans.  The roads are quieter, in fantastic condition and, because the gendarmes are policing the main drag, camera-free.  If you see a decent stretch of D road, it is nice to press on within the limits of the road, your car, and yourself.  If you post on these forums, no doubt you will have a respect and love of France so will not take liberties. I've been four times in an MX-5, once in my Z4.  This year I will probably give proceedings a miss so that I can explore la France profonde by pedal power - but will miss the occasion immensely. Feel free to PM me, if you would like a copy of my preferred route from Calais to Le Mans. Have fun!
  4. In my madness (probably something to do with approaching the big 4-0!), I am considering cycling from the West Country to Franche Comte at the end of the summer.  I am aiming to use backroads, cyclepaths and towpaths as far as possible. Can anyone point me in the direction of a website or publication that tell me which rivers and canals have cycle-friendly towpaths? Any other advice would be very much appreciated.
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