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  1. Can anyone recommend an English speaking Architect for a house extension and conversion work in area 31?  
  2. We are in area 31 and would like an outdoor Jacuzzi with terracing. Has anyone done anything similar or could recommend suppliers please?  
  3. We have a Viessman combi heating system running on Butagas and the installers do not provide emergency call out. As we live in England and use our house as a holiday home we need emergency cover. We are currently without heat or hot water we arrived yesterday and return tomorrow and they can't come out before we leave. We had the same problem last December and it was three days before they could rectify the same problem which is the system will not ignite. Can anyone recommend a reputable heating engineer please that has a emergency service. We are in area 31 about 20 minutes south of t Gauden. Our French is not good hence yellow pages could give us a problem. More generally we really need to have other trades people thsat we can call out when we have problems. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.                    
  4. Is anyone aware of some good carp fishing in OK travelling distance from area 31 please?
  5. Any names of suppliers for top up gravel in the 31510 area please?
  6. We have a second home in midi Pyrenees are 31. Can anyone recommend an English speaking insurance broker please? Our current insurer can't seem to send renewal notifications and certificates. Thanks in anticipation of any help.       
  7. Our village in area 31 does not have landline broadband. I am told that the cost of Satellite Broadband has reduced. Is this now the case and does it works consistently.  At first sight the options are confusing. The concern is the investment in time and money for something that may not be reliable.  Can anyone help please? A recent article said:  “Tooway  - to build triple-play offers combining Internet access, Voice over IP and IPTV channels” - the IPTV claim in particular being one that Connected TV is sceptical about. Nevertheless, the price of the Eutelsat service compares advantageously to Astra2Connect’s - if that is, it really does offer 2MBit/s.
  8. Many Thanks Ernie. Do you or anyone have any direct experience of using it or know of someone?   I will be investigating further - thanks again.   
  9. Despite promises by France Telecom Broadband or equivalent looks a long way off in our village in South West France. Also our basic phone line keeps breaking down so it's unreliable. Does anyone know if it is possible to have a fast sattelite connection that can be used to connect to the internet and for phone calls? if so what are the speeds like, costs and best providers. Am I asking for a miracle? Thanks in anticipation of help and advice.               
  10. Thanks, Was your pool installed by Waterair and did they give you a good guarantee? I have sent an email to poolguy and hope he responds.           
  11. We would like a 10 x 5m pool with a cover and roman steps and a good size terrace for our house in Dept 31 for this summer. We are advised to go for DesJoyaux and have information in outline from them. We also have an option from a builer for one that would have the pump and filter in the garage he is to build soon and this could be ceramic lined or with  liner like DesJoyaux. His price appears to be about 25% cheaper.  We are concerned that whilst DesJoyaux appear to be able to handle the whole project and offer a 10 year guarantee the other option would be a possible risk. Should we expect a guarantee from the builder? Looking at previous postings DesJoyaux have a mixed write up and we are keen to make the right decision. Our intial preference is to avoid risk and go for a solution that is guaranteed to be succesfful over the long term. Are there better solutions to DesJoyaux that will handle the whole project and give a solid guarantee? Any ideas on a fair price would be most welcome! Can anyone help with recommendations based on good experience that includes excellent after sales service please?         
  12. Many thanks for the reply - sounds like a great job well done. Would  you be prepared to share with me the cost and a picture as we don't yet have a good feel for waht is good or bad value. I can send you my email address if you would like it. Thanks again, Barrie  
  13. Hello Patricia,   I see you are in the Midi Pyrenees - where abouts? as we may have an interest in lessons for us and some friends!   Thanks, Barrie 
  14. We have a "new" TV that we shipped from the UK which worked for a short time then stopped! We also have an interest in satellite instalation. Does anyone know of a fairly local repaires and installer that might be able to look at both?   Thanks in anticipation of any help. Barrie      
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