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  1. Hi Danny,   From the Free page, it says I am able to have IPADSL 1216 wth Freebox 4.  Do you think this is a good way to go?? Also, I know it is French (but how I so wish they could have an English Version), but how do I go about getting it?  Do I just fill in on the web (the bits I can understand) and they send the modem etc out?  What is really scary though is if they do (and I can't understand the French written word) - where do I go from there?  I know most instruction booklets are in all sorts of languages but I wonder if this one would be. Otherwise, can I get you tied to your computer during the installation process to assist????????????? Regards Fiona  
  2. Hi Danny,   Did the test and it read IP ADSL512 - Possible also IP ADSL1024R - Possible.  The rest of the list was impossible.  Does this mean that I can get either/or and is this the speed they are talking about??  It's not only my French that is very basic - but computer technology and me don't seem to go hand in hand!!   Thanks for your help   Fiona  
  3. Hi Cheryla,   Note you now have Broadband.  Who do you use?? We are desperate to  get this but there seem to be so many companies out there offering so many different things and unfortunately my French is VERY basic!!   Fiona  
  4. This happens to us frequently as I switch everything off when I leave the house for weeks at a time etc.  When I phoned the satellite guy the first time it happened, he told me that it can take a few hours after switching back on to adjust. Like Dogwood, I also take card out and wait for the "insert card" message.  Thankfully this has always worked for us. Good Luck Fiona  
  5. Hi All,   Arrived back yesterday from France - did eat plenty of salads etc but couldn't resist the sauces etc!  This morning just 1lb off - still, better than 1lb on I suppose.  I really must try and motivate myself a bit more - cut down on the wine etc and see an improvement next week. Hope you all had a good week and there is a little less of all of us (no matter how small)! Keep on going. Fiona  
  6. Well done to one and all!  My 1st week and only 1lb lost.  Not my best week I must say - but arrive in France tomorrow so hopefully I will do better this week.  May get in a bit of exercise too although I see the weather is nice and hot so perhaps I will just sweat it off doing some gardening etc.  (Better not rehydrate with wine though!) Keep up the good work Fiona  
  7. Hi All. Thanks for your support - off to a good start today so fingers crossed I don't slip come tonight!!  Off to France a week today and I always seem to do better over there as I feel the fruit & vegetables are so much fresher and tastier.  Looking forward to keeping in touch.  
  8. Ok - you have convinced me.  I need to lose 20kg so I am going to start - wait for it - tomorrow!  Why - just on way to a meeting (being held in Chinese Restaurant) wine will be flowing - but DEFINATELY tomorrow I will weigh in.  I too need the discipline of meetings but this virtual one will be great. Good luck one and all. Fiona  
  9. We have these in the garden too.  Does anyone know if they bite?  Don't know if they are more scared of me or I of them!!!  They are cute though.  
  10. Hi, We are travelling by car to our "Dream Home" in the sun in June (Var - Dept 83).  My father (very keen gardner) would like to take some plants from here in Scotland to try out in France (see if they withstand the heat etc!!).  Do you know if you are allowed to transport "soil" out of the country??  Would also be grateful for any tips on what flowers will give colour around June/July but don't perhaps need too much TLC. Thanks in advance Fiona  [:)]
  11. Thanks for this.  I have now 2 quotes roughly the same although I have asked our local guy out there to come back to me with the sqm involved. Many thanks  
  12. Whilst renting a villa for many years, the "House Instructions" always advised us to "close all shutters when leaving the property - even if only going out for 30 mins or so to the shops".    We now have our own property and wonder - should you always close the shutters???  I know there must be opportunists just like here in Britain but I am getting paranoid about the "leave open" - they will think you are in or "must close" - telling them you are definately out!!!! 
  13. We have (last week) had our swimming pool installed.  Looks great!  Now need to get the terrace completed.  We have opted for a 2.5m terrace all around (pool 8m x 4m) and wonder if anyone has recently had a job done such as this.  Trying to work out roughly how many euros will be needed!  The ground needs to be built up slightly too at one end as the garden is not level.  We have been quoted approx 12,000 euros inclusive of all gravel, sand, cement, tiles (which we chose at 20 euros per sqm) and labour.   Does this sound like a good deal??  We are in the Var region.
  14. We have recently bought a house in the Var (Dept 83) and the villa is called "La Rigourette".  Does anyone know what this means as I cannot find it in a dictionary etc.  The immobilier thinks it may relate to something Provencal but is unsure.  Can anyone help?  
  15. Joined recently and managed to post message on Read Only.  Don't know how I did it so trying this test to see where it appears.  It is the only "post" button I can find!  Do I have my settings wrong perhaps??? Appreciate any help!  
  16. Thanks for this Andy.  Realise I posted wrong in read only but I have obviously set up my computer incorrectly as I can't find where you actually post a question!!!!!  Not very computer literate I'm afraid.  
  17. We have recently purchased a house in the South of France and my partner intends to drive there in late March.  I have read with interest all the correspondence regarding the Auto Toll but wonder if there is a 2.0m height restriction on the lanes.  We have a Landrover Discovery which is over this.  Have any other members passed through in Discos?? Secondly, someone mentioned that there are "English Side" paying booths (cannot recall ever seeing one myself!).  However, if there are, could it perhaps just be on certain roads?  
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