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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that he will return soon.  Really feel for you.  Good Luck
  2. Fiona

    I'm so sad ...

    Hi Frenchie,   Howz Platon - still going strong I hope??   Thinking of you all xx
  3. Well done with perservering all of this time.  A happy ending - and many more contented babes who will have a happier life and hopefully the 2 toms will settle down a bit now (as well as the neighbours!!)    
  4. Hi Mafoo,   Don't have my cheque book at home with me so can't give exact details but I know that when we had our pool installed and filled I didn't think it to be expensive.  We are not there all the time (unfortunately) but don't know what the charge is per c.m.  Sorry I can't be of more help (I'm in Lanarkshire and don't have a meter either)  but I know all our Frenchie friends will assist,  
  5. No Chipie - have never used BUT WILL NOW!!!!!!!!!    
  6. You're right Pads!!  I am also a white box with red cross!!!!  I never posted a photo when I signed up (cause I didn't know how to!!) and anyway - no-one would like one of me every time I post.  However I wouldn't mind posting one of my many cats but don't know how.  Where did you get your logo Pads??  and is it easy to do as I completely tech dumb!!  Can only post a "smiley" with the help at the bottom of this section.  Don't know how to post them in the paragraph etc.   Duh!!!!  Any 10 year olds out there who can help???   Anyway JR - lovely staircase, but like the others- would need to attempt it on hands and knees after a few aperos!!      
  7. Like you I only see the box with red cross??????? 
  8. I usually make up little bags alreafy for thr onslaught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Had 12 kids so far (hopefully no more) as off ted now -up at 4.45am. 
  9. Fiona

    I'm so sad ...

    Hi Frenchie   Just wondered how the little one Platon is doing?  Hope all is as well as can be.   Still thinking of you all.   Regards
  10. My problem is !!!!!!!!!! I will still wake tomorrow at 5am but it will only be 4 am!!!!  Make any difference???? YES - be totally knackered one hour earlier tomorrow evening!!!!!!!!!! For those of you who are able to enjoy a long lie in - ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
  11. Fiona

    I'm so sad ...

    Hi Frenchie & G, Just to let you know we are thinking of you all.  Hope all is well - no tears and plenty of purrs and hugs.  
  12. Your idea or not Cat - it's brilliant!!!!!  Got everyone here in the office saying what a great idea - so simple we wouldn't have thought of it!  Think I'll buy a freezer now - decision made.  
  13. Fiona

    Lost cat returned

    They will settle eventually although whether Harry will totally accept it is another story. The "Top Cat" will remain and certainly in my case Truly tolerated others (after a few months) but NO-ONE was allowed on my lap but her.  The night we lost her, 2nd in command was on my lap and on the bed and has been there ever since.  The kitten (15 years old now!!!) comes onto my lap ONLY when Charlie is asleep upstairs.  The minute he appears - off she goes!!  The visitors we have (4 of) are allowed in most days until Charlie decides otherwise!  I'm sure he doesn't like himself somedays never mind others! Don't fret - they will settle.  It'll just take time.  
  14. Fiona

    I'm so sad ...

    Give him a cuddle from me Frenchie!!  He'll be sooooo much happier tonight in G's bed. Thinking of you all. xx
  15. We purchased our holiday home in November 2005.  Visited Tax Office in June 2006 - NOT ON COMPUTER with shrug of shoulders!  French friends advised we would not be forgotten!!!  Visited again last week and were told that a bill had been sent to Scotland ( I told them I hadn't received one).  No, of course not because "we are sending it on 31st October !!!!!!!!!!!)  I enquired if this account was for 2006 and 2007 (another shrug of the shoulders!!!)  I will await the account which I probably won't understand so will post here for translation - PLEASE.
  16. We were in same position until this year with Jet2's sister company Flyglobespan.  They used to fly Edinburgh & Glasgow to Nice (now only Edinburgh) and also stopped from end of October to March!  WHY when the slopes are as little as 40 mins away???  Now Edinburgh continue flights throughout (although only 3 I think a week) BUT ARE THEY EVER ON TIME????????? - Very seldom.  I suppose you only get what you pay for. The thing that really brasses me off though is how the websites are geared to increase prices as more people search for availability.  We have booked for next May and within a period of 2 weeks (because me, my sister-in-law, brother etc.\) kept going in to search for prices they went up by £20 in 8 days!!!!  Daylight bleeding robbery. Whilst having a moan - why when they only have a dozen or so seats left on a flight do they cost an arm and leg and no-one buys them so they fly with these seats empty.  Wouldn't it be more profitable to sell them cheaply and put a***s on seats?????????? Perhaps my business sense has gone astray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
  17. Fiona

    I'm so sad ...

    Oh Frenchie.  I know what you are going through and my heart goes out to you and your son.  Please try and be with him at the end. I held Truly in my arms while she was injected - couldn't see for tears - but at least she knew she was still being loved. She is buried in the garden with a "Truly" rose bush over her and although it has been 12 years since she has gone - EVERY day I look at that bush and think/talk to her.  Try with all your might to be with him at the end no matter how hard it is. Thinking of you with tears flowing!!!!    
  18. Likewise Pads!!  I am sure my Charlie is taking in what I am typing and thinking "silly witch" -told you I CONTROL YOU! 
  19. Fiona

    Beds etc

    Hi Richard,   Try conforama.fr - They list stores in Arras, Calais etc.  Stuff not bad (depends on how upmarket you want to go) and a fair price.  I got 2 beds (good quality) from here.   Regards   Fiona
  20. Why do people continue to abuse defenceless animals???????  This was so sad my heart goes out to the little souls.  When we move (eventually) I hope to adopt (although I will be bringing my own 2 if they are still with us 17 & 15) and my adopted 2 from across the street where their owners don't give a t*ss.  They are now living in a sheltered cat box with the best of bedding in my back garden at night but are in the house here all day (not that my own 2 adore them as much as I do!).  I am sure I will have room for another 1 or 2 FROM A SHELTER when I get over there. Words cannot explain what I would do to those who abuse any animal.  
  21. We used a company recommended to us by a French friend that had their pool installed by them saying that they arrived when they said they would, worked all day (not only a couple of hours at a time!!) and that the end result was perfect and I can only agree on all points.  They were fairly local to us (30km) but I don't know if they are national - "Ariane Piscines".  Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.   Regards  
  22. Hi Gus,   We had ours installed in February this year (8 x 4.1) and it cost 19,065 euros.  We then had the ground work (like you, flat grassed area) at a cost of 4,200 euros.  Excellent workmanship - can't complain although I didn't think it would be as expensive as this at the outset!  Couldn't do without it now though.  From start to finish it only took 4 days although we did get the terrace done afterwards (another 5000 euros) which took another 2 days. Don't know if this is the average cost or not but we are in the Var (83) and things do tend to be a bit more costly! Enjoy your pool (eventually).  Regards  
  23. I would too Ian as we have quite a few in our garden.  Being relatively new and totally NEW to thinking of eating something growing in our garden (not got round to planting anyting edible as we are only holidaying - not for too much longer I hope!!) but is it true you can take a mushroom (fungus) to the Pharmacie (read this somewhere!) and they will tell you whether it is AOK to eat?? 
  24. What a great site Paul.  Thanks for this.  Every time we go we forget what day, where etc and normally end up VERY disappointed at arriving a day too early/late!!!!!!!!! 
  25. I, like you, assumed the Notaire would deal with this at the time of sale.  Perhaps when we are next over we will visit her and try to get to the bottom of it.  As a matter of interest is the bill for the size of the property e.g. how many bedrooms etc or is it the land surrounding it???  I assume (rightly or wrongly) that it depends on what Department you are in as to the price also??    Fiona  
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