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  1. Like everyone else - Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Mr & Mrs SD.  Where would we be without his advice.  When I was having my "blonde" moments (and believe me there are many!!!!) he is so patient in explaining and not making you feel soooooooo stupid.  Come on SD - we need you back AND SOON!!!!!!!!!  There are so many of us here on the forum who care about you and need you.   Hope you are back on your feet soon.   Take Care   Fiona#  
  2. We have just returned from our "home" in France and as the weather was dreadful (i.e. wind - rain!!!!) just like Glasgow! I was amazed to hear our pool alarm going off (3 times in one hour) because of the wind whipping up the water.  We are only there maybe 4/5 times a year for either weekends/one week stays and I am alarmed (excuse the pun!) that my neighbours are having to listen to this alarm going off with no-one there to run out with the little magnetic gadgets to silence it!!! Thankfully we (as far as I know) have had no-one complaining as yet to the Mairie BUT what is the point of this????  As far as I am concerned, if someone goes into our enclosed garden and drowns - TOUGH.  They shouldn't have been there - should they?????  And even if they do go in and drown and no-one bothers about the alarm - what happens then?  MY FAULT I suppose????????  Does anyone know the legal position here??    
  3. Give him a cuddle frome me.  I know what I would like to do to his previous owner!!!  I really hope you manage to find a loving home for him and in the meantime - thank you for looking after him.  What a terrible world this would be if we did not have people like you around to care.    
  4. Hi L.L.   I think getting him "snipped" would calm him down a lot.  He is after all still a baby - BUT if your Mum is finding it hard perhaps this would be the answer.   Sorry MURPHY!!!!  
  5. Thanks Sunday Driver - you are a star!!!!!!!!!!!   Fiona  
  6. Hi Ernie Y   We are in Dept 83.  Prefecture in Dragiguan (not the correct spelling I thinks!!!)  Our village is Tourrettes.  If you are able to tell me where to look/go I would be most grateful.    
  7. Thanks EY & SD for your help.    Unfortunately my french is VERY basic (I mean VERY).  On our last trip, I checked the Yellow Pages and noted the Hotel des Impots - no address - just phone numbers (no point in ringing as I can't converse!)  On asking our French friends they said "Ah Tresoir Publique" - went there - NO - prefecture.  Ok.  Went there - NO - Hotels des Impots - WHERE?? In the village you live.  Went there - couldn't find one - only the Hotel de Ville.  Didn't get in there (Closed) - but do you think that this department may be in the Hotel de Ville???   My french friends have never heard of this certificate - but then again - they have never imported a car from the UK!!!!!!!!!   Thanks again in anticipation - What would I do without this forum??????  
  8. Fiona

    I'm so sad ...

    Hi Frenchie   Trust all is going well??  Thought of you all when I looked around at one cat on each chair, one in the middle seat of the sofa and OH and I either side!  I'M COMING BACK AS A CAT TO A LOVING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  
  9. We had our Discovery 03 plate's lights converted late January.  Cost 700euors for the parts 120 euros labour.  Not cheap but at least compliant!  Next trick is for the carte grise.  We now also have the certificate of conformity (in french) but do we need to have the paper work from the Hotels des Impots which allows you 30 days to register or not??    Thanks in advance  
  10. Fiona

    So sad

    So sorry for you Tricia.  I know exactly what you are going through.  Toffee will now be running around in the other forest pain free!  It is VERY hard to be there but at least you held her and as she looked at you with trust and love she was also grateful for the wonderful life she has had with you.  Take Care - Our thoughts are with you.  
  11. Thanks Weegie & Paul.  I think it is a Series 3 (however I'll check) and I will get the book out tonight and show OH!!!!   Many thanks  
  12. Hi WB   Still resident (unfortunately) in Scotland - spend maybe 10/12 weeks in the Var.  Does this make a difference????  Lotto not up tonight so same situation until at least Wednesday!!!
  13. Hi Paul,   We are in similar situation - took car over in October and parked it up.  From what I understand our (British) Insurance will run out at end of January.  Am I correct to assume we need the headlights done and certificate obtained to take to the prefacture along with all other papers before it requires a MOT and to get it registered???  OH normally deals with all this stuff in UK.
  14. We also visited many years ago and in fact were speaking about it at a family gathering only the other day to my cousins new boyfriend (a farmer) and when I mentioned the "no birds singing etc" he found this hard to believe, but I wasn't mistaken - I remember so clearly looking around and listening for the birds - but 10 years ago there were certainly none there.  Glad you others agree.   It is a place I'll never forget - or of what took place there.  
  15. Hi Weegie   No don't have additional roof bars - just those things that are normally there (I think!!)  As you can imagine its OH who does most of driving but he won't chance it as the bars say 2M and the little sign on the visor says we are 2.2m. We don't even go into underground car parks as most of them state 2m max as well.  Do you reckon we are okay to try it??  It's me that will get moaned at however if the bleeding sign scratches the roof!!    
  16. Sorry Aitch - Won't work.  We have a Discovery and it is 2.2m - afraid you need to queue behind all the cars!!!!
  17. What a pretty place!!  I have just searched where we are (NS7545) and although not like this today it may be here soon.  Fortunately the rain, sleet and snow we had earlier today has come to nothing.
  18. I think your friend is wonderful.  The "not stray" cat could have been a stray and perhaps perished in her garden.  At least now it is back home with its loved ones.  If only there were more people like this in our world we would not have as much cruelty!!!!!  
  19. What dept are you in??  I don't mind the cold mornings/evenings/nights if I can see some sunshine!!!  We've had it pretty cold here too -12 I think was about the lowest.  Suppose I shouldn't complain - not been too bad a winter so far - but I would prefer to be in France!!
  20. If the lotto is up tonight - off to the Var (83).  Spoke to a friend there yesterday who was sitting in the garden reading a book!!!  Oh how I dream of sunshine.
  21. Good Friends & Sunny Days?????   Had rain, sleet and snow here today - SUN, if only!!!!  Oh How I hope I win the lotto tonight.  
  22. Not one that I can remember ErnieY!! Nor Bridge over the River Kwai which I is on as we speak and OH watching it as if for the 1st time!!!   Won't get any better over the next week either I bet.   Regards   Fiona  
  23. Fiona

    I'm so sad ...

    Hi Frenchie   Doesn't he look so cute!!!  When you think that you could have had him put to sleep (was it nearly 6 weeks ago now???), think of what he has given you and your son and what you both have given him.  I am so happy to see this beautiful picture and hope to see more in the weeks to come.   I think "SURVIOUR" is a good name and hope to see more pics in the coming months.   Purr Purr Miawo    
  24. Fiona

    I'm so sad ...

    Hi Frenchie   Another week on and Platon still with us I hope.  Let us know how he is please.   Hope you are feeling better too.   Regards   Fiona  
  25. Fiona

    Battered cat!

    Hi Twinkle   Hope it is not a human who has done this but perhaps a run in with another animal.  HOWEVER if it was a human - would LOVE to meet him/her on a dark night - see how they like it!!   My 4 are presently curled up asleep (as I am soon to be) free from danger.   Hope your "little tom" is well soon.      
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