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  1. Thanks, I'm getting quite a few bricks free, so really cheap [:D], which my friend seems to remember he bought in Wicks. However, I will need to buy cement, fixings etc, I will look in UK when I visit next week and the likes of Brico Depot here, but have also found this french website, which seems good unless someones knows better. http://www.rouviere-bat.com/ Val_2  Please could you expand on 'special mastic' is it 'kitchen and bathroom sealant' ? or ? many thanks again   Paul
  2. [:D] Thankyou just the info I was looking for. Paul ps     "The French catalogue also showed "  who's  ??
  3. Thanks, I'm off to UK next week to collect the bricks and many many other things !!!!, and B&Q is on my list of 'places of interest' to visit. 
  4. Hi, I've been offered some glass bricks by a friend in UK and MOH would like them in our soon to be constructed walk-in shower wall. Does anyone have any first hand 'Do's and Don'ts' for building a shower wall with these ? Also I have seen them in most Bricos here in France but are they exactly the same as those in UK eg are they all the same size and are there many manufacturers, just in case I need to source some more locally. thanks for any help Paul
  5. Hi, Try here http://www.satelliteforcaravans.co.uk/bearings.htm or http://www.bigdishsat.com/diy.php hope it helps Paul
  6. Thanks, great link I've just unlocked my Nokia 3220  on Orange F [:D]
  7. Hi all,  My shower/bathroom is next on my list to renew and I have seen this in the Screwfix catalogue and website http://www.screwfix.com/app/sfd/cat/pro.jsp?id=25652&ts=24361# it claims it can be used in zone 1, and the diagram they give in the catalogue is exactly the same as in 'L'installation electrique'.  Has anyone seen a similar 'made in France item' ? thanks Paul
  8. Simply  put your ticket in, then your card, no code to enter, it just reads it and then spits it out again hopefully !!!. I always hit the receipt button just to keep a record. its only easy if you know the answer. Paul
  9. Hi, I have searched and posed this question on another sites forum but am yet to find a 'definite' answer  to my question, only very educated thoughts and the commonsence approach. So I am hoping there is an expert or experts here who can help. I am in the process of renovating a bedroom, ie new walls and ceiling and MOH would like an array of spots/downlighters. My question is how many can I have on 1 circuit. I ask this because the Fr Norm states "8 points lumineux maximum par protection" eg 3 spots on 1 transformer does this count as 3 spots = 3 points or 1 transformer = 1 point thanks
  10. Thanks all,  I have bought and fitted a twin output lnb which currently feeds my exisiting system only. Unfortunately I haven't yet found the dual receiver, a local tv stockist will try to find one and price it for me. I will find out on tuesday but two receivers will be easier to source as the Bricos stock both, I've not seen a  'DiSEqC switch' but then I wasn't looking for one ! I have a few weeks before the footy starts !!!![:)]  
  11. Great, I'm off this afternoon to search for Aston and Echostar.  My thought about putting a twin output LNB on my existing dish was so as to keep the feed to exisiting receiver with another feed to new receiver to duplicate the free UK channels. My thinking is based on the idea that a dual lnb input can be for lnbs on different dishes and that a universal lnb could read digital and analogue signals. Is this correct ?
  12. At last a hugh penny has just dropped from a very great height, If I buy a receiver with twin inputs ie Echostar, put a LNB with twin outputs on my existing dish and a new dish seeing Atlantic bird3, I have it all ???  Many thanks for your advice sorry it took me so long to understand.[:$] Paul
  13. Great thanks, unfortunitly there is no way MOH is going to let me put up 2 more dishes, so if I want to watch the world cup and live, I'll need to spend out on a motor with all the added complications. I will look out for Echostar etc I assume these are not makes I will find in the DIY sheds so will search the web. I have seen in Casto a dual receiver made by Optex for 199 euros which has 'DISEqC 1.0, 1.2 et Usals' which is for the motor  ???. Anybody have any experience of this model and knows of a good make of motor ? again thanks for both your replies Paul  
  14. Hi, I have just spent many  happy hours reading very informative posts on satellites, dishes, channels etc. so I think !!!! [8-)] I know what I need but would just like a kind soul to confirm it before I buy. I would like to receive the standard French channels plus the UK free ones, which if I understand correctly means I need to be able to see 3 satellites and be able to receive digital and analogue signals. I already have 1 dish which I installed  for the UK pay channels, so I would prefer a motorised dish, more than 2 or 3 more extra growths on the house, together with a single ?? universal LNB plus a dual receiver (or 2 singles ). Do I need a separate positioner or is this included in some receivers ?     Firstly is this all I need ( other than cables connectors etc) and are my thoughts correct ? and secondly does anybody know what makes of equipment to look for and those best to avoid  ? thanks Paul
  15. Hi, We sold our Clio last year using http://www.argusauto.com   its the French equiv. of 'Autotrader', I think !. If I remember correctly its a national publication but there are others which are more local. You could try a internet search for 'voitures occasion'. good luck
  16. Hi I don't know if this helps but I recently came upon this free software http://picasa.google.com/download/index.html and have found many a lost photo, after it scanned my hard drive and put all my photos in easy to view thumbnail albums. Paul
  17. Thanks for the help and the new forum. 3G6mm cable   =    32mm gaine
  18. Just when I thought I my troubles were over and I had grasped a little understanding gaine vs cables / fils  [8-)]   I have a situation for which I can't find the appropriate answer on the net or my ever growing electrical library. Please can someone help :  What size gaine is required for cable rigide U 1000 R 2V (RO2V) eg 3G4mm and 3G6mm ?? I have the tables for the HO7V but can find nothing for the RO2V other than 1/3 fill rule. Paul ps anybody know if 4mm fil rigide HO7V still exists, if so a possible stockist
  19. Sid, Sorry for the delayed reply, computer problems[:(] , however better late than never. Last year I had to cut around 100 rolls of the nasty itchy stuff and I found using the plasterboard saw they cut OK. I think whatever is used will snag to a certain degree, but, as you say when rolled up it wasn't too bad.  
  20. Hi, I've found the best way is to cut them rolled up using a hand saw. I have a saw for plasterboard and has teeth missing so it doesn't get clogged up. You can find them at all the DIY sheds either a scie plaque de platre "jet cut" or a scie de batiment  its much easier/quicker than a knife because they are 550mm long.   Paul
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