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  1. Nice, but £12 each !! and I've got 18 downlighters
  2. Hi, I have installed a number of arrays of 12V spotlights/downlighters in my bedroom and bathroom ceilings. These have been recessed in to the attic stratigically placed in between joists. As winter is arriving I would like to insulate (rolls of fibreglass I've already got loads, ) the ceilings, obviously I need to maintain 15cms air gap above and around each spot and transformers. Any bright ideas on the best way to do this ?????, my only idea so far is the make plasterboard boxes (again I've got loads of bits left over), and lay the insulation over the top. Paul
  3. [quote user="Marc"]It's worth trying to pull up square to junctions if possible - my builder friend regularly does this although it can look a bit odd. (if your van is white you probably don't need to be nearly as thoughtful!) [/quote]   Thats exactly the way I did it on my last visit to UK. Paul
  4. Thanks guys,  great advice as always  [:D]
  5. Thanks (the other) Paul, One further question, I have just returned from my local Brico depot and they now have 2 types of compression fitting for PER, just to confuse me [8-)] The first has an insert + an olive and a nut, the second has the same but it appears the insert is fitted with an allen key, ie screw-in ? From your / anybodies experience any thoughts on the best one to use. thanks Paul
  6. [quote user="Gyn_Paul"]I can't see any particular reason why a compression-type couldn't be encastred.... after all, it's only a modern version of the brass compression fittings which have been buried behind French bathroom walls for centuries. The big thing to allow for is the expansion of the PER piping (the hot, obviously) it MUST be in sleeves, and if you can arrange for an expansion space at the bottom of the wall (within the wall cavity for example) then you won't have any cracking problems. However if you're wedded to the idea of the crimps then I've a box of 'T's and elbows going begging. - I couldn't source a borrow or hire of the crimping tool and eventually gave up and switched to compressions. p [/quote] Hi, I didn't think it would be a problem either.  I've used compression for all my other connections ie manifolds, sink supplies etc, it just the hot and cold to the shower mixer tap I've left to finish. Had I not spoken to a mate in UK, asking advice on another subject, I would have finished in blissfull ignorance using compression but for his warning about buried compression and using crimp. Have you had any leaks from any compression fitting ? Is it just the expansion that causes problems ? Paul
  7. Thanks but its seems that PER is not a stock item in my region, apart from 'Depot' compression type, even the local builders merchants state its a special item and I should seek a specialist. One, however when pressed, did give me a name of a possible stockist, so fingers crossed !
  8. Hi, Does anyone know if its possible to hire/rent the special tool needed to permanely fix connectors on to PER pipe. I only have 2 connectors to fit, so its rather expensive to buy just for that. Its to make the connection in the wall behind a shower mixer tap, so they will be buried and tiled over. I have been advised that the compression / screw type fittings should not be buried, but the 'crimp' type (not sure if its the best decription)  can be, is this true ? Or, does a kind soul have one that they are willing to lend me, I will pay all postage and return the same day. thanks Paul nr Chartres dept 28.
  9. Hi,  I have had my TomTom for nearly 2 years with no problems. In fact I was stopped for a roadside document check earlier this year, the Gendarme saw my Tomtom and asked what model it was, and was it good, cos he wanted one but hadn't decided on a make or model.   Paul
  10. Thanks All,  I've just bought 16mm plastic pipe already in gaine, so thats sorted. For the 40mm waste pipe do I need to do anything special ? Paul
  11. Hi, I'm renewing my shower-room which had a tiled concrete floor with all the water and waste pipes in the concrete. I have removed all the tiles and dug out the trenches and removed all the copper and waste pipes for the reason :- the tos*** who installed the copper, bent the pipes over his knee and kinked the pipes, ie not much flow so rubbish shower . and a interesting taste in tiles. So now I have to replace, I would like to use plastic water pipes because concrete likes copper and there will be no joints, good idea or not ? I know its not the ideal option, cos I will be laying ceramic floor tiles, but, can I bury the 40mm waste pipe with a Y connection (solvent glue type) for sink and shower waste. Is there a problem with this ? other than the obvious, making sure the glue joints are very good, do I need to protect the pipes / joints with anything ? maybe the power of prayer against leaks !!! thanks Paul
  12. Hi Nick, Please could you tell me where I could find the diagram for zones in a kitchen. The 2 books I have (L'installation electrique and L'elecricite ) only give zones for bathrooms. regards Paul 
  13. Hi, When I looked for the regulation for this, all I could find was that a socket could not be placed above a kitchen sink or a hob. Paul
  14. Hi, True, however, in the book I use " L'installation electrique'  all the relevant diagrams (eg fig. 154) show the neutral left when looking at a socket.  Paul
  15. Hi, 8 lighting points max per disjoncteur.   Paul
  16. Thanks, I'll check for that when MOH finally decides which one to buy !
  17. True its minimal, but still annoying. Its mainly the anti scold feature I like, with mains pressure the hot tap water temperature only takes a few seconds sometimes to reach hot hot, which is not good for children.  
  18. Hi, I am in the process of renewing my walk in shower and I would like to fit a thermostatic shower tap. This morning I did a internet search and a shopping trip visiting 3 DIY sheds and 2 plumbers merchants and found prices ranging from 79 to 350 Euros. Does anyone know anything about these ? ie good brands or things to look for, or, to avoid. thanks Paul
  19. Hi, Try here, they have a depot in Laval       http://www.lariviere-sa.fr/lariviere/weblariviere.nsf/Principal?OpenFrameSet&M=22   Paul
  20. Hi, I have just made a return crossing Dieppe - Newhaven, I took the 12.30 crossing last Wednesday and returned 13.00 Sunday, both crossings were on board 'Cote d'Albatre', is that the new boat ?.  I can honestly say the only complaint I have is that they don't sell newspapers onboard, because the shop is the size of a matchbox.. The outward left port exactly on time, to the minute, and the inward left 15 minutes late but arrived 10 minutes early. The boat was clean, the food was OK and the staff polite, all that for 90 euros with my car. I am blissfully unaware of their safety record, but I did have a seat near a lifeboat !!!!!. Paul
  21. Hi, I'm off on a little shopping trip to UK, Portsmouth area, on Wednesday this week. One of the things on my list is paint, standard white matt and silk emulsion, undercoat primer and gloss. (Dulux Crown etc) I used to buy most DIY supplies at B&Q Depot is this still cheap or is there somewhere better / cheaper. thanks Paul
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