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  1. Yep totally agree, I'm on bathroom no. X and have used Weber products for all and am very impressed
  2. Hi, try Atlantic bird 3. http://www.lyngsat.com/ab3.html    
  3. I drove past our nearest one this morning only to notice it has transformed in to a "Jardinerie" [:(]
  4. I totally agree, however, I am not sure 'parking' is the correct word, after a few years of living near Paris, I feel the correct word is 'abandon' [:@]
  5. [quote user="Grecian"] Thanks tel for that info, obviously a digibox is like anything else you purchase after the warranty runs out. Not sure if I have my wires crossed here, but has the viewing card got to be paired with the original digibox, or will it work in any newly purchased digibox, that is not purchased from Sky? Paul I hope I haven't put the 'kiss of death' on your digibox!!!   [/quote] So do I !!!!!!
  6. I was refering to changing the subscription packages, I've not had a problem with a faulty box yet !!!!!
  7. I did exactly that, I phoned when I was still in UK and gave them a change of address to my parents, told them I was fitting the dish myself and keeping the exisiting equipment. No problems at all for more than 5 yrs now. If I need to change something I ring them when back in UK, never from France.
  8. Hi, Try looking here   http://www.ffgolf.org      its the web site for the french fed Golf, there is a section 'guide des golf' all of the golf courses in France are listed. happy golfing
  9. Thanks guys, that was my thinking.  I thought I would ask as I wasn't sure what the effect on the paint would be when the movement occured because the old ones were just stained and had badly twisted and warped. These were not glued but had 3 threaded bars which pulled the t&g joints tight.
  10. Hi, Quite a basic question for all you experts!  I have spent today making  new shutters from rough sawn soft wood ie planing and then using my new router to form the tongue and groove. I have also drilled across the planks to fit threaded bar to reinforce ( the old had this). My question is, do I glue the tongue and groove together using exterior wood glue or or leave them dry to move ? before fitting the Z brace. I will finish with an oil based paint. thanks Paul
  11. I would highly recommend using some form of 'tanking' before you tile, something like 'CERMICRYL' range of products, http://www.desvres-colles.com/UK/categorie.asp?cat=preparation      I have seen it in Leroy Merlin. Its easy to apply, basically its a paint on  primer / sealer, then a paint on membrane with some fabric to reinforce the corners and the overlap on to the shower tray or whatever. You then tile straight on top, couldn't be easier.
  12. Up to the time I ripped the old tiles out of my shower area and saw the water damage I would have been in 100% total agreement with you. However, now I'm of the mind to try to make it 'really proof', possibly a bit OTT, but with the time and trouble, and with MOH choice in tiles and fixtures, not insignificant expence, I think / hope its worth it. As I said I spent a long time doing web searches looking for the best / recommended practice and products for showers, everybody would agree aqua-panels, or the like, are the best must have if possible base, but after that I found many people ( "experts" ) had different ideas. One source claimed it doesn't matter what backing is used, plasterboard, green plasterboard or plywood as long as it was stable and strong enough to support the weight of the tiles, and all that is needed to to fully proof it against water [8-)]  A common practice I found is to "tank" behind the tiles with a 'waterproof' layer  ( a membrane or impervious coating ) so if / when water does get behind the tiles is does no damage to the substrait, what ever it may be. This is because "it is claimed" that even with the "waterproof bathroom tile adhesive and grout" water will, after 1 minute or so, have started to penetrated behind the tiles. So IMHO now its best to form as many barriers again water ingress as possible, within reason. As you said , and no one I found is brave enough to claim 100% for adhesives but they do for the other products, backing boards, tanking products and grouts. I hope to OP does not think his post has been hijacked, I think its roughly in-line with the question.
  13. Seconded,   I would be interested if anyone has used 'waterproof' adhesive, as I spent a long time searching / researching but only found that all the claimed 'waterproof' were only water resistant ie did not degrade in the presence of water. I did find and try to use a truly waterproof grout, epoxy based, which was not only expensive but a pig to use. 
  14. There is a UK based tiling forum, which I found very helpful, a quick google search should find it. I would suggest "TANKING" the shower area, I've just finished refitting my shower/bathroom and found the plasterboard behind the shower area tiles was in very bad condition. If you like I can send you info on the products I used, the manufacturers website is also very good.
  15. Hi, Is this what you are looking for, you can rent or buy one.    http://www.electricite-online.com/achat/index.php?catid=18 hope this helps
  16. Hi, Until last year we lived just outside Paris, I found my TomTom essentual. I would use it all the time even if I knew the roads, cos Paris is always bottlenecked, and it was/is great for finding alternative routes quickly. [:D]
  17. Me too, I had the book last year, I found it good value as it paid for itself very quickly. I will get another this year but it won't be until June (approx), a bit busy at the moment [:(].
  18. Is this what you are after, most of the DIY sheds have them.  its a massive link for Leroy Merlin http://www.leroymerlin.fr/mpng2-front/pre?zone=zonecatalogue&idLSPub=1154007064&1154007131.idnode=115444256710021866&02-multicritere-render=off&01-comment-choisir-render=on&03-zoom-produit-render=off&03b-mise-en-avant-produits-render=off&04-selectionne-pour-vous-render=off&09-Q2Q-render=off&nli=29&05b-voir-aussi-famille1-render=off&05c-voir-aussi-famille2-render=off&05d-voir-aussi-famille3-render=off&05e-voir-aussi-univers-render=off&05f-voir-aussi-ss-univers-render=off&06-liste-conseils-famille-render=off&07-livres-famille-render=off&08-liste-idees-famille-render=off&feid=1154007131&ftid=1082367692&fpid=1154007064&fzn=zonecatalogue
  19. ooops sorry [:$] thats something new, the only french address will do part, I didn't check.
  20. Hi,   I've been living and playing golf here now for 5 years, one of the first things I did when i arrived ( much to the dismay of MOH) was to take a golf licence through the FFG   www.ffgolf.org  as an independant player ( not a member of a club). I sent a copy of my UK handicap certificate and my handicap was transfererd too.  It cost 45 euros, plus, if you want to play in competitions you will need a medical certificate, renewed each year. There is a form to print out from the website, take it to a french doctor, pay 20 euros or so for a quick checkup and his stamp/signiture on the form and send to FFG. With a licence you get 1. the necessary insurance 2. entry to some clubs, they won't let you play without one 3. can play in competitions It all depends how often you play in France each year, if it worth it or not. hope this helps
  21. It was free for both our cars when we moved house. [:D] 
  22. Hi, Does anyone have a 2005 or later Renault with a 'update list' radio/cd head unit which plays MP3 tracks ? If so when you play a mp3 track what is on the dash display, is it just the track no. or is the artist name song title displayed. The reason I ask is, I have just bought a new Scenic (non mp3 playing 'update list' HU), and have tried to fit my cd changer unit which I removed from my 2003 Scenic (tuner list radio/cd HU.) only to find its not compatible . So I have 2 options either, buy a new cd changer to replace my few month old changer !!, or change the HU, possibly for the mp3 version, seen 1 on ebay, which may also be compatible with my charger. At the moment I don't know what to do. Any I.C.E experts out there ?
  23.   Mine does that from time to time, all I do is remove the Sat receiver plug from the socket wait 1 or 2 mins and plug it back in again. It works normally after, til the next time !!.  
  24. I have installed a false ceiling in some rooms and installed the spots in the cavity, so have no need to insulate or problems with heat output of the lamps. My latest are in the upstairs ceilings so I have access to the top via the attic, hence my original post. So for your situation I would go with a ceiling rose or a lighting track with spots or LEDs as they have no heat problems. I've had 9 12v halogen spots for nearly 1 year, and I think, I have only replaced 1. So I'm not too unhappy so I've installed another 9. 
  25. Thanks, 18 !!! yes I know, not all in 1 room I may add, MOH really really likes them. I regret having satellite TV with home design programs. So plasterboard is ok then ? my joists are centre at 450mm  150mm x 50mm section and 99% of the spotslights are middle of the joist spacing, so I was thinking 2 sides and a top using plasterboard and using joists as the other 2 sides, this would give me boxes of 350 x 350 x 150 mm maybe a few holes in the top and then some stratigically placed insulation on top. any thoughts on this plan ?   Paul
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