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  1. We are planning the same type of thing, so before xmas we paid our local Maire a visit, they were very helpful, we were told after much seaching through paperwork that provided it had no roof it was ok. So I would suggest you visit your local Mairie and ask.
  2. I did a similar shower not so long ago, and was advised to use Aquapanel (type of cement board I think) instead of green plasterboard. To this I put a layer of tanking material (I used kerdi), I did a quick google and found this website http://www.schluter.co.uk/produkt.aspx?doc=8-1-kerdi.xml&pg=funktion and then tiled. All the materials I bought at a builders merchant rather than a diy store. It wasn't cheap but I was assured it will not leak.  
  3. I "believe" if you can see the cable its ok (pinned to exposed beams etc) but anywhere hidden (behind plasterboard) it must be in gaine
  4. Thankyou, I'll contact the water company and then find the best filter system [:D]
  5. If you have a look at the golf fed website    http://www.ffgolf.org  on the 'guide des golf' tab, it lists all the golfs in France with links to their websites. Hope this helps Paul
  6. [quote user="Gluestick"] Treating mains water is a matter of first of all knowing what one is supposed to be treating! Your local water supplier can supply you with a current analysis. The best approach for treating potable (i.e. drinking/cooking) water is a Reverse Osmosis Filter. See the Screwfix site: www.screwfix.com Treatment of water for central heating and drinking are thus two different matters. Whilst one can buy (or make) filters with an absolute daisy chain of treatment filters, there is not much point if your are attempting to filter out something that isn't there in the first place! The objective for central heating is to remove anything which over time and with heat will come out of solution in the water and deposit as a crystalline salt on and in the works.   [/quote] My objective is to protect the new boiler and to reduce the deposits in the kettle and shower head, not for the drinking water. So, if I understand correctly, I must first ask the water company for an analysis, and then check if the filters will have any effect.  
  7.   try here http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/default.asp?CAT_ID=15
  8. Thankyou Yes I read alot about how good the softening units are, the only problem I have is the price, on top of paying for the new boiler. So I am looking at a cheaper filter unit system in the interim.
  9. We are in the process of obtaining devis for the replacement of our boiler and have asked for the supply and fitting of a anti-calcaire treatment unit to be included. I have read with interest the various threads on the treatment of water, but am still a little confused as there are people for and against each method as follows :- 1. Adoucisseur/water softener unit :- works well but expensive and soft water not good for the heart. 2. Electric coils :-various degrees of success 3. The filter/cartouche method, this seems to be favorite with plumbers in our area and have been given prices ranging from 200 to 1000 euros. Anybody care to comment whether good or bad ? please. I have just done a "google" and found a large variation in price too, eg Leroy merlin do a duplex for 144E and Polar more like 750E, I know the saying 'you get what you pay for' but is it really 5 times as good thanks
  10. Sorry not in my region, so can't help. [:(] I do have have a question for you though if I may, ( or anybody ) have you played Golf d'Aubazine ?  I ask this as I am due to play in a club team competition there in May, which is a practice round friday followed by a strokeplay rounds saturday and sunday. Is this a course which needs just 1 round to know it or is it one which needs time to learn ? thanks Paul    
  11. [quote user="Clair"]We bought this Pace digibox after our Panasonic DSB30 started to overheat and finally stopped working. Very good and very sleek. [/quote] We did exactly the same, very happy with the new box.
  12. [quote user="UlsterRugby1999"] My old blades get a regrip every 12 - 14 months (mind you they sleep with me - eat with me and even go to work with me) [:D][:D] [/quote] You aswell [:D]
  13. Hi, I've only played the 2 courses near to Nimes a few years back, so can't remember much, sorry Nimes Vacquerolles, part of a hotel chain I think, nice course.  Nimes Campagne, I played this one in a big competition, tough course with tricky greens. I think their team is ranked in or near the top ten  in France. So would be good for competitve golf. If you have a look at the golf fed website    http://www.ffgolf.org  on the 'guide des golf' tab, it lists all the golfs in France with links to their websites. Hope this helps Paul
  14. Yes all driving ranges, the pro at local golf club and many if not all golf shops will be able to help or know someone who can. But, have you thought of regripping the clubs yourself ? Grips and tape are easily bought on the internet and its very easy and quick, I did a quick goggle and found this website (there are many others) which gives details http://www.lamkingrips.com/regrip_how.php Once you get the idea a set of clubs can be done in under 1 hour. Pm me if you want to have a go and want some more help. Paul ps the French word for grip is 'grip'
  15. Thanks, just the sort of info I was hoping for  [:D]
  16. [quote user="Deimos"]I don't know the Veissmann Vitopend 222 but I do have a Veissmann boiler and it is excellent.  Never had any problems with it, cheap to run, plumbers all comment on what an excellent make it is. Ian[/quote] Thanks Ian, could I be nosy and ask what model do you have ? and how long you have had it ?
  17. We have only got 25% tax rebate on the cost of the boiler and the new insert for the chimney. I will ask the question why, but I think its to do with the age of the house and how long we've owned it.
  18. We've finally had to bite the bullet and go for a new gas boiler, and after having problems finding plumbers to come, but thats another story, we have managed to get 2 quotes. Both are for supply and fit but with different makes of boiler, both claimed to be the best there is !!, details as follows and are in the range of 25kW 1. Viessmann 'Vitodens 333' 2. Frisquet type 'Prestigue' au sol condensation avec ballon Has anyone had any experience of either good or bad ? thanks Paul
  19. Thanks, nice to know they do work. I will need wi-fi for the time being as everything is in different rooms, however, I do intend to run cables throughout the house soon. so maybe, if I may I'll  come back to you then.  
  20. I have had interesting time [:(] reading about all the problems people have with the orange livebox, which is worrying me slightly as mine will arrive later this week !. Although, I did also read a post somewhere (can't find it again) that said one should not install the software that comes with the box or suggested just a partial install and there should be little or no problems. Is this correct ? if so what should one do with windows XP ? and I need it to be wi-fi at the moment everything is in different rooms. thanks Paul
  21. We got our "JCB" from a breeder and her real name is C'Pepper but she will answer/come to any name, provided there is a piece of cheese involved !!!!
  22. I have been caught twice  [:$][:$] in 4 yrs, both times less than 10kms/h above the limit, and am still on a UK licence. There was never any mention of changing over to a French licence. 
  23. [quote user="P2"] Do not know if it is available in France but in the UK, I think it is PlasPlug and available from B&Q, there is a tool, well actually 3 that are different sizes that are angled and produce a superb finish. Never have succeeded with the wet finger no matter what I have wetted my finger with [/quote] Yes its available in France, bought mine from Castorama, works very well
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