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  1. [quote user="Llantony"]Excellent, thanks for replies.  BricoDepot have something called Primaire d'Accrochage - is that the same sort of stuff? [/quote] Yes, but, I'd go for the Weber products http://www.netweber.co.uk/ http://www.weber.fr/Servlet/Welcome
  2. The instructions which came with mine, stated 'not less than 25cms from finished floor'
  3. I use good quality masonary drills and not using hammer setting, starting with a small size to make pilot hole then gradually increasing to the required size, reducing the chances of cracking. If it does kill a drill its only the cheaper small one.
  4.   My question is, what is the best method to redo it and make it waterproof, I have had many differing offers of advice many of which contradict each other, so am looking for a difinitve way forward please.   So far I have been advised 1. remove exisiting screed, jetwash beams and blocks, apply a layer of self-levelling compound brushed well in, to lock in the blocks. 2. apply a waterproof layer,  which could be  'bitumen type' paint or, 'epoxy' trowel on mixture, or lay-on membrane. 3. 5cms of concrete, 2° slope, either, fibre reinforced, or welded mesh reinforced, or both, plus, with or without waterproof admix. 4. forget stage 2 before laying concrete but do it after. 5. lay tiles using flexible water resistance adhesive and grout   Products suggested      Grace Construction                   Bituthene 3000                                    Sika                                          SikaDur 32     SikaTop 77                                    Schluter                                     Ditra-Drain           I am also laying a base for a future shed so will order ready-mix hence the suggestion for admix.   Anybody point me in the right direction with method and products please, thankyou for your patience.   Paul
  5. You didn't say which model you have but try   http://www.francetoner.fr/  or http://www.toner24.fr/
  6. [quote user="JohnRoss"]If I understood correctly it depends on when the computer was last reset, which could mean my car was in the showroom or holding yard for 1 month or so after its delivery inspection before I collected it. Great just what I was looking for. I know that my car was being held elsewhere for sometime before we purchased so it is quite likely that the computer had been reset sometime before I took delivery. In which case it would suggest the on-board computer is linked to a clock, and of course it would be, and that it is recording hours past since the last service and maybe other factors as well. Either way I will put it in soon. Does suggest the showroom I got it from did nothing to it other than polish it!......................................JR I take it Paul that your spanner light is not flashing but on as I describe and that the message Prevoir Revision is there every time you start after the oil level message goes out?  [/quote] Exactly, but mine added 'rapidment' last week, but no worries it is booked in today [:D] I did try to reset it, ie pushing stalk buttons in every order, but nothing I did reset it. One question does anyone have a new model Scenic (after 2006 I think) and has changed the digi speedo to display mph ? (just for UK visits) I read on other forums that with the Espace and possibly the Laguna it can be done with holding down stalk buttons and pushing the start button, again doesn't work on mine. 
  7. I have a new scenic which is doing exactly the same thing at the moment. I paid a quick visit to the local Renault main dealer and was told to ignore it, unless, mine had done 15k kms, or mutiples of ( kms intervals depends on engine type) , or was a calender year from the date I purchased it. If I understood correctly it depends on when the computer was last reset, which could mean my car was in the showroom or holding yard for 1 month or so after its delivery inspection before I collected it. If in doubt ask, then there would be no problems the warranty.
  8. [quote user="Dick Smith"]The reviews on Axminster's site look good. Have a look here and here [/quote] Thanks, seems good then.
  9. Anybody got one of these  ?? or have comments good or bad, or maybe recommend another in the same price range,  http://www.axminster.co.uk/product.asp?pf_id=577195&name=morticer&user_search=1&sfile=1&jump=44 I am not looking to spend a fortune, as it will have alot to do initially, 60+, but not much after til I have time to 'play'. thanks  
  10. We get ours from IKEA http://www.ikea.com/fr/fr/catalog/products/40109423
  11. I was advised when I fitted one in my bathroom was to install a independant circuit and use a " sortie de câble " I think its called a 'fixed spur outlet', I believe a socket and plug is a no no. There are many regulations for the installation of electrical items in a bathroom ie in to which zone it will be fitted, it would be best to get the advice of an electrician.     
  12. [quote user="nomoss"]Duty and TVA are charged on the landed, CIF price (cost + insurance + freight). I usually estimate that goods will cost twice their dollar price, and am then happy if it comes out lower. Sometimes goods by USPS seem to be missed by the douanes. [/quote] I have heard, also, that goods by USPS are not checked by douanes, is this true ? or just luck
  13. 'Kit scellement chimique' is the stuff, got mine from Brico Depot, but am sure its in all the DIY outlets.
  14. Also if you have a look at the golf fed website    http://www.ffgolf.org  on the 'guide des golf' tab, it lists all the golfs in France with links to their websites
  15. Great idea, pieces of string, I'd have never thought of that. I should have watched Blue Peter more when I was younger.
  16. [quote user="Gluestick"]If all is not too far out of balance then use something like these. and These. They are available in all sizes and are simple blind studs moulded into a synthetic rubber bush; one stud on each size.   [/quote] Any idea where I would find small ones of those here in France, all I have found car engine and exhaust mounts which are massive comparatively. Are mounts like that used on motorbikes quads etc ?, I'm thinking they might be smaller ps I have tried grommets and rubber pads this afternoon, a little better, but the screws still transmit the noise through to the wood. Haven't tried giving it a good talking to yet, just swearing [:)]
  17. Hi, I've a noisy extractor fan, its one of those in-line fans which sits in the attic just above a shower, comes on with the light and goes off after 10mins. At the moment it is mounted on a piece of wood which spans two ceiling joists, and it runs virtually silent if I unscrew it and hold it.  I've been looking around for some sort of anti-vibration mounting but only found large ones ie car engine  and exhaust mounts, a bit of over kill for a small fan. Anybody got any bright ideas ?? thanks
  18. Thanks to you both. We hope she recovers quickly too.
  19. Hi, Our 1 yr old hyper-energetic mini jcb (aka 'Pepper' the golden retriever) is off to the vet on Monday to be spayed. I am sure the vet will give us alot of info on her aftecare but has anybody else got any do's and don't ? thanks Paul
  20. Hi, You'll have to ask Viessmann Fr or De.  I asked the same question to Viessmann UK (my technical English is better than my French) for our soon to be fitted new boiler here in France, and they don't know as its not an option in UK.
  21. As has already been suggested by the wise Gluestick, ring Viessmann UK technical dept.  I have spoken to them 3 times recently and found them extremely helpful. One thing though, the product must be available in the UK for them to provide support and info, it seems not all are, for example the internet/telephone control isn't.
  22.     I have just checked speedo against my TomTom gps    speedo  96 kph = gps 94 kph .......... just to muddy the water a little !! I'll try timed distance on motorway later. Its my second ticket in 25yrs but do the crime pay the fine ! I have been told there is a new unmarked car in the area  where it is very difficult to see the flash, and, it is left un-manned so is difficult for passing motorists to warn others. The preferred trap site at the moment is 100m or so inside the village limits, ie the 90 limit becomes 50 and the fine doubles 90 euros, this car must be worth its weight in gold, everyday, or is that cynical
  23. [quote user="Sunday Driver"]Valid point about human failings.... I think the 'fleeting moment' argument is a weak one, given that the allowances for speedo errors and the built in camera tolerances mean that anyone being flashed for exceeding a 90kph limit would be staring at a speedo which was reading around 100kph at the time. N [/quote] Much to my shame I was flashed 2 weeks ago, by an unmarked car parked on the verge halfway down a hill. I saw the flash, looked at speed 96kph, (limit 90kph) thought that was ok [:)]. Then last week the papers arrived, clocked at 96kph reduced to 91kph,  45 euros and 1 point [:(]. Plus to add to my shame it was only 3kms from my house[:$]
  24. thats what I love about France .........................long lunch hours    [:D][:D][:D]
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