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  1. Hi,  I'm going back to the UK next week for the first time in 2 years so I will need to change some money, where the best place to do the exchange ? I remember a while ago a UK Post Office was recomended is this still true ? thanks
  2. Thankyou, so for a garden gate class III is ok ?
  3. Hi, Can anyone explain the differences in treatment/uses  for "bois autoclave classe III and classe IV" please. thanks
  4. We went to our Mairie last year to ask the same question, and were told that provided it had no "permanent roof", to just get on with it. However if in doubt ask.
  5. I ask at the local cop shop and was told a photocopy of the carte gris is ok but the insurance docs must be the original. Over the years I have had them checked many times and never a problem....... yet !!!
  6. You are lucky,  mine thinks she is a plant [8-)] [IMG]http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss146/expat-paul/DSC02311Small.jpg[/IMG]
  7. Hi, The only pitfall is turning up at midnight only to find the machine doesn't work !!!!!!   and then trying to find another hotel. It only happens to us once but  [:@][:@]
  8. Looks like I may have to extended my next visit back to Portsmouth in May and try them both [:D]
  9. Its been a few years but I remember that one [:D],  plus there is (or was) a very good one opposite the old Kings Theatre in Portsmouth, no idea of the name though.  
  10. Paul thanks, I've a dish on Astra 1 I'll scan again Paul
  11. [quote user="Dog"]Good news Sky reception stopped within an hour and I am saving loads and using a HD freeview plus another european box to get Sky sports in German, thats if I feel the need to watch men in shorts or pink jumpers... [/quote] Hi, whats your setup to receive the german version ?  I've cancelled Sky too  [:D] thanks
  12. [quote user="tj"]Hi The pipe from the sink should be inside, not outside the metal waste pipe. You say the OD of the metal pipe is 42, so the 40 PVC should'nt  be far out, he can try thinning the PVC, belt sander, grinding wheel etc.  [/quote] My friend says thankyou, a couple of mins with a belt sander and perfect fit.
  13. Thanks guys great advice as usual [:D], I am going to visit him tomorrow so can offer various solutions.
  14. Hi, I've just had a help plea from a friend, who is in the process of fitting a new kitchen in his flat. His problem is fitting the 40mm pvc waste pipe from the sink to the existing system which is a metal 42mm OD pipe. My only thought is to heat up a 40mm joint (manchon) to get it soft and force it over the metal pipe.   Anybody got any other ideas ? thanks
  15. Not sure if this is the model your looking for but have a look here http://www.clubic.com/shopping-284160-0-sony-bravia-kdl-32w4000.html
  16. Hi, I am looking to finally replace my very old VCR with a DVD recorder (with hard disk). In particular one which can do the 'sync rec' ie using the autoview function on the Sky box to control the record function on the DVD recorder. Does anyone which models can or can't do this ? thanks
  17. When our handset died, I bought a new one off ebay. works fine with both our boxes.
  18. I don't how the point system works, but I guess it relates to how much is your monthly bill. If you go to  www.orange.fr and log in to 'espace client mon compte' there is a section for 'changer de mobile' it gives info on what phone you can get using points + cash 
  19. [quote user="UlsterRugby1999"]Evening Paul - This is near Chateauroux which is about an hour from me. I will be very interested to hear how you get on. It seems good value too. Have a good time and nothing more than a 6 on your card. I dont like their web site - I was dizzy after looking at it. [/quote] Thanks, well the course is ok, I've played alot worse, but there were a couple of greens which were not in the best of health, ie 9th.  It was a club  team competition ( 5 am + pro)  with the 'Ligue de golf du Centre'.  We came 3rd,  lost 2nd on countback and its means we are promoted for next years cup competition, so a good weekend. [:D]
  20. Very true, I hope they have spent some on the course as well !!!
  21. Thanks, thats about all I could find plus the site for the hotel. I was hoping someone has first hand experience and maybe email me a scanned copy of the score card.
  22. Hi, Anyone played Golf des Dryades,  36160 Pouligny-Notre-Dame, I am playing there this weekend and can find very little info on the course. thanks
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