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  1. I have finally have a full refund for my order [:)][:D]

    I received an email claiming that many orders to France have gone missing !!! and all have been refunded.

    So time to check out another supplier suggested on here, thanks to you all.

  2. [quote user="Fridgeman"]Hi Paul

    How you keeping, thought you where

    popping in for a curry, I'm about to start up a secret curry restaurant,

    if your interested give me a shout

    All the best




    If only you lived closer !!! good luck with the resto.


  3. [quote user="Gardener"]Is it still hot when it gets here?

    The website doesn't give a lot away in respect of who they are etc other than having an address in UK and one in France,and a google on the uk address throws up a completely different business


    and the French one this http://www.mydelhiproperty.com/buckup/directprojectors111/directroprojectors.html


    Ok thanks, I'll look a little deeper.

  4. [quote user="teapot"]

    Because I am such a smart alec I have put in two light switches, 1 for the main light and fan and the 2nd for the lights above the mirror allowing me to use the mirror or wash my hands without activating the fan.


    wow, now thats scary, we must have the same bathroom  [8-)]

  5. I agree golf is not as popular as in the UK but there over 500 courses and in the region of 500,000 licenced players. My little club has over 450 members, so if the clubs are in good condition and are at a good price its should be as easy or hard as would be to sell in UK. I have bought and sold many clubs over the last 7 yrs. 

  6. Our local G-men have a new and very profitable money making

    scheme. The un-marked “radar trap” car (Blue Ford focus estate with blacked out

    windows) was parked up yesterday in front of the very last house in our little

    town about 20m before the town sign where the limit changes from 50kph to

    90kph. I have seen it in action many times, (whilst waking to the centre), the tailgate is closed, there is

    only a very slight flash and is often unmanned so not easy to spot, making it

    difficult for drivers passing in the opposite direction to give advanced warning. At 90€

    a time they must have made a fortune !!! No one can say this is nothing other

    than for profit, had it been parked taking cars entering our town then that

    would be road safety.

    We are in between two cities so can be a bit of a rat

    run here, so normally I am very happy to know it is in our area (it is shared

    with the other local towns and villages) as it slows the maniacs down at least

    for a while, but to see it being used to fill the G-mens or states coffers was


  7. [quote user="suein56"][quote user="expat paul"]

    Thanks all, PO it is then. [/quote]

    Obviously I explained it very badly ....  I was trying to put you off the PO in your particular case as you will not get many ££s for your euros. On the other hand if you were buying euros you would do quite well.



    ok sorry I'm a bit slow this morning [:$]

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