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  1. You could give him a head start and practice the tables with him.  I have a daughter in cm1 and she is now doing long multiplication, and they use a different method to how I learnt.....so I have to suss out what the method is before I can help with homework.  (This was long numbers like 856x357).
  2. I had a baby 2 weeks ago, and we have to apply for a british passport for her before we can go to England.
  3. If you are in the micro bic, and not registered for TVA, you don't charge the customer TVA......just charge for labour only.
  4. If you charge for service only, you don't charge TVA
  5. don't forget if you have to take out decannale insurance and public liability, they are very costly.......we pay around 3500 euros per year.  We are led to believe that these can't be offset as we are in the micro bic regime, so it is an extra cost, we are also led to believe that it is a legal requirement to have these insurances....so for  a start up 'brickie' that is alot of outgoings to cover.
  6. I have posted this under artisans rather than finances, as I would like advice from other people in the building trade. My husband is registered as a macon, and as such has the decannale, and liability insurance as well as all the usual cotisations etc.  Also, we have the usual other insurances, health,  house, vehicles blah blah blah. My husband is the sole earner in our family, and I worry sometimes what we would do if something happened to him.  Anyway, the other day during a chat with our friendly insurance guy (I'm sure his eyes light up when he sees us coming!!) he recommended taking out an accident insurance, in case hubby injurs himself and can't work for any length of time.  Has anyone else out there got this type of insurance?  Is it worth paying out....you don't get anything for your first month out of work, and I am confused about whether you continue to pay all your insurances if you aren't earning.  Seems a bit mad to pay out in case you can't work, and then if you do end up ill or hurt for any time, you get a tiny income but still have to cover your costs (if that makes sense). Any words of wisdom would be gratefully received, thanks
  7. I just read your post, and we have just waved off some friends who bought with them of all things, some haggis (first time for us). They bought it from a friend of theirs(John Sole Butchers) he has different types apparently, I think ours was a mcsweeney. He doesn't seem to have a website, but he may be worth a try? http://www.alresford.org/food.htm If you are interested, you can email me, I can pass on personal details such as names of the friends of ours, so you can tell him who recommended him.  
  8. Actually, it looks like our best bet would be to go with brittany ferries...caen- portsmouth,and avoid overnight crossings.  Just have a slightly longer drive to caen.  still be interested to know how families of more than 4, with children, travel on the ferries?
  9. We usually travel with Ld lines when we make trips back to UK, and always use the cabins, and have been very happy with them.  Currently there are 4 of us, 2 adults and 2 children.....next year there will be another little 'tetley'........do you think they will let 5 sleep in a 4 berth cabin? there is room in the cabin to make a travel cot up......are there any others of you out there with a family of more than 4, what do you do?  I don't want to have to take pillows and blankets up and sleep on the floor....I am not a nice person if I don't get my 7/8 hours kip!!!  
  10. are the treads big enough to maybe, paint the concrete and fix on a wooden tread?
  11. You need to explore the areas you are interested in, the dordogne is a large department and varies a great deal.  If you are considering buying a property in France, you will find expats everywhere, but some areas are more condensed than others.....that again is the same for all of France.  Where there are lowcost airlines flying to UK, you will find a high Brit population. 
  12. Everyone's entitled to their opinion.  And until one christmas eve a few years ago, was something I hadn't given alot of thought to, to be honest.  But, received a call to say that my sister in law had been rushed to hospital (we were both 21 at the time)....found out that she had complete liver failure and had to have police escort to Birmingham, and be put on the waiting list for a transplant....she was given a couple of days to 'live'.  She had been ill with a virus, but no one saw that coming.  Boxing day she received a new liver, and we were very aware that somewhere, someone had died, and another family would be sat in a hospital in desparation.  We were obviously very grateful that my sil got a 'second' chance, and she obviously had alot of recovering to do........along with it acceptance of what had happened to her, and what had been done to her.  Christmas is a very poignant time for our family, and we think of the donors' family each year too.  If they hadn't agreed to let their son or daughters liver be donated,  then there would have been two deaths that day. But, I do undestand where you are coming from when you say you can't or don't agree with it.
  13. [;-)]   she is fine....even went on to have a baby.  Amazing how much things in the world of transplants has changed over the years though. You are right.....awareness and having a little fun is the key!
  14. My sister in law had to have a liver transplant 16 years ago, after liver failure (she was only 21 at the time).  And trust me, when you are in that situation, you become very selfish and desperate ........ although it enables a loved one of yours to live, you are very, very aware that another family's loved one has died.   PS: I can appreciate the humour in the jokes.....I am not preaching!!!
  15. tetley


    Hi again Sandy sorry no one else has given you any more info, I thought there would be a few others out there with a bit more knowledge of the maternity process than me. I have been in France for just over 2 years, and have two children, boy and girl, aged 11+9.  They have just finished their second school year, and have progressed really well this year.  They make you proud!!
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