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  1. I contacted EDF recently (on their English language email facility) to enquire about getting an external meter installed as we are not always there when the meters are being read. I received the following reply which might be of interest; ''To set up  the"boitier" which anables us to read the meter outside , we suggest you to wait.  From 2010 will fitting our customers with SMART meters, which we can read at distance.'' Best regards Simple Energy with EDF Pro Team
  2. I have bought a fair few items from Ikea both directly and on line (the kitchen) and have always found the service very good. Don't forget however that there are plenty of other good furniture shops in France, some like FLY have some nice stuff and will lend you a van free of charge to bring your things home with you. This can be very handy if you need to get a few basic items eg beds to get you over the first few weeks. Good luck!
  3.  I know I saw some reference to the proposed reduction in the tax allowance for those on the tax regime of micro-BIC foncier, which is being reduced from 71% to 50% but I cann't seem to track it down now, I presume this has been legislated upon at this stage and that the new rate applies to all gite income declared under the micro bic regime...sorry if this has been discussed earlier!
  4. As Pierre has said get the apartment owners bank details (IBAN/swift code) and do a direct interbank transfer, usually completely free, euro to euro, and as easy as pie! Cheques are usually bad news.
  5. That all sounds quite scary Judith, just been looking on the webcam at Narbonne and as you say all looks sunny and happy. We have a house quite near Narbonne also so will be getting someone to check it out today, fingers crossed!!
  6. That is not the only place!   http://www.rte.ie/news/2007/0315/obamab.html
  7. We don't live in France but are lucky to have very reliable 'changeover people'. For the past three years that we have rented the house we have regularly got four months rental June-Sept.
  8. as I mentioned on another thread yesterday I could not process my bookings beyond the payment stage and I was attempting to use a Ryanair Visa card. I think it is a site problem, I haven't tried again yet today.
  9. Funny, I've just been trying to book several different flights on Ryanair this afternoon at various times and all attempts have gone down the tube at the payment stage!! Maybe tomorrow?
  10. Hi Byh and welcome to the forum, I am sure if you do a search on the issues you mention you will find a wealth of information here, I certainly have!
  11. Both are fine outside in frost-free areas. Lemons are particularly hardy. If you are bringing them inside, keep them in a fairly bright place where the temperature doesn't change much (avoid drafts) and don't over-water.  Give them a liquid feed before you place them outside in the spring.
  12. Don't know what happens elsewhere but in our village in Languedoc some people decorate their houses and the Mairie organises a party in the afternoon for the kids where they get to dressup and eat loads of rubbish! No tradition of calling door to door though.
  13. We usually do ours at 15 degrees also.
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