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  1. Thanks all for much appreciated info. In'eresting stuff.
  2. Aha Sid! The VFR is indeed the pre-VTEC model and it's in red.
  3. Thanks for that Mr (Sunday) Driver. Looked at it before but didn't understand a word. Does it confirm that the 100 or 106 bhp limit has been, or is soon to be, abolished?
  4. I'm thinking of buying a 2002 VFR800 in England and registering it in France. As it was originally an import (from Belgium?) it doesn't have the problem of mph speedo or lights dipping to the left. However, I understand it to produce about 108bhp which is obviously a couple of bhp over the 106 (or is it 100?) limit that France has imposed on pre-'03 imported bikes so it may have to be restricted accordingly. BUT..., I've now discovered that there's a possibility that France has now (or soon) lifted its bhp restriction for pre-'03 imported bikes. Does anyone know if this is true? Would be hugely grateful for clarification. Many mercis.
  5. Hello again,

    Many thanks for all that advice and apologies for lack of paras - immediately rectified.

    Will visit local tax office (in France I presume) and ask for a quittus fiscal certificate and thereby avoid paying VAT.

    Speedo has primary MPH and secondary KPH so maybe I'll be okay. Will keep fingers crossed that Honda don't mention headlamp issue. Also, will eventually inform DVLA of export once bike's been officially registered in France.

    Once again, many thanks for all your help. Much appreciated.
  6. Hello Bob, Interesting topic you've got going here. Unfortunately I'm a geriatric old git who can't concentrate long enough to take on board the mass of useful info that's here on your thread. Would therefore greatly appreciate any info you may be prepared to offer regarding my current wee problem... if you can't be bothered, I fully understand. Anyway, I live in France but I'm still not officially registered here, however I have a French registered car. Also have a UK reg Africa Twin which I've been meaning to get registered in France for quite some time but have developed a mental block about doing so due to all the paperwork involved so the bike's laid dormant in my shed for over a year (now SORNed with UK DVLA - or is it DVLC?). Obtained a form or two from Honda France about a year ago which I understand to be something to do with 'homologation' (whatever that may be). On this form are various questions regarding spark plugs, tyres, rear lens, etc., plus (I think) a request for proof of VAT being paid by the original UK owner (do not have a copy of original receipt to prove). If I manage to squeeze myself out of my armchair I might just be able to provide most of the required bike info but not proof of VAT. Does this mean I will have to pay VAT (on top of the 100 euros for Honda France to 'okay' the bike, plus any further costs that the prefecture at Gueret will demand in order to register the bike)? Also, do you happen to know if I'll have to get a KPH speedo and right-dipping headlight fitted? Sorry to burble on for so long but any advice would greatly appreciated. Regards GT.
  7. "It was me that 'reported' that you had stopped your blog, based on what you said on your blog. What made you change your mind?" (Tresco)

    I changed my mind after someone informed me that various UK friends and aquaintances apparently read my blog, look forward to new reports and were disappointed to read of my decision to quit (yes, I find it hard to believe too).

    Because they wrongly presumed that I'd stopped due to 'adverse criticism' from a minority of mentally unstable forum members, I felt obliged to continue in order to show that this wasn't the case.

    Also, I suddenly remembered that I preferred writing to watching telly in the evenings.

  8. Whatever happened to Mr O'Fyle, I wonder?   I thought we were all getting on rather splendidly.

    Well, since you ask, I'm still here, still busily doing up a dilapidated French house, still getting loads of valuable info from this website, still settling in to the French lifestyle, still trying to get the hang of Ricard and, contrary to one report, I'm still doing my blog (sorry to disappoint those of you who were, somewhat prematurely, rubbing hands with glee at news of my cessation). And thanks for asking.
  9. As a brand, LF is without doubt one of the best sources of valuable information about moving to, and living in, France.

    The magazine is justifiably successful, having grown in status and popularity as increasing numbers of Brits opt for the French lifestyle.

    Equally, the website is proving to be hugely popular. As an interactive resource it provides very helpful advice about all aspects of living in France.

    However, newcomers to the site be warned!


    Having signed up a couple of days ago, I now have practical experience of using this site which, I hope, will prove beneficial.

    Generally speaking, the 'forum' section is an excellent provider of information. Ask a question and your answer will be provided. No problem there.

    From my limited experience (I lasted less than 24 hours), problems only arise when, instead of asking a question, you use the forum to reach a wider audience.

    For example, let's say you've just opened a new fish'n'chip caff in Brive which may be of interest to Brit locals.

    You've invested heavily in this caff. Worked like a Trojan doing it up. And now it's ready to launch. You've even worked out a promotional strategy in which LF can play a vital role. Some of your potential customers may read this magazine. And word of mouth is an important factor. To reach them you start with a carefully worded posting in the LF website forum. You check the rules. No advertising. Okay, you're not strictly advertising; just informing. No this, no that, no the other. Okay there too.

    So far, so good.

    A bit later, you check your posting and discover a glowing report from a satisfied customer. Excellent news.

    But there's also a message by a competitor who's hijacked your posting to advertise his new chippy in another town...

    After all your hard work, you're sorely tempted to give him a piece of your mind for very rudely taking advantage of your initiative. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES COMPLAIN. In the LF website forum this is unfortunately deemed perfectly acceptable behaviour.

    However, if you do complain to him, be prepared for other website users to rally to his defence. And... any one of these could be 'moderator' without you knowing.

    WHAT'S A 'MODERATOR'? Well, think of him/her as a police person or referee. But without the uniform or any other form of identification. Their identity's secret. Which inevitably leads to problems for newcomers. You only learn of their identity through familiarisation over a long period of time. And, as it's unlikely that you'll survive that long, you'll never know who they are. So if someone winds you up with a patronising word of advice in a schoolmistressy manner (as in my case), DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES RESPOND. It could be the secret police. If you do respond in a manner that you consider entirely appropriate (as I did - yes, I was rude and offensive but, considering the circumstances, I felt it was entirely justified) but which a moderator deems inappropriate, they'll pull the plug on your posting. And you'll be left wondering why. After all, from your point of view, all you've done is tell some nosey stranger, who has nothing to do with the matter in hand, to naff off. Again, unfortunately, it's just the way things are in the LF website forum.

    And, of course, if you do fall into the trap of defending your corner, expect a few insults from not so perfect strangers. Whatever they say, DO NOT RESPOND. Remember, there are morons everywhere who take great delight in seeing you brought down to their level.

    In short, if you're entering the forum section, think of yourself as a little golden fishy thing jumping into a goldfish bowl... that's infested with piranha fish and circling sharks.



    I hope this advice proves beneficial.

    Bon chance!
  10. Russethouse, Okay, point taken. I humbly apologise for sinking to the same level of communication as others. However, if you look back, I think you'll find that I wasn't the one that instigated being rude and unpleasant.

    And thanks for your advice about following an alternative means of reciprocation by making a light-hearted comment. So, for your entertainment, here are two...

    Apparently one should no longer be surprised, annoyed or indignant about being invaded by Americans who just walk in, make themselves at home, act as though they own the place, take full advantage of other peoples' resources, opportunity and property (including intellectual property), and then howl in shock and/awe horror at even the mildest form of retaliation, believing it to be completely and totally unjustified.

    Also, what a joy it is to discover that the art of penning an intelligent, eloquent, erudite, well considered and highly stimulating missive is not yet dead. I refer, of course, to the recent prosaic and lyrical contribution from that master of the English language, towering intellectual and living proof that Darwin was right, Avey-moron.

  11. Hello Russethouse, Welcome to my posting. As you obviously can't see, LF is (not are) only encouraging the launching of new 'blogs' to be written on their site; not blogs in general and certainly not those that already exist on other sites, such as mine and Pissem's. As for Pissem's post being quite in order, I'm afraid you've goofed again. Look a little closer at my wording and, rather than leaping to a grossly inaccurate conclusion, you may just notice that my posting isn't "on the topic of blogs" as you suggest. Instead, it's about a blog. Or, more specifically, my blog. And as such, Pissem's dastardly hijacking of my posting, purely for her own promotional purposes, with no mention of my blog whatsoever, far from being in order, is patently obviously quite the opposite: way out of order. So, in future, before you opine in such a matronising and schoolmistressy manner again, kindly engage brain first, thus avoiding the considerable embarrassment of opening your big mouth and putting your foot in it... and that, madam, is how 'conversations' tend to go here. A smug, sanctimonious, smiley little face to you too.
  12. Firstly, cabman, thanks for your complimentary message. By 'blatant advertising' I meant advertising my blog on the Living France website - they clearly state that advertising is not allowed! Being computer illiterate, I wouldn't know where to begin regarding cutting and pasting 'Frog Blog' onto this site. Somehow I doubt that it's possible. Thanks again for taking the time to read my bloggie thing.

    Secondly, possum, if you wish to publicise your blog, I suggest that you make the effort to create your own posting rather than hijacking mine. If I could get rid of your blatantly intrusive and completely irrelevant posting, I would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in doing so. But, very unfortunately, your message appeared without a 'delete' icon.
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