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  1. Hiya What an excellent idea.  Perhaps we should be first 2 members of the new Limousin gardening club. You are about 25 km from us.  We have a new house so are creating a garden from scratch. Julie
  2. julie


    Hi Does anyone know anything about bringing rabbits to France from the Uk? Can they come out on an export licence.  Can you get passports for rabbits? Julie
  3. Thanks for all the advice everyone. Very helpful Julie
  4. Hiya Not sure which one it is as i inherited from a friend . It did survive last winter in UK (lots of frosts and damp weather) but here it gets a lot colder and apparently the ground can stay frozen for several weeks. Poor ole fig tree. Got apricot tree in a bubble wrap coat so I guess its wait and see with that one Julie
  5. Hi Can anyone tell me if figs and apricots survive the winter or do they need to be kept in a greenhouse. I have seen figs planted in the ground and too big to be moved for winter but maybe these are plants bought here whereas mine has been transferred from the UK We are in the Creuse and fairly high up. Julie[I]
  6. Maybe I should grow some extra seeds next spring in case the weeds need replacing.  Good luck  
  7. Hiya You probably haven't heard of our little hamlet, it is very very little.  We are near St Dizier. Julie
  8. julie


    Hiya I think your rocks are granite.  You live reasonable close to us and the houses round here are actually built on granite hills.  Rhode's however grow really well in this area.  Hope this helps Julie
  9. I wonder if anyone can help.  This is my first posting since moving here. Does anyone know of any gardening clubs or similar in the limoges region.  We live in small hamlet and its quite difficult to meet people and we would love to meet like minded people who are into their gardens as we are. Thanks Julie
  10. Hi Fairly new to this but I wondered if someone could give me any information regarding opening of a small cafe type establishment in France.  Taxes, employment rules any necessary regulations etc.   Many thanks Julie
  11. The French system seems to discourage self employment.  Has anyone heard anything about the new rules where an english company can be expanded in france and as such is subject to UK tax rules. Julie
  12. Thanks Ian Very helpful.  Has given us a starting point.   Julie
  13. Hello Im very new to this but would be grateful for any assistance.  We have a house in central France where we are hoping to install solar powered under floor heating.  Does anyone know of a company that could install this or could give advice Many thanks Julie
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