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  1. How staggering. I do recognise a lot of the cars and I did own a Chevrolet Master (Deluxe) about 40 years ago. It was 27 years old then.
  2. I always say "vous avez le numero trompez". I know it's maybe complete b***x but they understand that I'm an etranger. They always sound friendly and polite.
  3. [quote user="shimble"]thanks yes im slowly coming to grips with the regs concerning the instalation going back to your point about class II equipment why should they not be bonded to earth? i understand they are labelled with two squares one inside the other what other equipment is likely to be in this class? is this equipment already earthed within itself ? and does earthing it then interfere with its allready safe state? its difficult learning something like this in a forein language  ive found a few books and some sites but the language technical and french makes some stuff ambiguos and difficult to understand the loveof my life is french but understanding the technical nuances of the french norms and regs isnt one of her strong points.[/quote] Class II equipments are made of non conductive materials that do not present a hazard if an internal live connection becomes loose or exposed. Class I equipments on the other hand could present a hazard if an internal live connection becomes loose or exposed and the earth connection is not present. If you have class II equipments with a supply that is using a differential disjunctor then you are very unlikely to receive a fatal electric shock. The exception would be, if you touched both the live and the neutral at the same time.
  4. Could someone kindly translate the following sentence for me. Le “Vendeur” n’est tenu que du seul trouble d’eviction. I have passed it through Babel Fish and also Im Translator but they seem to provide two confusingly different translations. Babel Fish = The "Salesman" is held only of the only supplanting disorder. Im Translator = The "Seller" is kept only of the only confusion of eviction. Edit:  Changed subject: title.
  5. [quote user="Dick Smith"]This report, rather worrying I would think for anyone contemplating 'upgrading' to Vista, from the BBC website, seems to suggest that the Vista experience may not be all you would hope for... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/6319845.stm [/quote] Dick Here's another link about Apple the French government and iTunes playability. I think the whole business of access to media could become much more complicated for all platforms. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4918076.stm
  6. [quote user="Ford Anglia"]I'm no expert, but personally, I'd bond them to earth. Can't hurt, but a shock from a potentially live rail, certainly could.   [/quote] I think bonding would be advisable. There was actually an accident report recently, on a UK website, where an electrical cable had  accidentaly come into contact with the steel railings leaving the whole thing live. It states in the French regs that any armatures (steel reinforcing) in bathrooms have to be equipotentially bonded. Maybe the steels would be considered an armature of sorts.
  7. I watched an interesting program last night on Trevor McDonald ITV1. It was about the misunderstanding of health cover in the EU by British people moving to Spain. Did anyone else see it? Presuming that the same rules apply here in France. I wonder how many British people here may be under the same misunderstanding. http://www.itv.com/news/tonight_73391144b0e3e18ad35fe8b3c0f4b789.html
  8. [quote user="KathyC"] Personally I'd like to see them learning English properly! Joking apart, if you have a proper grasp of the grammatical structures of your own language and some understanding of the derivation of  vocabulary it can facilitate the learning of foreign languages at any stage in the future. [/quote] This is so true. Although I was born in England I once attended a year long (one evening a week) modern Greek course. This was before I had achieved any qualification in English. My English spelling was good but my grammar was lacking. The teacher was constantly referring to the various structures in English, the proper names of which I had no clue, and other people on the course had to explain them to me. Anyway my Greek became OK and I then went on to get a qualification in English.
  9. [quote user="Blitzen"]Well, it seems to me this is the delight of this kind of forum.  This kind of open ended question gives a wide range of scope, and I would rather define some of the 'petty bickering' as 'good-natured banter'.  [:D] [/quote] Ok. Point taken. Good natured banter it is then [:)] [:D] [8-)] [;-)]
  10. Do French expat forums have the kind of petty bickering that we sometimes have on this forum. A good example is this thread of "We are in France so we must speak French... why?" If anyone knows of any. I would love to read the messages.
  11. [quote user="Loiseau"][quote user="fulcrum"] ... Under the Yellow diamond it has the text "Indication du caractère prioritaire d’une route". Does that actually mean give way to the right or does it mean that the route(road) you are on has priority. [/quote]   The yellow diamond means that the road you are on has priority over the ones coming up (usually you are on a major road when you see this). Yellow diamond crossed through with a single line means from now on you no longer have priority at junctions. Angela [/quote] I've seen this on traffic light junctions and thought at first it was a box junction symbol. Is the yellow diamond for when the lights aren't working? Surely it can't overide the lights. Can it? I personally think that the traffic signing in France is sometimes too complicated and/or inconsistent. I sometimes think that whoever put up the signs was given a pile of different signs and told to put them up wherever they think best.
  12. [quote user="Cat"]Read all about it here, from the French Government website, the leaflet showing the meaning of French road signs... http://www.securiteroutiere.gouv.fr/IMG/pdf/depliant-signalisation.pdf [/quote] Cat On the link you provided to the depliant. Under the Yellow diamond it has the text "Indication du caractère prioritaire d’une route". Does that actually mean give way to the right or does it mean that the route(road) you are on has priority.
  13. [quote user="Sunday Driver"] So what is the value of the second termite report if it was issued without an inspection having been carried out???  [/quote] You tell me. It always seemed a bit daft but it happened when I sold my house and again when I bought another.
  14. [quote user="Will "]If any of the reports are out of date, the notaire should get the seller to obtain new ones. That's what you pay the notaire for [;-)][/quote] I have observed on a couple of occasions that the termite certificate can lapse due to three months or more taken for completion. The notaire obtains another certificate without a further test from the tester.
  15. [quote user="Lori"]Zak - that Artpad site is really neat... [/quote] I think so too. I have a Wacom pad and pen but the Artpad software is really fast and easy to use. Edit: I forgot to mention the Wacom package I use is something called ArtRage.
  16. Knowing what I know now. I would advise investing in a second home in the UK and stay in a gite when you come to France on holiday.
  17. I went through this whole process about six months ago. I did contact the Mairie and my local water company Veolia. They both said that the house is my domain and therefore they didn't have any rules for the way I connected up to the main sewer box in the street outside. How strange. I did consult a lot of water companies websites for information and found some do have rules depending on region. I have now completed my works and everything is working as expected. As Val says. I would go to your mairie first to see what they advise. One part of the complete works will be to fill in the fosse to ensure it can't be used again.
  18. We did redirection from UK about four years ago and it was very good. Nothing went missing, that we knew of..
  19. The difference is that Acrylic is PVA based and therefore dilute or clean brushes with water. Glycero is White spirit based and therefore dilute or clean brushes with white spirit. I personally prefer acrylic as it dries quickly and doesn't smell much. However some glyceros are more durable for exterior work. I have usually found that French Glycero is very thin and drips all over the place.
  20. [quote user="Teamedup"] Pension Credit is an entitlement for people aged 60 or over living in Great Britain. This could mean extra money for you every week. Pension Credit guarantees everyone aged 60 and over an income of at least: £114.05 a week if you are single £174.05 a week if you have a partner [/quote] That's the first time I've ever read about Pension Credits. I had no idea they existed. This puts a whole new light on how much I will receive for a pension. http://www.thepensionservice.gov.uk/pensioncredit/home.asp
  21. [quote user="Will "]I suppose I enjoy TV now because I never really saw any until I was about 16, living in the sort of rural and poor part of England that survives in some areas of France, though the French have TVs whatever other comforts they lack. I can relate to the 'excluded' word, when all my school mates were talking about Juke Box Jury, Six Five Special, Quatermass, and a brand new scary thing called Doctor Who, I hadn't a clue, other than what I managed to get from a sneak peek at the TV Times outside a friend's house (wasn't allowed in from what I remember) on the way home from cubs. The good(?) old days? [/quote] I was 14 when my parents purchased their first television in 1962. So I can relate to what you have said. Here in France, about four years ago, we started off by watching French TV only but found that the language didn't enable us to get real value out of the programs. After a year of trying we installed a digibox and now mainly watch UK TV with the odd French program. The French TV did give us a kick start at understanding the language but I feel that is just as important to maintain a link to English and the UK.
  22. [quote user="KathyC"]I have to confess that I am also a rather careless automatic driver, in fact somewhat more so. I use the footbreak for everything, only using the handbrake/neutral for a lengthy stop on a long journey when my legs are tired. Excuse my ignorance, Dick, I've only been driving for about six years; is there any other way to drive an automatic other than one footed? [/quote] If you drive an automatic with two feet, which is what manual drivers who are not familiar with automatics do, then you run the risk of stamping on the brake with your left foot as you try to depress the non existant clutch pedal. That is why it is recommended to drive an automatic with your right foot only and keep your left foot well out of the way. It makes it much easier to swap between manual and automatic.
  23. Holiday Inn in London has quite good locations and rates.
  24. [quote user="Cassis"]Hi Will - see my addition to the previous post - Acronis True Image Home 10 gets excellent reviews so I'm going for that. [/quote] Cassis I think Acronis is a better choice. Do a Google of Norton Ghost problems. The Acronis software can be downloaded if you have broadband.
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