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  1. You may all have your views on how you think you can wire domestic premises up in France but I would do a lot of reading of the French Normes or consult a qualified Electrician who is familiar with them to ensure you have got it right. Most of the earthing that I have come across here is like UK TT. Wiring Earth to Neutral within the premises would probably be a bad idea with the usual supplies here. Also a proper Earth doesn't carry any extraneous RF noise like the Neutral here in France probably does. Blue wires in France are for Neutral and Green/Yellow is for earth. If you wire it any other way then you are asking for unwanted complications.
  2. [quote user="Patmobile"]Apparently, when quite new in the Prime Ministerial job, Tony Blair asked a charming, and somehow familiar-looking lady, whom he met at reception at a European summit  of some kind, what job she was now doing. "Oh, I'm still the Queen of the Netherlands", she replied, offering him some cocktail nibbles from a dish she was circulating with. Moral:  Don't ask - it could be someone whose job you really ought to know already. Patrick [/quote] That is so funny.
  3. Did anyone on here see this very touching story about these girls. http://www.five.tv/programmes/extraordinarypeople/joinedforlife/ Because of their characters they didn't seem unusual. They really are quite amazing though and I do admit to having a few tears, whilst watching this very well put together documentary.
  4. I typed How to dismantle an Acer Laptop into Google and this came up. http://discussions.hardwarecentral.com/archive/index.php/t-167787.html It's for a Toshiba but I'm sure some other links will point to Acer.
  5. Dick My point of view comes from my genetic makeup, from wherever it came, and certainly not by reading the Daily Mail (whatever that is). There may well be gaps in my historical knowledge but that is down to the UK's educational system of leaving out huge chunks of history and calling them things like the "dark ages". My history lessons ended with the Romans leaving Britain in around 500 AD and then starting again with the battle of Hastings in 1066. There were never any history lessons mentioning what happened, during the period in between, that would account for what really happened. We are only recently able to more easily find out some facts about the muslem influence during that period. You are undoubtedly more knowledgeable about history but I was merely making a personal observation
  6. [quote user="Dick Smith"]Well spotted... (Am I writing in invisible ink, or what?) [/quote] Dick. I didn't see your Edit: and as you said in your post that you would have to look in your Express simulator.  I just fired up Outlook Express and went through the procedure to post my answer. Don't be so sensitive.
  7. [quote user="Bob T"]Have you tried updating to the latest version of Thunderbird? I use it all the time and would not go back to Outlook. What problems are you having? [/quote] I am using version (20061207) running in Windows 2000 with all the latest updates. Everything else on my system is very stable. The problem I was facing was deleting a folder I had created in on of my inboxes. I eventually found out by a very round about method how to do it.
  8. [quote user="Dick Smith"]Fulcrum - do you have any evidence at all for that point of view? How would you explain civilisations like Egypt and Rome which were remarkably non-racist? Which accounts of pre-literate hunter gatherers are you using? I'd like to read them... [/quote] I do agree with your comment but a lot has happened since the Egyptians and Romans civilised parts of past civilizations. I did actually write a piece in my original post about the Egyptians and Moores (Not Rome) but ended up deleting it as I wasn't sure of my historical facts. I didn't feel that it was necessary in making my point of view. Anyway point taken.
  9. [quote user="beryl"]I opened Outlook express and all this mornings emails were there unopened. When I opened them there, they disappeared from my wanadoo in box. I will try and figure out how to keep them in the wanadoo inbox . [/quote] Tools > Accounts. Select the account used by your emails and then select Properties > Advanced Tick: Leave a copy on Server
  10. Several years ago, because of the security problems associated with Outlook, I changed over to Thunderbird. However just recently I have been having a few niggling problems with Thunderbird and am thinking of changing back to Outlook. Does anyone have any issues with Outlook nowadays?
  11. Every one of us is racist to one extent or another and that goes for all races on the planet. It was built into our genetics many millions of years ago and has evolved over many millennia as a means of protecting our own particular group. How else were we to recognise the enemy in the camp except by obvious signs of difference. It is not a very pretty characteristic of human behaviour to be racist but it is none the less a very real characteristic of all races.
  12. [quote user="cooperlola"]I don't know which route you will choose to go down, but our entire job cost 3,600 euros for a total re-wire (including the phones). 6 main rooms, kitchen and bathroom, plus garage - we have electric central heating too.  I thought that wasn't bad for the peace of mind it brought.[/quote] I am sure you have done the right thing. When you go to sell your property. It will be much easier to explain what has been done.
  13. Although I have now rewired two houses in France to French standards of safety, which included replacing the consumer unit, fitting RCD's on all circuits and installing a proper low resistance earth spike. I haven't felt inclined to fit the required numbers of sockets etc.. so it wasn't possible to have it all checked properly. I am an ex electronics fitter and after much reading have a good grasp of the French Normes but I would be inclined nowadays to have the work inspected or done by a proper registered electrician. The regulations in UK are now very stringent and I would assume that it won't be long before France moves in the same direction. One other bit of advice I would give to anyone doing an old house is to fit surface mount trunking wherever possible. It makes servicing and modifications much easier and also avoids having to conform to the Normes with respect to where you are allowed to channel out the masonry. The only thing is that you will need to shop around as the prices can vary quite a lot.
  14. It is definately an English or maybe British trait to ask someone what they do for a living and I find it slightly rude. Where can the conversation go after asking someone that? Probably being bored to death, for half an hour, by the person asking the question.
  15. fulcrum


    I don't smoke but non-smoking areas is a good way to help people to cut down on the habit. But why do they have to make it all so unpleasant. The suggestion of using traffic wardens was obviously thought through very well. NOT.
  16. I think your problems are being caused by the Wanadoo/Orange interface software that you are using. Most users dump the interface software provided by Wanadoo/Orange and just connect direct. I am not sure how to deinstall it, as although I too use Wanadoo/Orange, I don't use their interface.   Edit:   I have dug around and found this link. I hope it will help. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070207140416AA6M7RN
  17. I think I understand what a Contre-allee is. I will now be seeing them everywhere.  [:'(]
  18. I would add. The French authorities are well aware that they may be missing out on some funds from one direction. But they also know that money is getting spent in their supermarkets, DIY stores etc, that would not otherwise be getting spent here. I wouldn't get all worked up about it. I'm sure the authorities track what's going on and will make their move when it suits them.
  19. [quote user="Teamedup"]I am more than a little curious as to how you have managed to avoid seeing or using contre-allées in France, if ofcourse you are a driver.[/quote] I didn't say I had managed to avoid seeing or using them. I just wouldn't have known what to call them.
  20. [quote user="Tony F Dordogne"]Perhaps my message in the Health section would better have been posted here. We know a couple, husband 53, wife 62, she has UK health service small pension.  Sold up in UK, bought new house here (off plan) and have very little equity left so they now get benefit.  He's fit and healthy, has reasonable French and just sits around all day doing b****r all except gossip and do a bit on the black when he feels like it.  Won't re-register his UK car tho he's been here for 5 years and happy to ponce off the state. And he's anti-immigration in the UK ................. [/quote] Why don't you just let the French authorities take care of this. After all it is their coffers that are affected by this type of behaviour and they must know that the vehicle has been on French roads for longer than the legal period allowed. The vehicle is not on a public road in the UK
  21. It is probably best to ask your water company and or your mairie. This is because the different departments seem to have slightly different requirements.
  22. [quote user="Teamedup"]All you drivers, how do you cope with the contre-allees. The other day I missed my turn onto one and what a carry on I had getting to where I wanted to be. No u turns allowed on the main dual carriage road and anyway, I couldn't have got across even if I had been able to turn. I really don't know what to make of them, although sometimes they seem like very handy areas for parking.[/quote] Hi Teamedup Could you explain what contre-allees are. Just in case I come across any. [:)]
  23. [quote user="KathyC"]I agree that if you can get decently priced tickets, the train is the more comfortable option and, nowadays, I usually do as Judith has described. I just wanted to point out that the coach is quite tolerable and always reasonably priced. I know that nobody's been talking about flying but I was trying to make a relevant point. That is that if you have a bad experience on an overland journey, people say "I'm not doing that again"! When it happens on a journey by air the response seems to be a shrug and acceptance that these things happen sometimes. Nobody ever says that they're not going to fly again because of one bad experience with delays and overbooking! [/quote] I think the reason could be that, when flying, the actual journey doesn't take as long. So the discomfort period, excluding checking in, is less. We have taken every route possible, from UK/France/UK over a 17 year period to be able to compare the different modes of transport available including driving, flying to Paris and train to Bordeaux. As others have stated the coach trips are indeed by far the least expensive but for me the TGV via Lille is the best and most relaxing.
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