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  1. Cherl

    If your XP is XP SP2 then the firewall is present but you may need to switch it on. Select Control Panel and then Select the Security Centre. You can select the Firewall from there.

    To test it out. Just go to www.grc.com and select Shieldsup. Select the All Service ports option.

    After a few moments it will start testing your computers ports and provide an on screen report.


    Edit:  Ordinary XP before SP2 doesn't have the firewall.

  2. Bugbear

    I have to agree.

    I saw some footage the other day where there were "Yellow ribbons" hung out on a building for the return of our naval personel. This is definitely PC gone mad.

    As I posted on another thread. What on earth were the rest of the fleet doing whilst these unfortunate crew members were inspecting the cargo ship and then getting taken hostage.

  3. Rob

    You say the sums being transfered are substantial so I would advise sticking with your current system. Although quite popular, using any of the other methods involves risk. Paypal accounts can be locked if a dispute arises. Forex companies can hide internal cashflow problems.

    You may spend a bit more but you can at least rest a little easy. 

  4. I suppose no one reads their history anymore. My father knew the people of Waziristan very well, from his time there in the thirties. He told me that they were very fierce fighters that made him quite scared on occasion. When the Soviets went in there in the eighties, he said "you know, they wont last". They didn't.

  5. Does anyone know the reason for my default browser changing all the time.

    I'm running Windows XP SP2 with all the latest updates and have two browsers installed, Firefox version and Internet Explorer version 7.0.5730.11.

    I have set the default browser to IE7 by using the Set Program Access and Defaults in the Add or Remove Programs applet in Control Panel. Initially it works OK. However after a few times, whenever I want to display a link for instance, in my email, I am presented with Firefox. Whenever IE7 does get selected, I am asked if I want to set IE7 as my default.

    What triggers the changing of defaults again?  [:(]

  6. I believe that you only qualify for the minimum number of years if you were born after after a certain year. I seem to remember that year is 1951.


    Edit:  I have just looked it up and the year is 1953 but there are special provisions to enable years before this to be included in the calculation.



  7. For us, learning to speak the language was of course important. I had in a previous life learnt to read, write and speak Modern Greek. So I at least had a good understanding of the idea of different genders and verb tables. But we didn’t realise the difficulties faced if you don’t speak the French language very fluently here in France.


    I suppose I had a notion that because we are in Europe that we would have a choice of speaking either the English or French language when it comes to dealing with the administration. Not so. I would highly recommend that if you are intending to come to France then you must make learning French a top priority. It is well worth enrolling with Alliance Francaise, in the UK, on one of their crash courses, to ease you into the language.

  8. I got quite excited for a few minutes thinking that I would be able to do a test. Then I discover that they want me to download real player and give my card details and fill out a form. I just don't know why they have to use a file system that can't run on Windows Media Player. I just can't be bothered.

    I will just presume that I my score would have rubbish anyway.

  9. [quote user="Teamedup"]

    Please don't encourage them Turnip. ALL conversations naturally deviate from the orignal subject......... it is the way we all think. There really is nothing to stop you going back to the original topic though.

    Before the board changed format, you could reply to a poster and it would slip in under their post, so it made the conversations going off a bit and sometimes a lot easier to read.



    I think it would help if we all mentioned the persons name, or quoted them like you did, when we are answering a particular post.

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