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  1. [quote user="Val_2"]Don't know if this helps but we signed on for ADSL with Wanadoo last thursday who immediately switched off the current wanadoo internet connection - our new line started last night after being warned there was a 7-day waiting list for ADSL in this area. I had to buy a new modem for 1€ which sits on the desk and nothing else, we did not want any other telephone connections or TV connections, just the simplest and cheapest system available which still now works out to what we were previously paying at 25€/month with first three months at 20€.[/quote] Val Did the modem come from Wanadoo? What model is it and are you using USB or Ethernet to connect to your computer. I am on Wanadoo dialup at present and moving to a new address shortly. We will then cancel our dialup and change to ADSL. Like you we just require a simple good performance ADSL connection with no fancy stuff.
  2. [quote user="Teamedup"]viva, voluntary contributions are towards pensions and that is all. There are no associated benefits included when we make this payment.[/quote] I know this is going back a few days but what form of NI pays for your health cover in UK. I assumed that only Class 4 contributions were for pensions. Surely the basic contributions are for health cover as evryone is covered for health in UK as a minimum requirement.
  3. Deimos That caused the same symptoms to appear in IE6 as well. So maybe you are onto the cause in Firefox. I will look at the sorce of the pages that cause this problem and post a link.
  4. [quote user="Ron Avery"]I still do not understand why a seller would want to be interested in % fees.  Most of the fees except the agent's cut are to a fixed scale or are taxes anyway.  If the house is up with one agent the buyer pays the fee %  of that agent plus notaire's fees, what benefit could there possibly be to paying the buyers fees?  The seller might as well reduce the price of the house by the same amount.   Are you really suggesting that for a quick sale the seller pays the fees,[:^)]   Surely if the price is right and someone likes the house, it it will sell anyway, perhaps you do it differently in Montpelier to the rest of France.[/quote] We did exactly what you are saying we shouldn't. I found a buyer but they didn't want to pay any agency fees. I had placed my house with a couple of agencies but they didn't find a buyer. I found a buyer myself but ironically I had to pay my agent to deal with the sale because the buyer wanted to purchase with a mortgage and needed someone in France to handle the paperwork but didn't want to pay an agent! I was very annoyed by this but negotiated a "special" fee with my agent for handling the sale and associated paperwork. Sometimes you have to compromise when selling a house. The bottom line is to make a sale and even though you may not get what you believe you should. You have to think about what happens if you can't sell.  Your selling price in France should allow for these kind of eventualities anyway. Prices dont always reflect true values. Only perceived values.
  5. I have observed that the Gendarms look at you through what appears to be binoculars on a tripod as you approach their checkpoints. I thought it was a speed detecting device but I'm now sure that it is a device to enable them to observe, at a distance, vehicle and passenger details as it approaches them. Of course it may detect speed as well.
  6. Jo Thanks for helping out but my post was for Collette and anyone else to maybe read and ignore if they want to. I am renting a Gite on a month by month basis so I suppose that's why I chose this forum section. Regards
  7. Just a further note to my last post. Make sure renters have a clear understanding of what you are expecting. Write up an inventory and get it signed. Ensure they and you know the state of all the kitchen appliances Take pictures of the state at start of tenure. Ensure that they and you know the exact cost of utility bills that they will be expected to pay. Make sure there is someone in place to handle any emergencies. Your tenents may not speak much French. All the above doesn't have to be doom and gloom but just ensure everyone knows. I hope this helps.
  8. We have been renting a house for about four months and were recommended to the owners by our agent. We are carefull tenants and are even using quite a lot of our own stuff to avoid damage. However over the last few weeks I have noticed some things starting to deteriorate slightly. Nothing that a lick of paint wouldn't fix but to the owners on their return could feel as though we have not taken care. I have a rented a few houses in my time and have always handed them back in the same or better state than when I moved in but do appreciate that some people either don't have the time to notice deterioration or don't care. The best thing is not to have expensive stuff, that you like, left to be used by renters. It's not a good idea and in fact it can make the accomodation feel restrictive to occupiers.that know they are moving on. Just make the place comfortable and easy to manage. At worst you only have to renew a few things if anything gets damaged.
  9. [quote user="nicktrollope"]Indeed, EDF may just leave the meter where it is. They won't get involved in anything past the meter, anyway. In fact, around here at least, the sub-contract all work on domestic properties (badly in my experience). If you can. leave the meter and just run long tails to the new tableau, no need to tell/involve anyone! To "fulcrum", if you can prove your experience in the UK, you should be able to register (note register, not certify) as an Electricain here. Speak to your local Chambre de Metiers. [/quote] Nick Thanks that.
  10. I would like to know if it is possible for me to obtain any French certification to enable me to officially carry out certain domestic electrical works in France. I am from a ground radio communications fitter and later computer engineer/fitter background. I have installed French wiring and circuits recently and am reading up on the important aspects of NF C15-100. I am also experienced with computer systems and networks. We originally came to France to retire early but with the domestic DIY have not done much retiring and in fact have rekindled a desire to use my old skills. I would appreciate it if anyone could point me in the direction of any previous posts on the subject or any French site that gives info on this. I am a young 55.
  11. Here's a picture of the certificate for those who have'nt seen one. Including me. http://www.epsic.ch/pagesperso/schneiderd/Instal/NIBT/FR_conformite.htm
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