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  1. Body language is more important than oral ability. You will find that if you try to speak a few words with a bit of humility you will find that most French are OK and will even try to speak a bit of English. Always remember to smile.
  2. [quote user="captain25"]This the breakdown of the costs euro's   7.000 deposit 63.000 vendor 4.700 agency. 5300notaire. 15.000 cash vendor Total 95.000 See what you think, the 15.000 cash is the usual fiddle inheritance tax i suspect [/quote] Captain That sort of thing could get you cashiered
  3. [quote user="WJT"]Oh dear, now I am really worried. It is very easy here in the UK, I use Onetel for a broadband connection of 1mg and they provide a free modem, never have a problem. I'm afraid I don't even know what Ethernet is, not to mention the language problems [:$] I am not looking forward to this.[:(][/quote] If your UK service provider Onetel is accessed via a USB modem and you are happy with it then there is a very good possibility that the USB modem Wanadoo provide will be fine. ADSL using any hardware (USB or Ethernet) is mainly a problem if you are a fair distance from the exchange. USB is a problem for some PC's because the USB ports on some PC's aren't up to the job. I'm going to use Ethernet simply because I understand the protocol (connection) and it is reliable using generally available hardware (RJ45 port). The Ethernet modem Deimos mentioned is now €69.00 to purchase outright.
  4. WJT I am in the process of transfering from Wanadoo dial-up to Wanadoo ADSL 1mega. The modem they offered me was a USB one for €3 per month but I have decided to purchase a separate Ethernet modem that connects using my RJ45 Network adaptor. I don't know what other users have experienced with the USB type connections but I would be interested to hear.
  5. [quote user="Teamedup"]It has been mentioned on here, in fact it was mentioned very recently.   [/quote] Is there some kind of a Forum Sticky, that is available, that mentions this. It seems it should be up there in flashing red lights for anyone proposing to develop a property in France.
  6. From speaking to several other people it does seem that the Habitation bills have a habit of never arriving in the mail. But I do know that if your address was in the UK, at the time of purchasing your French house, that the UK address is on the Habitation and Foncieres statements. You therefore need to ensure that either you notify the Tresor Public to change the addresses or make sure that your mail to your UK address is properly forwarded.
  7. [quote user="bobwils"]Just to re-kindle this one, I have recently installed a new product from Microsoft called Windows Live Onecare. find it at http://www.windowsonecare.com/ It is an all encompassing programme, free at present but eventually it will cost about 20$ per year. For this you get an anti-virus, anti-spyware (Windows Defender is part of the whle package), a computer tune-up facility and an automatic back-up facility. It is very 'set and forget', runs in the background and is unobtrusive. You do have to un-install any existing anti-virus software (it does this for you) to avoid conflicts. I keep this now with Ad-Aware SE and Spybot search and destroy as a check, might suit those who aren't 'techies' as its very easy to install and run.   [/quote] It looks like a very comprehensive product but it might be usefull to read this before trying to download or install it. It's a system requirements page. http://www.windowsonecare.com/purchase/sysreq.aspx?pf=true It looks like it will only run on Windows XP SP2
  8. [quote user="MichaelKing"]I think that the real reason is, as stated, to keep the plane balanced. Anyone who has been involved with aircraft loading will know that there is a very technical job of 'Loadmaster'. It actually carries officer rank in the RAF. MK [/quote] I was thinking of Master Air Load Master. But it is certainly important to spread the weight correctly around the airframe when you take off and land.
  9. [quote user="nicktrollope"]As Jim says, this is OK, but you must have seperate earths for the 2 circuits - 6 wires in total. Be careful that you don't break the "double insulation" rule when you seperate the feeds. [/quote] What is the "double insulation" rule?
  10. I have just read through this thread and I am quite stunned. I am of the opinion that Mini-Mum is just that. Or maybe even a troll from Yahoo. [:D]
  11. I wouldn't be too sensitive. A few years ago I caught a local taxi from my nearest town to my house and the weather was quite foggy. So I said to the taxi driver in English "it's quite foggy isn't it". To which he replied  "Frogs. There are frogs here?". He then went on to mention the "Ros bifs" and we had a good laugh. French (fog) humour I guess.
  12. You will find that it is not a good idea to do anything else on the computer whilst you are downloading something over a dialup connection. I suppose your system restore function in Windows XP will be fine recovery. I use windows 2000 so have a separate program to backup and restore. I used the instructions at the following link to remove Norton Internet Security 2002. http://www.askdavetaylor.com/how_can_i_fully_remove_norton_antivirus_from_my_system.html I hope that helps.
  13. David Adaware and Spybot should simply update themselves but AVG cannot be installed whilst you have Norton installed hence the sequence of my instructions. I'm assuming your using the XP firewall. AVG should give you an option to save the program to your local hard disk. Can you backup your system and restore it if anything goes wrong with the Norton removal? Are you going to be using a Norton provided tool for the removal?
  14. [quote user="David"]I too am thinking of removing Norton, and I will look at their web site for instructions.  For a non techie it does seem rather difficult. I only have a slow dial up connection, so it will take some time to download AVG, adaware and spybot. I have windows XP,  and my question is whether I should uninstall Norton before downloading the others.  If so, will my computer be exposed while downloading the replacements? Many thanks, David [/quote] David If your not too techy you might be able to remove Norton and install the other software but before you do anything do a backup of your existing system that you know is good and that you can restore in the event of something going wrong. Then do the following. 1. Download the software first and save it somewhere safe. Maybe on an external disk or CD rom. 2. Go to the Norton site and Print the instructions for Norton removal. 3. Disconnect from the internet 4. Follow the instructions for Norton removal. 5. Reboot your system just to make sure all is OK and DONT connect to internet yet. 6. Install the new software. If any of the above seems too much then get someone who knows what they are doing to do it for you.
  15. I have received in the past one genuine email from PayPal but it was plain text and had no clickable links whatsoever. I always forward all suspicious emails to spoof@ebay.com or spoof@PayPal.com or spam@uce.gov Whether they really do anything about them or not is another matter but at least PayPal and Ebay send me a thankyou.
  16. [quote user="Me0wp00"]Hi Has anyone managed to get a fixed IP with their broadband provider.  We want to try and reduce our hosting bills and host ourselves but need a fixed IP, everywhere I go they say its not possible unless your an enterprise, well we're an enterprise in the uk but not france. Any help ??? Thanks Pippa [/quote] The cost of a fixed IP is probably more than some companies charge for hosting anyway. If your web enterprise is profitable then it is not worth trying to save money on hosting it yourself. You will have to foot the costs of hardware and maintenance and backups and reliability and ....... Do you really want to add all that headache to a profitable business.
  17. If it was me and I could afford the amounts involved without puting my financial situation in jeopardy. I would simply make an offer that covered the other parties financial outlay at the time they made the purchase. I would not allow for any supposed gains in the property market. After all it is not your fault that they have decided to sell.
  18. [quote user="Martinwatkins"] 5 deg west,  where the public channels are free digitally (for the moment) and TF1 and M6 are free in analogue SECAM.  [/quote] Martin I have an analog box pointing at 5 deg west and receive all the French channels 1 through 6 in analogue. Are you saying that the channels except TF1 and M6 are also available in digital from the same direction (5W)?
  19. I am very sad to hear about this as the same happened to myself many years ago but in England. It just seemed to me, at the time, that the vets are maybe used to this and are not emotionally involved with the actual animal so dont notice the same things that an owner would. I know it made me feel uneasy about having this done again.
  20. Ceejay I use Orange pay as you go in France. The intial chip costs around €40 (not sure) but the number you are given lasts for minimum of six months even if you dont top it up. Each time you top it up with various values ranging from €10 to €100 you get the number extended again. I always wait till the last moment (near the six months limit) before I top mine up as I mainly use it to receive calls and anyway the expiry of the purchased units only last for a limited time depending on the value. For example a €10 top up lasts fifteen days even if you dont make any calls!!! Hope that helps
  21. Butchex5 I would get a proper French registered electrician who can sign off the work on securing the spare tails. Actually I would imagine whoever converted your supply to single phase should be made to complete the job. Whatever some might tell you. Three phase is not just three lots of 220volts. Sometimes the phases can be 415volts across and so electrocution is a deffinate possibility.
  22. As my French is not good I thought I'd pass Mimi's post through the BabelFish translator. This is what it came up with . << If somebody owes something of nice A somebody, it is well Europe and this A all Canadian and the americains which have gives their blood, our uncles and our fathers, any Ca so that these same European, always and still the feet in the same boot, which seeks only the black bete among these people who have at least enough heart to be carried out a country a truth, a plain country! It is or your Europe? It will never go nowhere because all these inhabitants too are occupy has denigrer the ones the others! And what makes them sweat is not to be able to be linked to be strong, more extremely! And Ca Ca must make smile many americains and has tous.les.jours! Go small countries, are happy in your small houses, that your royaute is enriched more and more by your work by tous.les.jours, you do not beat for a green chart, we include/understand what it is laugh force sometimes!! To the wise hello! >> Has anyone any experience of other software translators?
  23. [quote user="crépuscule"]I have made up a table of ALT key combinations to make it easier to type in French special characters e.g. ALT+130 = é. I have included ALT+148 = ö and ALT+129 = ü but, on second thoughts, I don't think there are any French words that contain these characters. Can anyone confirm this or suggest words that do have these characters? [/quote] I like the idea of making up a table because I can never remember the ALT characters. However because I'm lazy I went to look on the web and found this site. I hope it saves you a bit of time. http://www.starr.net/is/type/altnum.htm It should also be pointed out these combinations only work if you use the number pad at the right of the keyboard and not the numbers along the top.
  24. Did anyone else see the Watchdog program last night regarding PayPal? I saw part of it but got the gist of what it was about. I use PayPal for Ebay transactions but didn't think about the scenario that was the subject of last nights program. It was about an Ebay purchaser who received and paid for the goods from a seller but due to some sort of illegal activity on the part of the purchaser Ebay decided to lock both parties PayPal acounts. This meant that any funds still in the sellers account were locked. This very thing could have happened to me recently as one of my purchasers had their Ebay account shut. Fortunately I had transferred any money in PayPal to my bank prior to this happening. I suppose the bottom line is to check out carefully any Ebay users feedback, purchasers or sellers, carefully before doing any transactions. Also make sure you empty your PayPay account into your bank account to avoid funds being seized..
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