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  1. Thanks Michael I have sent you a PM.
  2. [quote user="Michael"] Fulcrum.Buy the correct 125mm to100mm reducing socket put a bit of grease or fairy liquid around the seals and shove in.Do not cement around the plastic pipe it must have movement,run your 100 pipe through to the job and back fill with pea grit.when you have a good covering etc then it can be finished off with sand /cement etc.Do not forget that an open vent is required on the system.Michael.[/quote] Thank you Michael I have today purchased the correct 100 to 125 item from Gedimat. The one metre 100mm pipe approaches the 125mm access by 45 degrees. How far up the 100mm pipe should I use pea grit? What is the best mix for the surround around the 100mm pipe after the pea grit.
  3. [quote user="powerdesal"]Fulcrum, firstly I must say that I am NOT a plumber, but, to me, it seems most logical to use a 125/100 adaptor and use the existing built in ring seal, its there for that purpose and to use a smaller dia pipe and attempt to fill the gap with 12+mm of sealant all round is not really the way to go. Regards [/quote] Thanks Steve I thought that may be the case but now I'm sure that I will purchase an adaptor.
  4. I have decided to do the assainissement works myself as I have a lot of time on my hands and already have most of the tools from a  previous project. Could anyone advise on the correct material to use for the area surrounding the actual connection of my collecteur principal 100mm and the "Tabouret de branchement" or "boite de branchement".  The existing hole at the base of the boite de branchement is 125mm and has a rubber seal. I have now removed the bung and can clearly see the rubber seal. Should I purchase a 100mm to 125mm adaptor and use the existing seal or can 100mm connectors be used direct with some kind of sealant.. What material should be used to fill around the collecteur and the boite. I am presuming some kind of sand/lime/cement but am not sure what the best mix would be.
  5. [quote user="powerdesal"]The use of 'dominos' rather than the UK junction box is quite standard, however, the dominoes should be inside a 'boite de derivation' (excuse lack of required accents) with a surface-flush blanking plate cover to allow access, the gaine (conduit) should be properly terminated at the box.The only reason gaine could be avoided would be if cable (say) U 1000 R 2V was used and the run was in a hollow wall (ie pull outable), a box would still be required with access plate. Thats only my interpretation of the rules and I am quite happy to be put right by someone who knows better. Regards ref : L'installation electrique, Gallauziaux and Fedullo [/quote] You're quite right. All connections should be accessable via a boite de derivation or any other proper terminating device like a switch, socket or light fitting.  Under no circumstances are terminations or joints to be hidden.
  6. [quote user="Llwyncelyn"] Should I too have gone into some much depth over that purchase as our original contributor suggests we should have on the house purchase. [/quote] My thoughts were that the original poster was trying to show off his intimate grasp of inheritance laws in France and not about not buying in France because of them. Like you, I bought here because I love the place and like living. I don't think much about dying or Volvos.
  7. [quote user="Chris Head"]I figgered the diarolyte (sp) would have adequate salt in it, I'll check on that. I measure my water intake, I know that two 1,5l bottles before lunch and two after should keep me safe, often it's more. I never pee when I'm free sweating either! The chainsaw trousers are heavy but one gets used to being perpetually wet. A hat I suppose is sensible but after a few weeks I'm usually fine and acclimatised, like I said I'm annoyed that I got caught and thought of those with less experience who might be jeopordising themselves. Chris [/quote] Sounds like you may need to cut down on your water intake. I believe that there are problems that can arise from drinking so much. http://chemistry.about.com/cs/5/f/blwaterintox.htm
  8. [quote user="londoneye"]my trusty flymo lawnmower blade is behaving strangely since other half had a go at sharpening it - now more akin to spinning washing machine than mower. i deduce therefore that a new blade will be required - have looked in bricolage but they dont seem to have any 30cm blades and wondered if anyone knew where to source flymo spare parts in france, rather than have to get blade sent to someone to post on etc from uk. thanks [/quote] I have a Flymo 330 and have had to take the blade off and straighten it a couple of times. When you refit it, turn the blade by hand to check that it's level. I used a vice and hammer to do the straightening. I don't believe the blade is flat but has a kink at each end but I don't think it's that critical as balance is the main thing to consider.
  9. [quote user="Chris Head"]Why do you lot hide behind other names? My name is Chris and I don't feel the need to hide. Chris [/quote] I think anonymity is a must for forums. However  I feel that a couple of names would be nice. One for serious discussion and one for saying something flippant (if you know what I mean).
  10. [quote user="Chris Head"]Be careful! I've worked outside all my life and pretty much work in anything, extremes of temperature can be a hazard. Despite drinking 6 litres of water a day it got to me on Tuesday and I didn't even know it until the Headteacher pointed it out, I'd become a little disorientated and un-coordinated. Had I been working up high or using saws I would have been in a dangerous situation. I'm annoyed because I should know better by now. Chris [/quote] Chris The same happened to me. I've now gone out and purchased a hat. I too should have known better.
  11. In spite of what many may say about Wanadoo/Orange (I'm with them). You can at least find someone to talk to if you have a problem, by going into a France Telecom office, and won't just be on the end of a phone line.
  12. My son was 15 when I decided on our first foray to France in 1989. He was thrown into a French school and I hated myself at the moment that I threw him onto the school bus but he has subsequently passed his French in UK at A, A level and the went on to graduate from Norwich university. He then went on to work for the European Union in Bruxelles. I'm still not sure if I did the right thing all those years ago but as long as you support them then they will be OK.
  13. Donna I attended a one month intensive course with Alliance Francaise in London many years ago. It was for one month and I feel it was worth the money as it was then subsidized by the French Consulate and we were not allowed to speak English unless absolutely necessary. The instructor spoke even the course instructions in French. Of course if you really didn't understand something then they would say it in English. I found the whole experience very useful as it gave me confidence to speak French even if I wasn't sure of what I was saying. They made sure that we spoke out loud when we read from books etc.. For me it was good.
  14. [quote user="AVIV"]You need to get EVERYTHING  in writing.  Pay a translator if need be. I would also expect any requests from the Maire in relation to official matters to be made in writing too. That way every one is covered and less can get lost in translation. [/quote] On another subject. Λεπτός θα σταθώ ακριβώς στη γωνία Ναι. Αλλά ποια γωνία.
  15. Thanks Le_jars The water company has made an official inspection to confirm that my house is not connected and issued a report to that effect. I had to get that done so that I could send it to my notaire. However I have now visited the water company and also the marie and clarified that I don't need any special permissions to do the work myself. It seems that plumbing inside the house doesn't get checked. I have surveyed the work area and costed all the parts. The only difficult bit is to dig down 1.1 metres just inside and underneath the front door.
  16. Yes they still record it. I suppose just in case they want to start charging again in the future. It might be worth looking through your terms and conditions as I couldn't find it last time I looked.
  17. [quote user="Cassis"]Any system 'par tout à l'egout' is mains drainage, nothing to do with a 'fosse septique' ... [/quote] Cassis You are absolutely right. That is why I posted my original message. It was for anyone who might be looking for Fosse Septique to be written in their contract. They may not see "Fosse Septique" but instead "un systeme autonome". Mine had the additional confusing "un systeme autonome par tout a l'egouts". As you say, they havent got anything to do with each other. But seeing as fosses are being condemned where there are tout a l'egouts. You need to know of possible wording that can be misleading.
  18. [quote user="thunderhorse"]Yes there are download limits with some ISPs. I'm with Wanadoo with a 1Mb contract, and that gives me a monthly download limit (from 1st of each month) of 5Gb - 5 Gigabytes. That's a helluva lot - unless you're downloading whole CDs, for example! Even as a heavy internet browser, 5Gb should be ample. Hope that helps. [/quote] I am on the same type of contract with Wanadoo and when I took it out it mentioned in the terms and conditions that there was a 5gigabytes monthly limit. However if you read the terms and conditions now you will find that the 5go stipulation has disappeared.
  19. Thanks for all the replies. I posted the original message due to confusion in reading my copy of a "sous signe" when purchasing a house. Because it didn't state "Fosse septique" but "un systeme autonome par tout a l'egouts" it was difficult to pick up when reading the original contract. I am actually connecting my house to a "regarde de visite" on the pavement outside and the  fosse has to be disconnected.
  20. I have found the correct phrase for connecting you house sewer to the public sewer.. "raccorder au regard de branchement" This phrase brings up lots of useful info and schemas in Google.
  21. I thought I would post this as sewer systems and connections are a very important subject when renovating or purchasing  here in France. The term for a septic tank or what is known by most UK residents in France as a "Fosse Septique" is actually written as "un système d’assainissement autonome" in any documentation I have been reading over the last few days.
  22. Does anyone know of any good schemas for what is required when connecting the house sewage plumbing to the installed main sewer. I have some very good French books on plumbing and now have a pretty good idea of what is required but a couple of things have come to my notice. 1. Because my diagrams don't show a siphon. Is a siphon always required in between the house collecteur principal and the installed sewer inspection trap in the footpath outside? 2. The installed sewer inspection trap bottom is 1.10 metres below house floor level and is 10 metres along the entrance hallway from the WC/Salle de bain. Can I dig a shallow trench for most of the 10 metres, maintaining a 3% incline, and then dip down the last meter to facilitate the connection to the main.
  23. Can anyone confirm that the views heading in Private Messages means that the intended recipient has viewed the message? Or are there others with viewing privileges? It's just that on one of my PM's I had 8 views and 1 reply.
  24. Yes there are regulations. Wire connectors in France are called "dominoes" and are what are known as "chocolate blocks" in the UK. They are the segmented type with two screws for each connection. You are not allowed to splice or twist wire together.
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